The Bold and The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/8/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/8/03

by Space Bug

Back in our wonderful car scene, as I said yesterday, Shelia is pissed! “Massimo tried to take my baby away from me! The Forresters came between me and Erica, but nobody is going to come between Diana and me. Massimo is going to pay!” Uh oh...them sound like fighting words! 

On the opposite end of Shelia’s destination is Massimo in the ally way, still talking to Brooke on his cell phone while reading a map. She keeps giving Massimo directions, and Mass tells her to stay in the trunk when the car stops. He says that she needs to wait until everything is quiet to sneak a peak. Brooke doesn’t agree that that’s a good plan of action and quite snottily asks Mr. Marone: “What are you talking about?! She’ll lead us straight to Nick and Ridge!” Mass tells her to let the police handle it; that she’s in enough danger already. Brooke doesn’t answer him, but tells him that they’re turning again, and gives him the direction with her trusty compass. Brooke tells him that it feels like the road has changed to gravel, and that she smells smoke, but just then, the cell connection breaks up. (We need to get the “can you hear me now?” guy on top of that one, now don’t we?)

Sugar is still anxiously waiting for Shelia’s return at the hide away. She’s pretty antsy as she asks herself aloud what’s taking Ms. Carter so long. As she paces around the door, the brothers have a little chat. Apparently Nick has a plan on the brain, but Ridge wants him to get moving with it; Shelia could be back any second. Ridge reminds him that if they play Sugar right then they could make it out, that Sugar is not a criminal, and that she just gave in to Shelia’s peer pressure. Nick reminds Ridge that she sure does want a piece of the old man’s cash. Ridge tells Nick to offer her something better! (Hmm, as much as I like Nick, I don’t think that he’d be worth a chunk of $10 million.) Nick tries to calm Ridge down by saying that he knows what he’s doing and that he’ll be sipping margaritas on a beach with the Brookster in no time.

Up in LA and in Deacon’s humble kid-friendly abode, he walks out to the deck to look at the waves. The kid comes up carrying the pink winged pig that Macy gave him, and his security blanket, asking for Cuckoo. Deacon tells the kid to pop a squat so that he can explain that Macy isn’t coming home tonight, that she had an accident, a real bad bump on the head. Deacon asks this FIVE YEAR OLD son if he knows what it means when someone is unconscious. (I can’t even comment on that.) Deacon explains that it’s when someone is sleeping. The kid interprets that she’s taking a nap. Deacon doesn’t push his luck, and complies that that’s what’s wrong. He tells him that Uncle Clarke is going to be hanging around to help out with some things, and that he needs the kid to be extra good. As Deacon holds the kid close, who is peeping in through the window but Amber. “Don’t worry sweetheart, you need your mommy, and I’m here.” (Don’t even get me started with Amber!) She knocks on the door, and Deacon doesn’t look too thrilled to see her. Amber wants to help, but Deacon doesn’t really want her to be around. Too bad for him, it’s a big door way and the kid sees her. The kid runs up to her and it’s all over for getting Amber to leave. Deacon asks her “what part of you’re not supposed to be here don’t you understand”? Amber reiterates that she only wants to help and that she promises that she won’t do anything. Deacon tells Amber that Macy will be OK, and when she is, he’s going to bring her home to HER family. Amber doesn’t look all too thrilled to hear it in those words, but she replies that until that happens, Deacon’s going to need a helping hand. 

Back in the trunk, it has finally dawned on Brooke that she has lost the cell connection to Massimo. The car has stopped and Shelia and her goons are getting out. Brooke, looking ever so anxious decides that she’s just going to have to do this herself. She opens up the trunk, and peeks around at her surroundings, looking a little frightened.

Shelia comes into the wear house. Sugar asks her what happened, and Shelia snaps, “Don’t ask”. She tells her that it was all a set up, that Massimo ambushed them. Sugar isn’t all too happy and is a little nervous that the police are involved. She tells Shelia that they should just split up the money and run, but Shelia says that ain’t gonna fly. She’s not leaving till she gets what she came for. Sugar reminds her that they already have $10 million. But that ain’t good enough for Ms. Carter, no sir-ee- Bob! Nope, Shelia wants revenge! Massimo stood right there, looked her in the eye, and lied to me again! (How dare people lie and double cross Shelia!) Now Shelia wants $100 million. Nick smugly asks her: “Oh, is that all?” Ridge, ever the optimist tells Shelia that he’ll never pay it, but Shelia snaps back that he will if he ever wants to see them again. Sugar tells her that this is nuts (oh, this operation is just starting to get nuts?), and that they need to just walk out of there. Shelia asks her what happens when the money runs out. (How in the hell is Shelia going to use up $10 million?) Shelia hollers that he owes it to her, he owes it to our daughter, and flashes Ridge a look at the kid. Ridge is in awe. 

Over in the ally way, Massimo has tracked down where Brooke is. He was timing her the whole time, and thinks that he has pin pointed where they are. (I’m very impressed Mass!) Charlie isn’t, and tries to debunk Mass’ detective work, by saying that they probably didn’t even go to the hide out at all. Mass points out that that’s a great thing cause he knows that Shelia is pissed, and he doesn’t want him anywhere near his boys when she’s bonkers like this.

Down in the bungalow, Shelia introduces Ridge to his little sister, Diana. Ridge doesn’t believe her, and says that she’s lying. Nick isn’t quite buying this story either. “You and the old man?” he asks her with a slightly disgusted look on his face. Ridge says that there is no way that kid is Massimo’s. Ridge accuses Shelia that she’s making this up, that this is how she operates, by lying and manipulating. Shelia spits out that the only person who is playing games is Massimo. She can’t believe that Massimo had the cops there and that he tried to trick her. “He’s a heart less man!” (Kind of the pot calling the kettle, eh?) Shelia says that she ain’t giving Mass a second chance; that she made a mistake once and she ain’t making it again. As Shelia and her posse start to head out of the wear house, Nick asks where everybody is going, but Sheila tells him that it’s time for Diana’s nap and if he doesn’t shut up then Juan might just have to put Nick down for one too. As Shelia and her thugs leave, Sugar asks if they should just leave the brothers there alone. Shelia doesn’t think that they’ll try anything: “Nobody is going anywhere!”

Up at Deacon’s house, Amber sets her purse down in the chair and starts to make herself at home. She tells Deacon to go to the hospital, cause that’s where he really wants to be. Deacon reminds her that he’s got an obligation to his son. Amber says that she knows that he doesn’t trust her being there, but that she’d never take advantage of the situation. (Oh yeah right!) Amber admits that while her reasons may not be completely unselfish, but that she wants to spend time with Eric. Deacon reminds her that he’s got Clarke and Sally to help him out, but Amber points out that they’re going to want to probably be with Mace too. Deacon comes back with that he’ll just hire a babysitter like he did tonight, but Amber doesn’t agree that a stranger should be watching the kid, especially when mommy is homeless and available. Deacon reminds Amber that there is a restraining order against her, (wait, since when?), but Amber says that the judge will understand cause this is an emergency. Deacon finally caves, but forcefully reminds Amber that this is only temporary until Macy gets out of the woods, and that she better not be getting ideas. As Deacon leaves the room, Amber looks at the sleeping tike and smiles ever so slightly.

As Sugar and Shelia head out to put their little tike down, Ridge is trying to break apart his chains (give me a break!) The brothers argue about the fact that they missed their shot at getting the key. Ridge thinks that its lights out, but Nick still has hope. Just as Ridge flexes his chest muscles again to bust through steel, who pokes her head into the open doorway but...Brooke! As Ridge cries Logan! she tips toes in and poor Nick is forced to watch them kiss rather passionately. 

Amber is sitting in a chair now; still staring at the kid as Deacon comes back into the living room with a can of something to drink (I hope it’s not a beer!) Deacon tells her that it will only be for a couple of days, and that he doesn’t want her there when Macy comes home. “This doesn’t change a damn thing you know”, Deacon says as Amber fires back that she’s only trying to help. She tells Deacon to get going on his way, but he wants to call the hospital. As he talks to the doctor, he finds out that Mace is in a coma. Amber looks upset, but she whispers to the kid that mommy isn’t going anywhere for a while.

Back in the ally way, Mass and Charlie are still playing “Where’s Waldo” on their map with Brooke’s directions. Mass reiterates that they can not screw up this time. Charlie tells him that even if they do find the car that the boys might not be there. Massimo reminds them that Brooke will be, and if Shelia gets to her before they do, then neither one of his sons will ever forgive him for what might happen to her.

Brooke is still chatting it up with Ridge and stroking his face. Brooke tells the boys’ that Massimo has the police on top of this, and Nick asks if she just happened to bring them with her. Brooke tells them of her daring act of hiding in the trunk of Shelia’s car. (Time out, how on God’s green earth did Brooke even open the trunk to get inside to begin with?) Nick and Ridge tell Brooke to get the hell out of there. Brooke tells them that Massimo is coming, but the boys don’t think that they can really hang around for him. Brooke agrees that they better get a move on, but as soon as she frees Nick and Ridge. Brooke doesn’t care of the danger, she’s not leaving with out her men. Brooke spies a big sword and starts hacking away at Ridge’s chains. (Ok, Ridge was safer with Shelia and her gun then Brooke and this sword). Nick also looks terrified. Ridge warns Brooke that Shelia is behind her. Shelia says howdy to her once upon a time gal pal, but the Brookster doesn’t look all too thrilled to have a reunion with her old bosom buddy.

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