The Bold and The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/7/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/7/03

by Space Bug

As we dive right back into the chaos on the island that no one knows existed, Brooke is running about the hotel room with her panties all in a bunch frantically telling to Charlie that Massimo has been gone too long, and why haven’t they heard anything. Charlie tells her to calm down, that Massimo is taking care of everything and knows what he’s doing (God spare us.) Brooke reiterates that this his her husband that we’re talking about here, and attempts to explain to Charlie that she’s a little more then just anxious, as he described her as acting. She tries to make him understand how crazy this person is; that she knows her and knows what will set her off. Upon threatening to find them herself, Charlie caves in and reluctantly decides to take Brooke to the ally way to join in on all the fun, as long as she promises to stay in the car. Brooke agrees, and the two are off and running.

On the other side of this God forsaken island, back at the Shelia and Massimo good times hour, Mass’ white t-shirt and light blue hat wearing guards raise there guns up at Shelia and the baby. Massimo looks at Shelia, very irritated and spits: “My God, what are you doing?” (Why would you ever ask Shelia Carter that question?) Shelia simply asks Massimo if he wanted to see his baby. Massimo dismisses the idea immediately that that cute little baby is his. He screams that the prison would have told him about this. Shelia fires back that the judicial system doesn’t even know that she’s gone. (Good point). Shelia, in all her glory pleads to him that this is her daughter, “Your daughter”. Massimo is’s very obvious that someone is going to have to come in a clean up after him, if ya know what I mean.

Down in the Bungalow, the two brothers are still all nice and cozy next to the fire. Sugar looks at them, a little annoyed, and turns away to walk over to the door. Nick points out the obvious to Ridge: that the key around Sugar’s neck is their only way out of there. Ridge tells Nick that he’s been thinking (wow, wonders never cease), and asks Nick to promise him that he’ll look after Brooke and the kids if he doesn’t make it out of here. Nick tells him to shut up, that it’s not going to come to that, but Ridge booms at him in his He-Man like voice: “Promise Me!” At the sound of Ridge’s command, Sugar comes back in from the door way and tells them to put a sock in it. Ridge tries to explain to Sugar that every one knows how this will all work out; Shelia isn’t listening to her—she’s starting to lose it. Nick tells Ridge to can it; that their good old buddy Sugar knows what she’s doing. Ridge continues to blabber that if this all goes bad, (wait, it’s been going good?!), that Sugar is going to be just as guilty as Shelia. He tells her that he understands that Sugar isn’t really bad, that she just got caught up in Shelia’s scheme. Ridge slyly tells Sugar that he can help her, and make sure that she doesn’t go down in flames with Shelia; as long as Sugar helps him and Nick get outta there. Sugar looks ever so interested in his offer.

Over the rainbow, and back at Oz, poor Ozzie is looking around his crime scene taped club. As he walks over and kneels down to the shattered remains of his chandelier, he hears Macy singing (beautifully) in his head, and sees flash backs of her performing before the drop. Who enters into the club to interrupts his thoughts, but Bridget! Ozzie tells her that she shouldn’t be here, and as she starts to head back to the door, Ozzie states very abruptly that he did it. He turned in the thugs. He went down to the police station and ID’ed them, and they are in custody. Bridget tells him that’s great, but Ozzie replies back sadly that it still doesn’t change anything. Macy (my poor baby) is hurt, Deacon’s going through hell, and all of her friends and family are suffering. Ozzie obviously accepts all of the blame that everyone has been dishing out at him, saying to Budge that “It’s all my fault”. Bridget looks on at him in disbelief as he turns away. Bridget tells him that he didn’t cut the chandelier and that he didn’t mean for it to happen. Ozzie is starting get a little emotional, by raising his voice saying that he was the one who put Macy under it, and that this is what happens when you don’t give thugs like Jimmy what they want when they want it. Bridget tells him that it as a good thing that he said no to their demands, but Ozzie screams at her to go tell that to Macy’s family. He starts rambling on about how he should have done something, hired more security, ANYTHING to have stopped this from happening, as he picks up a chair and throws it into a table. Bridget, who is obviously a little shaken tells him that he tried, that he left Deacon a message. Ozzie hollers that Deacon had no idea how much danger Macy was in. Bridget points out that Ozzie didn’t know either. Poor Ozzie tells Bridget that he just wanted to start over. Bridget asks him if he blames her for this, since this was all her brilliant idea. Ozzie calmly says that he doesn’t blame her, that he blames himself, and the fact that Deacon might lose the most precious thing in his life, and Ozzie thinks that Deacon will never forgive; that he will never be able to forgive himself either. (Ya know, if Mace doesn’t pull through, I might just not be able to forgive little Ozzie either!)

Back on the island for round two of the Massimo and Shelia good times hour, our psycho is holding the baby close, and Mass’s guards look ever so confused as of what to do. Mass replays what Shelia just told him out loud, “My baby?” he asks her. Shelia tells him that the kid’s name is Diana: “the Roman goddess, the protector of the innocent.” Massimo blatantly asks her if that’s supposed to be ironic. Shelia, God love her asks him, “What, I’m not supposed to be innocent?” Massimo tells her the obvious: that she killed someone that he cared about. Shelia, God love her again finally gets it through her head, that he never gave a damn about her. (DUH!!! Way to catch on quick honey). When Massimo asks her if their little one time romp is really what this is all about, Shelia debunks that theory, informing him that this whole new chapter in her insanity book is about the baby, and her future. Shelia tells him that all she wants is to provide for their daughter, and when Massimo tells her that the gold is still in his possession; Shelia accuses him of being willing to throw his sons’ lives away just to see Shelia suffer. Then, out of the blue, Massimo asks again, “Our daughter”, as the baby starts to cry. He wonders aloud if there is any resemblance, and Shelia, who is pleasantly surprised at his interest, begins to lighten up and tell him, oh yes, there is indeed a resemblance. (That poor, poor child). Massimo tells Shelia to come a little closer, that he can’t quite see it.

Near the ally way, we see Charlie and his new buddy Brooke drive up, very discreetly. Brooke points Shelia out to Charlie, but the two can’t tell what she’s doing, what she’s holding. Brooke asks Charlie to pull up closer, but he shoots her down, telling her that this is as close as she’s getting to the action. Charlie tells Brooke to stay in the car while he goes to check out what’s going on. 

Massimo is now starting to get irritated, because Shelia won’t bring the kid closer to him. He regains his composure, and nicely asks her again to let him see the baby. Shelia gives him her delightfully evil stare.

Back down in the bungalow, Ridge tells Sugar to ponder his offer. “Don’t let Shelia bring you down like this”, he says. Sugar isn’t so convinced that Shelia’s going to fail. She tells the boys that as soon as Shelia comes back, they’re going to melt the gold down, pack there bags, and move on outta there. Nick tells her that sounds like a good plan, and asks if there is any room in her bag for him. Nick begins to reminisce about a “sweet” little island (get it) just off of the coast of Fiji that she should check into with all of her new found fortune. Nick asks Sugar for some food scrapes and she feeds him a piece of tortilla. Upon her asking if there was anything else that Nick needed, (she obviously doesn’t care for Ridge too much...go figure), Nick asks her if she’d be ever so kind to massage his back...poor Nicky-boy has a cramp. Much to Ridge’s shock, Sugar kneels down to play masseuse. Nick tells her that it would be so much better if his shirt was off, but Sugar quickly points out that she’d have to take off his chains to do that. Nick replies to her that it would be only for a second, but Sugar ain’t buying it. He tells her to just rip in off then...and she does. (God he looks good!)

Over in the ally way, Mass asks again if it’s really his baby. (Come on dude, who else besides Eric and James is dumb enough to sleep with Shelia?) Mass bets that she’s beautiful, and upon talking about the kid, Shelia starts to lighten up again. Massimo tries to tell Shelia that if only he would have known about this. Shelia laughs her evil little laugh questioning him, “would it have been any difference?” Mass tells her that a father needs to take responsibility. Shelia spits back that at all he has to do is give her the gold. Mass points out that then he’ll never see the kid again.

Just over on the other side of the ally, who do we see poking around the back of somebody’s vehicle but Brooke! I’m so glad that she stayed put in the car!

Mass asks Shelia if he can hold the baby just once, so that she’ll know what it was like to be held by her father. He tells her that he’ll give her anything for just a moment. The kid is wailing, as Shelia agrees. Mass takes the baby out of Shelia’s little pouch, and talks baby talk to Diana. Just as it looks like Mass has a good grip on the kid, he tells his guards to “Get her!” At the sound of that, Shelia grabs the baby and her and her goons start running. Massimo’ guards start firing, but he orders them to stop, out of fear that the kid might get hit. Shelia jumps in the car. The guards start firing at the car, but miss (I hope that Massimo didn’t pay a lot of money on these idiots.)

Back on the other side of the rainbow, at Oz, Ozzie tells Bridget that he can’t begin to really understand what Deacon is going through, but when his father died... Bridget quickly blurts out that Macy is not going to die. Ozzie hopes that she’s right. (As do I!). He blubbers again about his attempt at a fresh start, but that it’s all gone to hell. Bridget, ever the optimist tells him to give it a few days, and things will start to look up. Ozzie starts screaming that he doesn’t have a few days! That this was all he had, and now he’s all tapped out! Bridget whispers to Ozzie that he has her, and they hug as Ozzie starts to break down.

Now we are subjected to one of those famous scenes where our beloved characters are riding in a car. It’s Shelia and her thugs on their get away! Shelia tells them to watch the road, and attempts to clam down the baby that is now crying again. And believe me, Ms. Carter is pissed! “Massimo is not going to get away with this! This time, one way or another, that man is going to pay!”

Everyone and their brother are on a cell phone in the ally way, attempting to track Shelia down. Massimo asks Charlie for his car, and he tells him, oh yeah, I left Brooke in it. Mass tells him that’s impossible, that Brooke is back at the hotel. Just then, Massimo’s cell rings. It’s Brooke! “Where the hell are you”, Marone Sr. asks. “I’m in the trunk of Shelia’s car”, Brooke replies. (If you may picture for a second, Brooke all crouched in the trunk of a car holding her little flash light key chain up to her face, you would be as entertained as I am at this moment.) Brooke tells him that Shelia doesn’t know that she’s there, but that she thinks that she’s on her way back to the hide out. (No Brooke, where the hell else would she be going!) Mass asks the question that everyone wants to ask: “Brooke, are you out of your mind!?” Then Mass asks her if she has a clue of wear she is. Just then, Brooke remembers that she has a compass on her bracelet (I just knew that would come in handy!) She starts to give Mass the directions that she’s getting from the compass: east, and north. Mass praises Brooke on her quick thinking, (hey, there’s a first time for everything) and tells her to hold on, that he’s going to come and get her and the boys as soon as he can. We end with a shot of Brooke in the trunk, key-chain flash light still blazing, looking ever so terrified.

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