The Bold and The Beautiful Update Monday 10/6/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Monday 10/6/03

by Space Bug

We start out today on this glorious Monday right where we left off last Friday: on the island that no one knows exists with Massimo’s mouth still quivering at the sight of Shelia in the dark ally way. He stands there, paralyzed with shock; all he can do is mutter out her name, as Shelia looks at him very defiantly across the way.

Over in the LA hospital where my precious Macy is being treated, the doctor begins to tell Deacon her prognosis. Upon Deacon asking if she’s dead, the good doctor tells him that she survived the surgery and that she is stabilized. He continues to tell a very teary eyed Deacon that they have managed to stop the bleeding in the skull, but that there has been some swelling. If she wakes up, this swelling could have caused brain damage, and a number of other things such as: memory loss, loss of cognitive brain function, partial paralysis, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Deacon cries back that “She’s not going to be our Macy; we could have already lost her!” The doctor tells him that he’s very, very sorry as Deacon starts to break down. He and Sally cry together in a touching embrace as Bridget and Ozzie look on.

Back in Shelia’s bungalow, the brothers Marone are still tied up cozily next to the fire. They watch Sugar reading a book, as Nick begins to complain that’s it’s feeling pretty warm in there. Ridge tells Nick, way to go, you really pissed her off. Nick attempts to apologize for making fun of Sugar’s name the way that he did...he says that it was very wrong of him, and that he shouldn’t have done that. He tries to explain that he was just nervous; it’s his first time being a hostage. He tells her that Sugar is a great name, that it’s very “sweet”. Nick in his wonderful voice breaks out into a wowing rendition of “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch”, guessing that’s how Sugar got her name. Ridge tells Nick to put a sock in it, but Sugar complies that her daddy used to sing that to her all the time, “when he wasn’t out cheating on my mother or drinking himself to death”. Nick is silenced by that remark, and Ridge glares at him, giving him the classic: way to be little brother look.

Across the island that no one has heard of, and back in the ally, Massimo tells Ms. Carter that it’s impossible that she is here! Shelia laugh’s her lovely evil little laugh and tells him that he always underestimates her. He just can’t stop staring at her in disbelief.

On the other side of that unknown island in the cozily little bungalow, Sugar is still captivated by her book. We see that it’s one of those cheesy romance novels that everyone says that they never read, but everyone has read at least one of them in their time. The viewer sees that it’s called “A Pirate’s Heart.” (Oh my god, you’ve got to be kidding me...and young Dominick just happens to be a sailor... the length that this show goes to be deep is incredible!) Nick asks her how her reading is going, and then disses the author of her book, saying that she doesn’t compare to his favorite cheesy romance novelist. He starts rambling off titles that Sugar is obviously familiar with, and then admits that his old girlfriend had turned him on to this genera of reading...that she thought that he looked like a character on the cover of one of them. As Sugar correctly guesses the title of the book, she comes closer to Nick, and admits that she does see the resemblance. “Just call me Stone,” he says with a smile. Ridge just sits there in disbelief and then beings to make fun of the name Stone. Nick tells him that he can’t really laugh about names: RIDGE. This makes Sugar giggle. Nick continues by telling her that: “its gets even better, he’s got a half brother named Thorne”. Sugar really gets a big chuckle out of that one and begins to snort like a little piggy. Ridge doesn’t think that this is all too amusing as Nick and Sugar really laugh it up.

Back in the ally way, Mass’s guards who are ever so camouflaged in their white t-shirts and light blue hats come out with their big guns to protect the obviously shaken Marone, who is now beginning to regain his composure. As they begin to surround him, he questions Shelia about her escape. Sheila accuses him of never thinking about her again after he threw her away in prison. Mr. Marone very forcefully tells her that he remembers her every time he thinks about Ridge’s poor motherless children. In classic Sheila fashion, she spits that that was an accident! (Of course it was babe!). Shelia blames Massimo for the fact that her poor daughter is motherless too, that she will have nothing to do with her and it’s all his fault. When Massimo accuses her of taking his sons as a way of pay back, Shelia states that she’s just barrowing them to teach Massimo a crash course on empathy, and that this is the final exam. She gives him options: he can let her and her friends go with the money, and wait for her to deliver his sons home, or, he can have them arrested, and attempt to beat the boys’ wear abouts out of her, but by then they might already be dead. In response to that, Massimo asks: “how do I know that they’re not already dead?” Shelia sneers: “I guess you’re just going to have to trust me.”

Up in LA, in the emergency room, Deacon and Sally are still all in a knot over my poor Macy. Bridget attempts to comfort Ozzie and to take him home, but Deacon sees them trying to slip out, and asks “Where are you going?” Ozzie tells Deacon that he doesn’t want him here. Deacon says no, he wants him fighting for his life in the operating room, like Macy. He threatens Ozzie, telling him that he has no idea of what he will do to him if Mace doesn’t pull through. Just then, a nurse tells Deacon that he can go in and visit with Macy. Deacon, along with Sally leaves a very upset Ozzie in the hall with Bridget. Good old ex-step daddy Clarke has taken lessons from Sally and gives Ozzie a nice, ice cold glare.

Down in the cozy island hide out, Sugar and Nick are still laughing over their little name game. Ridge tells Nick that he’s glad that he’s having such a good old time, but Nick tells him not to take it so personally, that he’s just trying to loosen everybody up. Ridge gives Nick a little reality check: that he’s laughing his head off with a woman who will probably be shooting it off in the near future. Nick asks Sugar if she’s the one that will do it, but she calmly tells the boys that they’re not going to die, as long as Marone comes through, and she’s sure that he will, especially once he sees what’s Shelia’s got up her sleeve, (or maybe inside that black trench coat).

Over in the ally way, on the other side of the island, Shelia sympathizes with Massimo, that he can’t trust her. She says, hell, I trusted you, and look what happened to me. Massimo attempts to tell Shelia that she’s already won; that her goal was to separate him from his children and to put him through the same kind of hell that she went through, that she’s accomplished it. (Man, he really does underestimate Shelia, doesn’t he? Since when are Shelia’s plans ever that simple?) Massimo tells her that he understands what she went through, but Shelia laughs that off, tells him that he doesn’t quite get it yet, but he will as soon as he looses his child. That sure made the bearded Marone lip quiver.

In the waiting room at the hospital, Ozzie is waiting (ha ha) to see how Macy is doing. Bridget brings him some coffee, and attempts to console him. Oz tells her that he’s an idiot, and that she should keep her distance from him. Bridget tells him to not blame himself, and that Deacon is just lashing out, and she understands why. Oz says that he gets why too.

We now see Deacon walking down the hall, and he goes to the room that Macy is in. As he opens the door and looks in, he sees my poor baby Macy lying peacefully in a hospital bed with a big wrap around her forehead. Actually, she doesn’t look all too bad. There aren’t any cuts on her face, and if you didn’t know what was going on, you’d think that the wrap was a cold wash cloth trying to cool down a fever, (oh, if only that were so). 

Back in the waiting area, Oz and Bridget are still waiting (ha ha) and Oz starts talking about how Deacon was never like this before, all caring and protective. Bridget reminds Oz that she knows first hand, and they reminisce about other joke of a marriage that Deacon had. Bridget tells him that Macy will be ok, but Oz isn’t too sure. (Maybe someone should clue him in...MY GIRL IS A SURVIVOR! She can walk through fire baby!)

Down the hall and inside Macy’s room, we see on the monitor that she’s still kicking. Deacon is still in the door way (and Macy’s blood is still on his face), as Sally opens up the other door. The two of them go inside. Sally tells Mace that mother’s here, and so is her moronic, I mean handsome husband. Sally fills Macy in that she did so well during the surgery. Sally says that she’s not surprised, that Macy is a fighter. Deacon chimes in that he knows that she’s scared, and that it reminds of when they first met; how he was a mess and about how she taught him how to love and to be strong, about how she told him that love comes with a price, and that you have to fight for it. Deacon pleads to Macy that it’s her time to be strong, and that she has to fight for herself, and for them. (Ok, herself, yes, for them... I don’t think so). He tells her how much he loves her and that he’ll always be right by her side. Sally pulls a quivering Deacon into her heaping bosom, so that he can cry his pain away. (Ok, I’m so sorry to bring this up, but does any body remember the last time that Deacon was comforted by his mother in law...YIKES!).

As we journey back down south to the bungalow, Nick attempts to get Sugar to tell him and Ridge what Shelia’s plan is. When she declines to give the information, Nick tells her that she is a little tease. Ridge tells Nick that there probably is no secret weapon, that she’s just “yanking his chain”. The three get into a chat about the financial difficulties that pulling off an operation like this entails, and Nick sympathizes with Sugar that “people can just be so greedy.” Sugar informs the brothers that Shelia IS NOT greedy; that she’ entitled to ten times what she asked for. Ridge doesn’t get where Shelia’s entitlement comes from, being that this was no great love affair, but a one night stand. Nick seems shocked by this, and Sugar shuts him up from asking anymore questions. 

Across the island and back to the Shelia and Massimo good times hour, Mass pleads with Shelia to think about Ridge’s kids, that they’ll be orphans if she kills the golden boy. Shelia tells Mass that nothing will happen to his number one son if he does exactly what he is told to do (darn!) When Mass asks about Nick, Shelia tells him that he’ll be ok too (good). Massimo tells Ms. Carter that it’s mighty hard for him to believe her. Shelia informs Mass that she and her thugs are going to leave, count the gold, and then escape and that he’ll receive a phone call telling him where the boys are. At Massimo’s command that no one leaves, his camouflaged guards raise their guns at Shelia and her thugs. Shelia tells him that he would in deed probably shoot her if it wasn’t for this! She throws open her trench coat and reveals a small child that she’s been holding. “It will do you no good to shoot the mother of your child!” Shelia sneers. Now Mass really looks like he’s going to leave a yellow puddle. (Oh good God! Another Shelia spawn! And this one is with Massimo...that child is gonna have issues!)

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