The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 10/3/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 10/3/03

by Space Bug

Back in the club, Macy is still singing “The Greatest Love of all”, (better than Whitney Houston) as Sally, Clark, Thorne, Darla, and the rest of her fans look on all smiley and content. As she starts hitting the real high notes the crowd starts cheering. Oz, with his eye still on “Scar Face” in the cat walk sees him start to unscrew the chandelier. Oz takes off running towards the stage screaming “MACY!”

Down in South America, at the island that no one has heard of, Massimo slaps down a new Polaroid of his sons looking all dirty, and not too happy. He’s ever so frustrated as Charlie (who I’m guessing is some kind of agent) tells them that he doesn’t recognize their tactics, implying that these are new terrorists, and if they’re new, then they tend to make mistakes, they get people killed. This doesn’t put Massimo’s mind at ease.

Over at Sheila’s bungalow, Nick and Ridge are all cozily tied up by the fire as the psycho-path and Sugar argue about what to do next. The brothers Marone begin to pick on Sugar about her name, Nick recommending that she should have chosen Scorpion, while Ridge puts in his two cents with the name Butch. This ticks Sugar off, but Ridge tells her that he’s from LA, so he’s more open minded than most about “orientation”, if you get my drift. Shelia tells them that none of that should even matter cause they’re both probably going to end up dead anyways. 

Back in Oz, Macy is still singing that song, and standing directly underneath that big chandelier. (It’s not that small of a stage honey...MOVE!) As the song starts to get more intense, her fans come closer and closer, and Oz is having big problems pushing through the cheering crowd. While Macy is taking her bows, the chandelier starts to spark, and Bridget notices Oz forcing his way to the stage, and looks worried. Thorne looks up and sees the chandelier start to wobble, and makes like he’s going to do something. As the crowd looks up at the spark show, as does Macy, but instead of moving, she stands there and the thing falls on her head. She sprawls onto the floor; glass shattered everywhere, blood covering her face. Thorne and Darla are paralyzed with shock, and Deacon runs to be by his wife’s side. (MY POOR BABY MACY!) Deacon screams that she’s not breathing and to call 911 and get an ambulance. Oscar screams for Bridget, but all she can do is hold Macy’s hand repeating: “Macy can you hear me?”

While Charlie is pacing around Massimo’s hotel room on his cell phone, Brooke comes into the room. Charlie informs her that Massimo has gone to do another drop off. Brooke pleads that he’s got to stop him! She knows who the kid-napper is and that it’s personal. “This woman is crazy!” she screams.

In her hide away, Shelia packs her bag to meet Massimo and caresses her gun. Sugar tells her that this is what she’s wanted all along, to come face to face with him. “You lied to me!” she accuses. Nick smugly comments: “Can you believe that?” Sugar tells Shelia not to “show Massimo” (what ever that means), and Shelia demands that she wants to see Mass beg her for forgiveness. Ridge tells her that’s not going to fly, but Shelia tells him that he’s just being classic Ridge, always wanting paint her as the villain. Nick quickly asks “Forrester” where he gets off doing that. Shelia is now starting to pick up on Nick’s sarcasm and tells him that she’s going about this all wrong, and that maybe his family would be more likely to pay her to get rid of him then to get him back. Shelia books, and tells Sugar to stick to the plan. (Get it?)

On what I’m assuming is the LA free-way, an ambulance is racing to get my precious Macy to the hospital. Deacon is in the back with her, trying to talk to her by asking if she’s in any pain. (You’ve got to be kidding me...A CHANDELIER JUST FELL ON HER HEAD MAN!) As Mace attempts to groan something Deacon tells the EMTs to shoot her up with something so that she’ll stop hurting. As the ambulance crew is doing their thing, we get a very disturbing close up shot of Deacon with Macy’s blood on his face telling her that she’ll be fine and that these guys know what they’re doing. Macy opens her eyes and squeaks out a “Don’t be scared” to her teary eyed husband, and as Deacon that says he loves her, she moans it back before passing out.

Macy is rushed into the hospital with Deacon running right behind the stretcher. The nurse refuses to let him go in to the operating room and as she shuts the door, Deacon screams out to Macy that he’s right there.

Back in the hotel room on the island that no one has heard of, Brooke attempts to explain to Charlie about the wonder that is Shelia. Charlie, along with Brooke doesn’t understand how she got out of prison. Brooke tells the story about how Shelia thought that Massimo would whisk her away, but instead of bringing her joy, he brought the cops to her instead, and then she panicked and shot Taylor, and then her, (yes, cause we can’t leave out the fact that Brooke got shot in the shoulder, now can we?) Brooke goes on to say that Shelia’s daughter also turned against her and that Shelia believes that she lost her daughter because of Massimo. So, as pay back, she took his son. Charlie’s buddy corrects Brooke by saying “sons”, and gives her the Polaroid. Brooke takes a seat on the bed to better be prepared for on coming crying attack. 

We are now at the drop off point, which looks nothing like the jungle atmosphere that we’ve been exposed to on the island that no one knows existed so far. (Actually, it looks more like and NYC ally.) Massimo is the first to arrive, and starts walking around, taking in the creepy scenery. His hidden guards reveal themselves for the camera, showing that they have real big guns to protect Marone Sr with. (But they are very camouflaged in their WHITE OUTFITS AND LIGHT BLUE HATS!) 

In the hospital waiting room, Deacon is waiting (ha ha) to hear about his wife’s prognosis. He takes out his wallet and gazes at a picture of him and Macy in happier times, and has a flash back of her telling him about how she didn’t want to tour and only wanted to stay right at home with him and the kid where she’s blissfully happy. Poor Mr. Sharpe is all teary eyed as Sally walks in with her little puppy dog Clark close behind. Sally asks what if he knows anything yet, and he screams in typical Deacon fashion at the hospital workers that he knows nothing! “No one will tell me ANYTHING!” Deacon is already blaming Ozzie for this and is wishing that he listened to his gut and had shut down the whole idea from the start. Sally is looking for someone to blame also, and agrees that Ozzie is the perfect candidate for the position (especially since Brooke is no where to be found). Sally says that she thinks that Oz cut too many corners to get opened for business so soon, but Deacon debunks that theory cause despite his reservations about Oz, he always goes by the book. As Deacon promises to his mother in law that he’s going to nail who’s ever ass who did this to the wall, Bridget and Ozzie come waltzing in and they immediately send her on a mission to find out how Macy is doing. Deacon commands that Oz stays right there to answer his questions. As Bridget tries to keep the two apart, Deacon demands answers. Ozzie tells him that he saw the guy do it, and that he tried to stop it; that it was no accident. Deacon does not look to happy, and I’d be a little afraid of him right now, especially with Macy’s blood still on his face. Ozzie spills the beans on who it was: that it was Jimmy somebody. Deacon is familiar with the name, and asks Ozzie if he had any warning. When Oz says that he was threatened, Deacon throws him up against the wall screaming that all he wanted was the money so he gambled and lost. Clark breaks the boys up, telling Deacon that Macy is going to need him here, and not in jail. Just then, the doctor who operated on Macy comes out, and upon Deacon asking him how she is, the good Doctor just stares at him.

Back on the island that no one has heard of, Charlie tells Brooke that her theory is interesting but impossible because they have conformation that Shelia is behind bars. Brooke tells him that she has escaped and when Charlie tries to explain that it’s a maximum security prison, Brooke shuts him up by saying that if anyone could escape, it would be a one Ms. Carter. Charlie suggests that maybe Anna was lying, but Brooke doesn’t think so. She demands to know where Massimo is; that he needs to be warned about what he’s dealing with, that she is CRAZY! Charlie tells Brooke to calm down, just as his buddy comes into the room with official conformation that Shelia is in prison. Charlie is shocked when he hands Brooke the photo graph and she insists that the inmate pictured is not their psycho-path. 

Over in the ally-way, Massimo is still moseying around when he hears a van drive up. Out come two of Shelia’s goons wanting the keys to his truck so that they can get the gold and bail. When Massimo asks to see his sons first, the goons tell them that they don’t think that’s gonna happen, and try to pry the keys out of Mass’ hand. Luckily, Mass’ well hidden guards pop out to defend him, and the goons calmly tell him that his sons will die. Marone Sr tries to convince the goons to take him to his sons, that they could take the gold for themselves. The goons say that’s a no-go because “she already knows.” Massimo, ever so confused asks she who? Just then our beloved Miss Shelia makes her dramatic appearance, wearing jeans this time, with a large black trench coat. Massimo is stunned, shocked, surprised, with his beard encrusted mouth quivering. 

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