The Bold and The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/2/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/2/03

by Space Bug

Today we begin at the Forrester guest house with Samantha helping Bridget pick out a “hot and spicy” out fit for her to wear to the show tonight. The two discuss Bridget’s budding friendship with Ozzie, and Bridget invites Sam to come and meet her mystery man tonight and to watch Macy sing with the rest of all of LA. Sammy agrees, and hits the path up to the main house to get ready.

Over in the land of Oz, Ozzie walks around his new and finished club, admiring his great accomplishment. Sally and Clark are the first to arrive, and promptly introduce themselves as: “Your headliner’s mother and biggest fan, Sally Spectra, and...Clark Garrison. The trio gushes about Macy and about how wonderful she will be tonight. Sally tells Oz that although Macy could be “wowing” the fans anywhere in the world, she thinks that her daughter is much happier working in LA so that she can go home to her husband and wonderful little boy. (Don’t you just love instant families?)

Down by the sea shore, it appears that Macy still hasn’t gotten dressed yet as she stands out on their little balcony listening to the waves. Deacon stirs from the bed and joins her. We are subjected to more of their kissy-faced whispering as Deacon gives Macy a diamond studded treble clef necklace charm. (While the thought was nice, but it looks like something that he could have won out of an arcade game). Macy tells Deacon how he’s turned his life around by making all of the right choices, and how he has wonderful instincts and how with all of his energy he’s going to go far in life. Deacon reminds her that they’re a team, but Macy wants him to follow his dreams, even if some of them don’t always include her. Mace implies that they make a pact to live life to the fullest and collect all of the happiness that they run into. (Ok, this sounds more like a graduation speech then a thank you for the gift).

Back at the club, it’s obvious that Oz is on edge, as he flipped out when he heard a bulb blow on one of the mirrors. He has a flash back to when the Vegas guys threatened him. But, he shakes the bad feeling off, and just in the nick of time, Bridget and Sammy arrive to cheer him up. Ozzie says that his opening night jitters are gone now that Bridget is there. 

Over at the love nest, Deacon and Macy are running late (too much sex will do that too you), and are hurrying out the door. Deacon takes a look at the flashing light on the answering machine, but decides that he doesn’t have time to listen to it. Then he walks ever so slowly out the bed room door. (By the way, where is the kid? I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t seen hide nor hair of the little rug rat.)

Across town at Oz, Bridget introduces her new buddy Sammy to her other new friend Oscar. After Ozzie is called away back stage the girls giggle and blush like little high school aged teeny-boppers.

As Sally stands by the door glaring at everyone who walks in like a pit bull, who does she spy, but Thorne and a very pregnant Darla! What gull they have to show their faces she tells them! (Clark just stands behind Sally, looking pathetic as always). Sally tells them to pack there bags and move on out. Thorne tries to explain that they’re here to support Macy, and ignores Sally’s urging them to beat it.

Back stage, Deacon and Macy admire how wonderful the place looks and how great of a job Oz did. Macy even points out how beautiful the chandelier is. (hmmmmm... foreshadowing at its’ finest!) Deacon, (who has picked up on Sally’s watchful eye) spots Thorne and Darla taking a table quite close to the stage. He points them out to Macy who decides that she’s not going to let it bother her one i-o-da because it’s their night. As they kiss back in the wings, it appears that Thorne is catching a glimpse of their little spit swap, and he doesn’t look all too thrilled.

While Oz has a little meeting with his guys back stage to discus the technical stuff of the show, we see the creepy looking guy with the scar on his face peeking in through the curtain. We then see that he isn’t alone, and that the other Vegas goon is with him too. They restate how they are going to teach the young Marone a lesson that he’ll never forget.

On the other side of the back stage curtain, Macy comes out all ready to go in her diva dress. (Not a good choice I might add). She’s all decked out with her new necklace charm that Deacon gave her and has a very bad attempt at a hair extended pony tail on her head that makes her look like Barbara Eden on “I Dream of Jeannie”. As Macy gets her make-up touched up, Oz pulls Deacon aside and attempts to tell him that there might be troubled, but is interrupted when Thorne and Darla walk over to say hello to “The Diva”. Macy turns around from her chair, and immediately looks at Darla’s protruding belly before she makes her way up to her face. Macy doesn’t look all too thrilled to see her two exes. Darla tells her that she doesn’t mean to upset her, but that Macy has always been her best friend and that there was no place that she’d want to be then right here watching her make her come back. As Darla starts to turn away, Macy stands up and tells both her begotten best friend and ex-husband that she’s glad that both of them came. Thorne smiles on as the two girls share a very tearful and emotional hug. Over Darla’s shoulder, Macy gives Thorne a “I know that you’re sorry, it’s almost Ok, I wish I could hug you but my current husband is standing right there face”, and as the camera zooms away from the three, Darla wipes the tears out of Macy’s eyes, as Macy feels her belly. (It looks like almost all is forgiven).

Oz insists to one of his workers that he needs to hold the show for a minute so that he can talk to Deacon, but the dude tells him that Macy’s fans are anxious, and that they need to give the public what they want. As Oz makes his way to the stage, he tells a bewildered Deacon that “Everything is cool”. Ozzie presents Macy Alexander, and she gives a rip roaring rendition of the Carol King classic, “I Feel the Earth Move”...(I feel the sky tumbling She sounds great and is totally bring down da house! However, while Macy is doing her thing, we see the creepy scar faced guy start to climb up to the cat walk... I smell trouble...
While Macy sings Whitey Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” (and much better I might add), Oz spies Vegas goon number one looking up at the cat walk. Oz follows his gaze to behold goon number two with the scar face up there messing with the chandelier. Ozzie looks ever so worried.

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