The Bold and The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/1/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/1/03

by Space Bug

It’s a sunny LA morning and Ozzie is as busy as a little bee trying to finish the club for opening night. He’s directing service men as they are hanging up an over-the-top chandelier right above the stage that Oz says is very expensive and “heavy as hell” (hmmmmm). Good old Budge comes in with donuts for her new beau to keep him and his crew energized. Oz and Budge excitedly chit chat about her ex-sister in law/ex-husband’s wife head lining the show and how great it will be. (Of course it will be great. When is it ever not great when my Macy sings?!)

Across down, and I’m assuming just down the road from Thorne’s beach bungalow, Macy is waking Deacon up in a rather disgusting way in their little ocean side, child friendly pad. PLEASE SOMEONE PASS THE BARF BAG NOW! They whisper about how great the show is going to be and how Macy won’t be nervous with Deacon by her side. (Damn, after everything that man has done, I’d be shaking in my Nine West boots if I were within five feet of him!) Macy goes on about how it’s been an “awfully long time” since she’s sang in front of this many people. But of course Deacon, ever the one to keep his wife happy keeps telling her how wonderful she’ll be. According to Mr. Sharpe, “It’s the triumphant return of Macy Alexander”. Macy declares how happy she is, (which last time she said that, she ended up getting her reproductive organs ripped out of her) and we are subjected to more of their romping around in bed. (Can you hear me vomit?)

Over at Forrester creations, Steffers and Amber are having a word switch in Amber’s office. This is the first time that Amber has seen the “New Stephanie”, and thinks that the hair is “hot”. (Amber, I’m glad that you learned adjectives in your junior high English class). Steffers is surprised to see that Amber is packing up her picture frame and set of Crayola colored pencils and is planning on hitting the road for not so greener pastures. “It’s time”, Amber states... yeah, I’ll say. Stephanie tries to get Amber to stay with the company, telling her that she’s a valuable member of the team. Yep, sure she is. Amber informs Stephanie that she has screwed up royally and that she doesn’t want to force Rick to look at her constantly-scrunched up- from crying face everyday at work. Stephanie tells her that she has earned her place... Amber trapped a Forrester with a kid that wasn’t his just like Stephanie, hell yeah she’s earned her place! That’s hard work! Stephanie tells Amber how worried she is about her. Amber tells her about all the dreams that she had. My God, she really has been paying attention to Brooke... she’s got the “poor poor pitiful me” act down pat! Steffers tells Amber to not give up! Hell, Eric has almost forgiven me! I’m sure that Rick can forgive you! Amber’s not so sure about that. As the two play the forever roles of Amber whining and Steph comforting, guess who walks up to the door and listens in. Could it be Eric Forrester Jr? I think so! (And might I add that Rick doesn’t look like he’s 50 today! He actually appears to look almost 24! Not too bad for a character that’s only supposed to be about 10, huh?)

Well, Deacon is finally attempting to get dressed while Macy is still hanging all over him in her little nightie, as I am forced to watch them yet again. (Let’s get this straight right now: I love Macy. Macy is THE ONLY character that I watch this show for, and Bobbie Eakes is my all time favorite person EVER, but I HATE watching Macy without Thorne! IT’S TORTURE!) As they play more kissy face, we hear the disturbing voice of Sally on a loud speaker with clown music in the back round. As Macy struggles to unfold her robe and put it on, up comes Ms. Spectra in a sandwich sign made of Macy’s posters with Clark following right behind looking ridiculous carrying a tiny bomb box. God save us all!

Over in Oz, Budge and Ozzie admire the crystal chandelier as it is being hoisted up over the end of the stage (hmmmm, why all of the focus on the chandelier I wonder?). Budge says how beautiful it is and how dramatic it looks. (Dramatic, that’s a nice word to use for it, and a good adjective. I see that Bridget paid attention in junior high English class). Budge tries to settle Ozzie’s nerves by telling him how great Mace will be. Oz invites Bridget to the show, and gives her the best seat in the house: right next to the owner. She gladly accepts, and Oz hints that Bridget might be late for work the next morning. (That or she might be really early...hmmm). Bridget gives Ozzie a little peck for good luck as she hits the road.

Back in Amber’s office, she continues to sulk and feel sorry for herself, asking Stephanie why she’s so stupid. Steph looks at her and honestly tells her that they’ve been trying to figure that out for years. (Ok, not really, but the sulking part actually happened). Amber does however use a nice metaphor about being a wound up string that needs to be cut...I was very impressed since she has such a limited vocabulary. Stephanie continues to repeat that Amber still loves Rick and that she really needs to try to fix this. Rick, ever so interested in hearing this whole conversation is still standing very quietly out side the door.

Down by the sea shore, the Alexander/Sharpe/Spectra/Garrison family is discussing Sally’s means of free advertising and about how wonderful the show is going to be tonight... yadda yadda yadda. Clark reveals two Spectra garment bags, each one containing a “diva dress” especially designed by him, for Macy to wear tonight. As soon as Clark heard that his little ex-step daughter would be singing again, he got right to work. (Well, Bucky must have worked faster than Santa’s elves on Christmas Eve to finish two dresses in less then a day. And it took him years to design that piece of crap wedding dress for her? Oh boy, if I were Macy, I’d be so excited to wear these dresses! *I’d also have Eric Forrester on my speed dial too).

As Oscar studiously sits at one of his tables entranced in his blue prints, two of his Vegas buddies come up behind him to say hello, one of them being the creepy scar-faced man that was staring that Oz, Deacon and Macy yesterday. Ozzie doesn’t seem too happy to see these pals, and is not in a good mood. There’s all this mob-ish talk about money and about how Oz should have sold the casino to them. Oz starts to get agitated and tells them “Get the hell outta here”. They seem very interested in the fact that Ozzie owns this place...hmmm.... a little too interested for my taste. 

While Amber picks up her little shoe box that took her this entire episode and then some to fill, Stephanie reminds her that she’ll always be part of the family. Yeah, ok, Steffers has blood children that are hardly members of the family; I don’t know where she’s getting the brainstorm that she’s not going to drop Amber like a bad habit after a couple of months. Amber cries that Stephanie is the only person who had always been there and always stood up for her. (My my, we’ve forgotten how much Taylor has helped you so quickly Amber! Well, why not, Ridge seems to think that the only “tailor” in his life is the one that fixes the clothes that he designs for himself.) They have a tearful farewell, and as Amber opens the door guess who’s standing right outside? It’s Rick! He’s still there!

Things aren’t going too great in Oz right now. Ozzie is feeling threatened by his old buddies and he repeatedly tells them to get out. They bring up the fact that it’s Oz’s grand opening. They tell Ozzie that he needs to learn some respect. No body in that club at the moment is a very happy camper.

Back in the Meacon bedroom, Macy comes out modeling one of her dresses. Actually, it’s not a dress at all, but another nighttime that looks almost exactly like the one that she was already wearing, but shorter and more see-through. Of course Deacon and his little buddy are thrilled, and I am hurling as they start to make out again. As the “happy couple” continues their foreplay, they don’t answer their ringing phone. Who’s calling, but Ozzie, to warn Deacon that there might be trouble tonight. Well, no one gets in the way of Deacon and sex...NO ONE. 

As the Vegas boys are walking out of Oz, they are not very happy. They see Macy’s poster and say that they’re going to teach Ozzie a lesson that he’ll never forget. The one guy takes her poster, rips it in half and steps on her face. THAT’S JUST WRONG!

*Ok, now, if you want to teach Oz a lesson, go for it. While I like him, I’m not attached as of yet. BUT PLEASE, KEEP MY MACY OUT OF IT! Some how, I think that my pleas are falling on death ears.

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