B&B Thursday Update 9/18/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/18/03

By Judy              
Pictures by Juanita

Amber is crying alone in her hospital bed and hears a knock at the door. She calls out for Rick, but it is Bridget. Amber thinks she is there to blame her, but Bridget tells her she is sorry she lost custody of Eric. Amber tells her it is not all her fault, that Macy and Deacon had been trying to break up their marriage for months. She says, they will get him back. Amber says, it's not too late, but fears Bridget thinks Rick made the right decision by dumping her. Bridget advises her that she needs to take care of herself and then informs her that another patient is going to share the room with her. Bridget isn't commenting on what she thinks of Amber's personal situation.

Nick is holding a night meeting and the room is full of lights from the city and lit electronic maps on the wall. Nick's looking through large maps and giving expert advise on how the fleet should be run. The Captain informs Nick of some damage done to the Maroni symbol which was caused by vandalism. Then in comes Massimo and when the Captain compliments his son (Nick), Mass says he's proud to have the "sons" he has. This puts a smirk on Nick's face.

Brooke and Ridge arrive at a tropical hide away that's full of sheer romantic drapes, colorful birds and monkeys. Brooke seems to be pleased with the resort and Ridge tells her the best is yet to come. The hotel porter gives Ridge some instructions on how things are run at the resort while Brooke enjoys the scenery. They have no interferences there, no cell phones or business.

Bridget is about to take Oscar into Amber's room for a temporary stay since there is no other spot open for him at the moment. He tries to stop her and says he has insurance and when Amber sees her wheeling him in, she protests loudly. She tells Bridget it is against the rules to put a man in with her. She doesn't want someone butting into her troubles. Oscar tells her "don't worry sweetheart". He doesn't want to share in on her problems. Oscar proceeds to watch TV and Amber tells him to turn it down. Then, in runs little Eric with Deacon and Macy. She is very happy to see him and he goes to her and puts his head on her chest. She apologizes for scaring him. He wants to know when she is going home. Amber says the grown ups have to talk about that. Macy takes Eric so Deacon can talk to Amber, she tells Deacon, "how can you do this ? You are stealing my son !" Deacon responds, ".....you stole him, no one else, and I am going to make sure you don't do it again." Deacon doesn't realize that Oscar is on the other side of the curtain, listening intently.

Massimo dumps a load of paperwork on Nick because Ridge is out of town. Mass then asks if Ridge took Brooke with him and Nick informs him that they eloped. Thumping the papers against his hand and staring off into space, Mass doesn't seem to be accepting the news too well. Meanwhile, his dear son Ridge and his soon to be wife Brooke continue to enjoy the solitude in their romantic hide-a-way. Ridge has plenty of surprises for Brooke in the form of bikinis and skimpy night ware. Then he pulls out a wedding gown that's definitely not white and adds to it a strange large metallic looking headdress so that she can be like royalty for the wedding.

Back at the hospital, Deacon and Amber go around about who did what to who, then yanking back the curtain, Oscar yells......"Deacon, Deacon Sharp, is that you ?" Deacon stands and runs his hand across his head in disbelief when he sees Oscar. He walks over to his bedside and wants to know what he's doing there. There seems to be no love less between them and Amber wants to know how they know each other. This makes Oscar look at Deacon in a way that shows he doesn't want him to answer.

Standing in front of the mirror holding her wedding dress in front of her, Brooke admires herself. Then Ridge offers her some more gifts, one being chocolate, a Mayan wedding tradition. Next she opens a photo frame that holds the pictures of Ridge's children, Hope and an empty spot, first she thinks for their wedding picture, or for Rick and Bridget. But, another surprise, Ridge thinks the empty photo can be for their baby. (Must be he thinks her biological clock is still keeping time).

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