B&B Thursday Update 9/11/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/11/03

By Judy                
Pictures by Juanita

Rick and Bridgette are at the hospital waiting for Amber. He wants to know if Eric was hurt, but Bridgette reassures him that Eric is OK. She tells him a surgeon has been called for Amber and that her injuries are severe. 

Amber arrives in the ER with medical staff at her side. She is unconscious and bruised, her body immobilized with cuffs and splints. 

The Lt. comes in with Deacon , who’s carrying little Eric in his arms. Eric calls out “Daddy” as soon as he sees Rick. Rick takes the boy and asks him what happened. He tells him “Mommy’s hurt, she fell”. Rick reassures the boy that he is safe. 

Rick asks the Lt. what happened and Deacon gives answers instead. Bridgette hears this and takes Eric away from the men. Rick blames Deacon but Deacon tells Rick that Amber almost drove the car off a cliff. When Macy arrives Eric runs to her which doesn't set well with Rick as he stands quietly glaring at Macy. 

The doctor informs Rick that they are waiting for Amber’s x-rays, he tells him that her injuries are severe and that she has cracked ribs and multiple cuts and bruises. Amber is now conscious and asking to see Rick. 

Macy goes to Deacon and as they hug she asks him what was going on. Deacon does not think that Amber will do anything now because of her injuries. Looking at little Eric she tells him to stay put, she wants to tell Deacon some things out of Eric‘s hearing. Then Macy asks Deacon if he is going to press charges. He tells her he just wants to go home. Macy won’t let up on this, she tells Deacon that they can’t let Amber get away with what she did. She informs him, that the Forrester’s would never let him get away with a stunt like Amber pulled. 

Rick lets the doctor know that Amber is a recovering addict. The doctor tells him that the medication will only be while she’s in the hospital. A groggy Amber asks Rick where Eric is, but Rick says he knows all the things she did, and that she could have died. He wants her to get some sleep and they will talk more later. 

Back in the waiting area, Rick and Deacon have words over Amber’s behavior. Rick does not want to get into it, but Deacon pushes it. He wants to talk about it right now. He thinks she is out of control and that her actions could have damaged Eric. He is going to take Eric in to say goodnight to Amber and then is taking him home. He tells Rick if you want to see Eric, “you’ll have to call my attorney“. Rick turns to Bridgette and tells her that it could have been Eric in the hospital too.

Massimo and Jackie share drinks with the romantic night city scape in the background. Mass lets Jackie know that everything is ready for the nuptials except for the date. She informs Mass that she loves being courted. 

A call from Oscar (his cousin's son) interrupts the romance and Mass does not seem amused. Mass does not want him around. He tells Oscar he has a cheesy casino and he wants nothing to do with his business. Oscar continues to ask for help but Mass won’t let him get a word in and hangs up the phone. Jackie wants to know what he wanted, but Mass doesn’t really know.

As Mass cozies up to Jackie and just as they start talking again., the phone rings and Jackie tells him it could be Oscar again. Mass hesitantly answers the phone and Oscar says they are being followed, he needs help. Shots ring out and Oscar's bodyguard falls to the ground. More shots are heard and we see the phone booth riddled with bullet holes, the phone receiver dangling.

Macy goes in to see Amber wanting to know “what was she thinking“ Macy has picked a not so great time to give her a piece of her mind. She tells Amber she forced the issues in court and after what she did the judge made the right decision. She tells Amber that she threw him in the car and abducted him. Macy tells her she knows what she felt as a parent, she was terrified. This angers Amber and she tells her, he’s not your child. Deacon comes in with Eric and things settle down for a bit. Amber says her good byes to Eric and tells him that the doctors will take good care of Mommy. Little Eric curls up his bottom lip and says “goodbye Mommy”. Macy tells her, “this is really good bye” unless she gets herself together. Amber calls Macy close telling her she wants to tell her something but instead let’s her have it by giving her one big bite on the ear. Macy tells her she is crazy and high tail’s it out of the room. 

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