B&B Thursday Update 9/4/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/4/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Once Massimo realizes Sally is faking, he tries to assure her that Ridge's decision was the right one for the business, but she and Clarke ask how they are supposed to take orders in the company she built from a woman who hates Macy.

Massimo stands by Ridge's decision and cautions Sally, as a friend, not to do anything foolish, but Sally says he is no friend of her's and warns that he will regret it if he lets Brooke near her company.

As Ridge and Brooke await word about Sally, he points out to Brooke how long he has waited to make love to her, but Brooke reminds him that she has not made love to any man recently, including Nick as well.

Ridge and Brooke are interrupted with a call from Massimo, who tells Ridge about Sally's deception, and once Ridge tells Brooke, she is astounded at Sally's desperation.

With Sally's problems now behind them, Ridge and Brooke agree that they want to be partners in life and in business, and they finally make love.

The judge rules in Deacon's favor, granting only limited visitation to Rick and Amber, and Amber fears that little Eric will think they've turned their backs on him.

When they return home, Rick says he will talk to Edward and Jonathan about finding another way.

When little Eric runs in to greet Amber, he is disappointed that he can't play with his friend Tommy since he has to go to Deacon's.

Amber tries to tell little Eric that he has to go, but he insists he does not want to and seeing the boy's disappointment, Amber writes a note to Rick, takes the bag Marta packed for little Eric and leaves with the boy!

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