B&B Tuesday Update 9/2/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/2/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge calls a meeting of Sally, Clarke, Massimo and Nick to tell them about his plans for Spectra. While waiting for Ridge to arrive, Sally tells Massimo that it's a little to early in the day for a mystery and he tells her that he didn't call the meeting, and that Ridge did. Nick asks his dad is he taking orders from the dressmaker now? Massimo says that Ridge got some kind of announcement to make. Nick wants to know if it's about Spectra Fashion's? Massimo assume that it is. Nick wants to know what is he doing there? Massimo tells Nick that he has got to learn that Marone Industries is more than just about shipping. Sally tell Massimo that she doesn't like mysteries, and wants to know is there something going on that she ought to know? At the door, Ridge tells Brooke that he think that everybody is here. Brooke tells Ridge to wait. He tells her it's a little late for her to change her mind. She says no, it's just.. Ridge says for me to thank you again? She tells Ridge that he is lucky that she is even talking to him. He tells her that he's the luckiest guy in the world, and Brooke says that they are going to need every bit of that luck to pitch this plan to Massimo and Sally.

Edward advises Rick and Amber that nothing has changed regarding their dim hopes for winning custody of little Eric. Before he's sent to school, little Eric tells Amber that he doesn't want to go to Deacon's after school because he wants to go swimming with his friend Tommy.

At the same time Deacon's attorney Julie lectures her client and Macy about the proper way to answer questions regarding his checkered past when they go to court. She also points out that the video of Amber attacking Macy at their wedding will greatly help their case

In Judge Cunningham's office Macy's touched when the judge admits he's a fan of her music. As he admits how tough this case is, the judge asks Amber if she has anything to say.

Ridge enter Massimo's office and announces to Massimo, Nick, Sally and Clarke that he's made plans to change Spectra fashions into a new powerhouse. He brings in Brooke as the new force behind the company, stunning everyone in attendance. Ridge further outrages everyone by showing the logo and new name for the company: Logan Designs. When Sally refuses to abide by his decision, Ridge warns that he will take Brooke and start another company. Finding Brooke glowing about this news, Nick realizes how Ridge has gotten in Brooke's good graces again. Unable to handle the news, Sally starts to leave but collapses first.

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