B&B Thursday Update 8/28/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/28/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Macy and Sally are at Las Olas talking about Brooke's fall from grace. Sally tells Macy that she thought that is would never happen.

Brooke is looking at her name tag in a daze, like she can't believe what has happen. Nick comes to see her and she rushes into his arms.

Amber gets a call from Deacon telling her that he is bringing little D. home.

Deacon brought Little D home and Amber is thrilled out of her mind to have him back. He seemed moved as he watched their happy reunion for a while and then left without saying anything. Rick tells Amber that the board voted Brooke out as CEO. Amber blames the whole thing on Macy

Nick takes Brooke to Las Olas, where, of course, Macy and Sally are toasting the fall of Brooke Logan. Deacon later joins them. Sally leaves the newly weds. Macy doesn't like the fact that Deacon is still so concerned about Brooke's feelings. When Brooke spies them sitting across the room, she orders two tequilla shots be sent over to their table. When the drinks are delivered, Macy is incensed. Deacon tries to stop her, but she charges over there anyway. She will not allow Brooke to get away with this. The first thing she does when she gets to Brooke's table is to fling her drink in Brooke's face. Brooke jumps up and says, 'How dare you?' Macy counters with, 'How dare you! You know alcohol is poison to me!' Nick jumps up and gets between them so it doesn't escalate into a brawl and Deacon tries to get Macy to leave, but to no avail. They both trade barbs back and forth. She says that she's always been back in the wings while Brooke took center stage. 'Well no more!' She gloats, 'We control who runs Forrester now! The Brooke Logan show is over! I run the show now! I'm the star! And you're just gonna have to get used to that!'

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