B&B Wednesday Update 8/20/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  8/20/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

At Marone, Samantha is surprised that Brooke runs Eric's company. Brooke says she runs the business end while Eric is the creative side. Sam sees why Stephanie might object to that, but what does it have to do with her? Brooke insists that Stephanie brought Sam here to get back at her. When Sam says she's a decorator working on Massimo's new home, Brooke guesses that Mass is in on this too. Sam thinks she's being paranoid. Just then, Ridge and Nick return. Ridge is glad to see that Brooke has met Sam. Brooke tells Ridge that Sam called her paranoid. That's because Brooke claims Stephanie and Mass are out to get her, Sam explains. Actually, Ridge tells Sam, they are. Brooke tells Ridge her suspicion that his mom is trying to set him up with Sam, but he just laughs at that. Nick confesses that he is the one who tried that, so Sam explains how Nick asked her to be Ridge's date for Massimo's wedding. Brooke is stunned that Ridge would take Sam, Sam says she turned Ridge down, as she outgrew those games in high school. Brooke says the only game here is Stephanie's, so why doesn't Sam stay out of her [Brooke's] personal life and go back where she came from? Sam concedes that Brooke's life is not her concern, but she's curious which Marone brother Brooke will go to the wedding with.

Ridge and Nick want to know who Brooke will accompany to the wedding.

Ridge says he'd like to know that himself. Nick admits he'd like to know Brooke's answer too, although either one of them will have to sneak her in, he says, since Massimo had her banned. Brooke thinks that proves her point, but Nick is sure his mother will have something to say about the ban. "So will I," Ridge says. Laughing at how Ridge and Nick are letting Brooke choose and are vying for her attention, Sam says they've just helped her figure out how to arrange the guest rooms in Mass' new home. She proposes Nick and Ridge each having their own rooms flanking a third room in the middle. That middle room, with connecting doors to the other two and a fire escape, she says will be Brooke's. With that, Sam takes Poochie and leaves.

Eric tells Thorne about Brooke's rejecting his designs.

In his office at Forrester, Eric fumes about Brooke rejecting his collection. Thorne pokes his head in and asks his dad what's wrong. Eric hopes Brooke didn't send Thorne to calm him down, since it won't work. Thorne asks what Brooke did, so Eric explains how Brooke rejected his entire collection as too costly for today's economy. These were the most innovative designs he's ever produced, but they won't see the light of day because he's just another employee here. Thorne reminds Eric that he founded Forrester. Eric says you'd hardly know that now. This kind of control was exactly why he and Stephanie founded their own company, he laments. Thorne asks if Stephanie knows. Eric says he told her, she then told him to forget it, since it will soon be over. Both men assume that she meant that this collection will be over and it will be time to move onto the next one. That's about all they can do with Brooke in charge, Eric sighs, and even Stephanie can't change that. Thorne offers to talk to Brooke while Eric calls Stephanie again, but Eric doesn't think there is anything for Stephanie and him to discuss. Thorne then suggests producing the collection anyway, to show Brooke that there is more to this business than money. Eric won't do that, as he doesn't want to divide the company like Ridge did last year. Even though it kills him, he just has to accept that he can only make suggestions in his own company's destiny.

Macy tries to calm Deacon when Stephanie interrupts their honeymoon.

In Mexico, Macy invites Stephanie in. Deacon however has no desire to listen to Stephanie's crap. He's sure she only mentioned Brooke to get in the door and is really here to contest his guardianship of little D. Stephanie admits that the child is involved, but so are he, Macy and Brooke. In fact, she adds, she doesn't even intend to contest his guardianship anymore. What happened, Deacon asks: did Amber or Rick get on her bad side? No, Stephanie says, Brooke stole Forrester Creations from her and Eric, and she tells Deacon, he has the ability to help her get it back. Deacon is confused, so Stephanie explains how he, as little Eric's guardian, will vote the boy's 2% interest in Forrester until Eric is 21. She wants him to vote that 2%, along with her and Eric's 49%, to restore Forrester to its rightful owner. Considering how poorly the Forresters have always treated him, Deacon says, he has no desire to use his son to screw Brooke over! Stephanie appeals to Macy to help convince Deacon. Deacon however is not swayed: first Stephanie says it's about Brooke, but now it's about helping Eric reclaim what's his. Between Stephanie changing her story and his fear that they'll use this to make him look greedy in a custody fight, he wants no part of it!

Stephanie and Macy try to persuade Deacon.

Stephanie admits that Deacon has no reason to trust her, but her lawyer said the same thing of her trusting Deacon. Deacon suggests that the lawyer was right and asks Stephanie to leave, but Macy pleads with him to see the risk that Stephanie is taking. Besides, Stephanie adds, she is doing this for Eric, to spare him the humiliation of working under Brooke. Just today, Brooke rejected Eric's whole collection, and she didn't even have to give him a reason. She says Deacon can help her correct that, and she will pay any price for his aid. Deacon has no price since he wants no part of it! Macy asks him to reconsider: after all, how would he feel if someone took over his business? Deacon reminds Macy how Stephanie opposed their marriage, but Macy says that was just because Stephanie loves her. And she despises him, Deacon points out. Stephanie admits that she loves Macy, and she despises Deacon for what he did to Bridget and what he's doing to Rick and Amber. But she's willing to give him the chance to prove himself now by doing the right thing for Eric. This is the same Eric who once ran him over with a car, Deacon points out! Stephanie admits that was inexcusable, but all she can do is pledge her eternal gratitude if he'll help.

Macy tells Deacon that this is not about revenge.

Deacon considers how Brooke, Rick and Amber will react. Macy asks him to consider Stephanie's request, as she hopes someone would do the same for Sally were she in Eric's position. Deacon reminds her that Marone, not Sally, owns Spectra, but Macy says that Sally is still in charge. She wants Eric to be, too, so she tells Stephanie that they'll sign any papers necessary. Stephanie says that she will need them at a board meeting in L.A. tomorrow, so she hopes they will return with her. Macy promises to be there. Deacon says he needs to talk to his wife alone, so Stephanie says she will be waiting at the airport. Once they are alone, Deacon can't believe Macy is going along with this. He thought they were going to start a new life with only minimal contact with the Forresters. Moreover, he fears that Macy is doing this to get back at Brooke: after all, it wasn't until Stephanie mentioned Brooke that they agreed to hear her out. Macy contends that this is not about revenge. She just wants to free Eric and Stephanie from the suffering of having to take orders from Brooke. Deacon is still reluctant. He thinks this will only look like they are trying to settle old scores, so he begs Macy to stay out of this.

Brooke tells Stephanie that her plan will fail.

Aboard the jet, Stephanie gets a call on her cell phone from Brooke, who claims to know what Stephanie is up to. Stephanie looks worried until Brooke says that the attempt to set Ridge up with her dear little family friend won't work. Stephanie is relieved that Brooke is talking about Samantha. Brooke tells Stephanie to just face facts: this plan, like all Stephanie's others, will fail, because Stephanie can't touch her. Brooke hangs up.

Jonathan and Stephanie are glad to have Deacon and Macy join them.

Jonathan comes into the cabin and asks what happened with Deacon. Stephanie explains that Macy understood what she was trying to do, but Deacon was still suspicious. She tells the lawyer that he was obviously right about the animosity between her and Deacon. If only they could get past that, so she can restore Eric to the head of the company they founded. She goes on about not giving up, but Jonathan cuts her off and points to the cabin door. Standing there are Deacon, Macy and little Eric. The child runs up to Stephanie, who gives him a hug. Macy tells Stephanie that she and Deacon decided to cut their honeymoon short. They're going to attend the board meeting, she declares, as it's time Brooke Logan finally got what's coming to her.

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