B&B Tuesday Update 8/19/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/19/03

By Bettye
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Rick tells Amber why he'd turn his back on their marriage.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick tries to calm Amber, but she still can't believe that he is following the advice of a lawyer they've known for just 3 weeks to end their marriage! Rick assures her that they must do this to win their battle against Deacon, especially since Mr. Sharpe is now little Eric's legal guardian. Amber agrees they have a fight ahead but feels they should take it on together, like they always do. Rick says it's too risky and reminds her that this is just a strategy, like Deacon marrying Macy was. Oh, Amber says: so it's a good idea for Deacon to take a wife to give little Eric a family, but Rick should toss aside his wife to improve his chances? She doesn't think it make sense and refuses to end her marriage like it never existed. Rick again tells Amber that those papers are only meant to protect their family by keeping her from being raked over the coals by Deacon's lawyer. He always thought she would do anything for little Eric, so he can't see why she won't do this. Because she can't give up everything she loves, Amber responds!

Amber tells Rick that they will lose if they don't have each other.

Rick tells Amber this will be for a while. And do the papers say that, she asks? Can she come home as soon as he adopts little Eric? He says he hasn't thought about that. No, she accuses, all he's thought about is cutting his "liability" loose. He tells her that she will always be Eric's mother. Then where was she when he drew up these papers, she asks, or when he talked about it with Edward? She feels it's just like when they got the restraining order against Macy, where she wasn't included on the decision. That makes her wonder if she's really part of this family. Rick says they had to act fast, but Amber reminds him that they are supposed to be partners in this marriage. She recalls his reaction to finding out about the "Ambrosia Undressed" video. He didn't throw her out then, she points out. Instead, he stood up for her, since he said that marriage was about sticking together no matter what. So why now, when Deacon is stealing their son, is that not true? Forced to admit she is right, Rick tears up the divorce papers. He agrees that this solution is not what they are about. Still, he has to wonder if they can win. If they don't have each other, she says, they will certainly lose. Rick tells Amber he loves her and promises to get little Eric back.

Nick and Ridge realize that Samantha is no one's consolation prize.

In Massimo's office, Samantha accepts Ridge's invitation to the wedding. Ridge seems surprised, so Sam tells him how Nick made the invitation on his behalf, but that she believed Nick when he said Ridge was too shy to ask himself. When Nick claims he was just doing Ridge a favor, Sam smells a rat and wonders what, or who, Nick would get for himself by setting up Ridge. Ridge apologizes for Nick, but neither he nor Nick will tell Sam who the woman they both want is. Each man does think, however, that the other is no competition for him. Maybe this mystery woman is fascinated by this macho tug-of-war, Sam says, but she's not. Nick tries to tell her that it was just a joke, but Ridge suggests that he stick to his fish stories. He again tells Sam that he's sorry. He might be, she tells him, since he might wind up going to that wedding alone. Not willing to be anyone's nobody's consolation prize, she takes Poochie for a walk.

Eric tells Brooke to change his designs.

At Forrester, Brooke reviews the designs for Eric's latest collection. Eric is proud of the one-of-a-kind designs that he's come up with, which he feels in his gut will again put Forrester ahead of the rest of the industry. Brooke however thinks it's her place to keep them at the top of the industry by making informed decisions, including the one that this collection, while beautiful, is not practical from a cost perspective. She just doesn't see how they can make any money from this collection unless Eric makes some changes. Eric thinks she is being short-sighted and is not seeing the gains they'll have in cachet and marketplace buzz, even if their are some short term financial losses. Brooke stands by her decision and tells an unhappy Eric that she will not approve this collection until he changes the designs.

Samantha guesses that Brooke is her mystery woman.

Brooke arrives at Marone looking for Ridge and is surprised to see Sam working there. Brooke asks where Ridge is, so Sam tells her that he's in a meeting. When Brooke asks if Nick is with Ridge, Sam guesses this must be the woman the men were talking about. Brooke introduces herself to Sam, who does the same. Sam says she recognizes Brooke from the papers and explains that she's an old friend of Ridge's who has just returned from abroad. Brooke asks why she returned, so Sam says she's here on business. She can't so what type of business, however, without spoiling the surprise. She just hopes Stephanie doesn't get sick of her. Brooke wonders what Stephanie is doing here, so Sam says she is staying at the guest house. Brooke immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion and guesses that Stephanie brought Sam here to get her out of Ridge's life. Stephanie's gone too far this time, she says. Sam doesn't know what's going on and asks Brooke why Stephanie would want her away from Ridge. Brooke is sure Sam must know, but Sam says she doesn't. Brooke explains that Stephanie would do anything to keep her away from Ridge and Forrester, but it's not going to happen!

Stephanie tells Jonathan of her plan to get Forrester back for Eric.

On the Forrester jet, Stephanie and Jonathan go over Brooke's estate plan. Jonathan explains that Brooke has reallocated her stock among her children. However, since she has Rick and Bridget's proxies and votes for Hope as her parent, she still retains 51% of the voting rights. But does Rick vote little Eric's shares, she asks, or does Deacon? As little Eric's legal guardian, the attorney explains, Deacon controls those shares. He guesses that Brooke assumed Rick and Amber would adopt the child when she gifted those shares, not dreaming that Deacon would become the boy's legal guardian. That means that Deacon controls the 2% swing vote between Brooke's 49% and Eric and Stephanie's 49%. That means that Deacon could vote with Stephanie, Jonathan realizes, and could put the company back under her and Eric's control. That's just what this trip is for, Stephanie says. She has to talk to Deacon before Brooke finds out what's happening. Jonathan isn't sure they can trust Deacon to side with her given his history, but Stephanie believes that the chance to get the company back is worth the risk of trying. Brooke stole the company out from under Eric, she claims, and this is her chance to right that. Jonathan wonders if Deacon might try and get back into Brooke's good graces by voting with her. Stephanie reminds him of the bad blood between Brooke and Deacon's new wife. Even though she knows Deacon's not too fond of her, she thinks she has to take the chance. She can't give Eric back his son, but she can try and give him back his company.

An upset Eric tells Stephanie of Brooke's demand for changes.

In Brooke's office, Eric agonizes over making changes to his collection when the phone rings: Megan tells him that Stephanie is calling for him. He has Megan put Stephanie through and bluntly asks what she's want. Stephanie senses something wrong and asks what it is, so Eric tells her of Brooke's insistence on his changing the collection before she will approve it. But those are his designs, she reminds him. But it's Brooke's company, Eric says, and god forbid they forget that. He hates to cut her off, but he has to get back to making those changes to the designs. Stephanie tells him not to fret over this, as it will all be over soon.

Deacon and Macy are stunned by Stephanie's visit.

In Mexico, Deacon tells Macy how Stephanie called in the middle of little Eric's nap. Fortunately, the boy is now asleep thanks to Macy's lullaby while he has turned his cell phone off. Macy teases him that he too was nodding off when she sang the lullaby. Deacon is determined to show her that he's not tired and lies down with her on the couch. Soon after, there's a knock at the door: it's Stephanie. Not knowing what Stephanie wants, Deacon send Macy to check on "Little D" while he deals with Stephanie. He opens the door and finds Stephanie there, eager to talk to her. Deacon hopes she didn't come down here just to talk about "Little D." No, Stephanie says, she came to talk about Brooke. Deacon says he's not interested, but Macy, upon hearing Brooke's name, wants to know more. Stephanie points out that Brooke has stolen from many people over the years. Deacon thinks this is ridiculous, but Stephanie has a question for Macy: if they could pay Brooke back, would Macy be interested?

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