B&B Monday Update 8/18/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/18/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Bridget is surprised to hear that Amber had spent the night at Stephanie's. Amber tells her about what happened last night. Rick asked her for a divorce.

Stephanie joins a meeting that Brooke and Rick are having with Edward. She's very angry at Rick for what he's doing to Amber. Rick, along with Edward, try to explain to her the unexplainable absurdity that he will have a better chance to adopt Eric without Amber because of her checkered past. Rick declares that he needs to end his marriage to save his family. He insists that it's not a real divorce, only a legal strategy.

Massimo has summoned his two boys so he can firm up his wedding plans. He lays down the law! No Brooke Logan!

Stephanie tries to talk Rick out of this ill-advised plan, but, backed up by his lawyer, he stands firm.

Neither Ridge nor Nick seem to take Massimo seriously. They start bickering about whose arm Brooke will be on. Ridge thinks they should just let the lady decide. But Massmino says the groom will decide. No Brooke, and that's final. Nick doesn't think his mother is gonna like this. Just then, Sam walks in, reporting to work. It seems that she's going to be redecorating a house that Massimo bought for Jackie. Ridge explains to Sam that Massimo is his father and that Nick is his half-brother.

Rick claims that Amber will always be his wife. No legal document will change that. Stephanie wonders why he's assuming that she'll take him back after this fiasco. Edward wants to present Rick to the court as a single parent and show a stable family, all the opportunities afforded to him, the way the family has embraced him. Brooke says that they love him. He'll always be a Forrester. Edward chimes in and says, what better way to prove to the court that he's part of the family than giving him a portion of the family business? Brooke has decided to give Little Eric 2% of Forrester! Even Rick and Bridget don't have their shares yet! At first Stephanie questions Brooke because she didn't run it by the board. Brooke claims she's CEO and if she wants to give her grandson part of the company, then she'll do it. But then, the wheels start turning in Stephanie's mind and she realizes the opportunity just presented to her.

Since Stephanie had told Rick where Amber was staying, he drops by to see her. He wants to talk to her about last night.

When Nick is alone with Sam he tells her that Ridge wants to invite her to be his date to the wedding, but he's a little shy. He thinks Ridge will probably need a little encouragement. Just then, Ridge walks back in with Massimo. He asks, 'Now where were we?' Sam rushes over to him and says, 'You were just about to ask me to be your date to the wedding, and I'd LOVE to!' As she hugs a confused Ridge, he looks over her shoulder at Nick who's puffing on his cigar with a 'Who me? I didn't do anything' look on his face.

Amber thinks Rick is there to apologize. He's sorry, and so is she. She shouldn't have walked out last night. But they're a family. Eric needs both of them. Together, they can face anything. She hugs Rick and then notices that he is holding something in his hand. What is it? Is it a surprise for her? She excitedly opens up the papers and is devastated when she sees what it is divorce papers. Rick asks her to sign them.

Stephanie is alone in Brooke's office, talking to herself. 'We have 49% and the child has 2%. This is an interesting turn of events.' Then she picks up Brooke's address book and evidently looks up Deacon's cell phone number. When Deacon answers the phone, Stephanie tells him that she has to sit down and talk to him and Macy right away. He tells her that she'll just have to wait and hangs up on her. Stephanie picks up the phone and calls Marty, the pilot, and tells him the fuel up the jet. She'll be right over. He can file his flight plan to Cabo San Lucas!

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