B&B Monday Update 8/4/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/4/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie is still trying to justify what she did. After all, it doesn't hurt to give Ridge a little competition. But Bridget insists that this isn't going to change anything. They've wanted each other for as long as she can remember. Stephanie says that Brooke has always been so obsessed with Ridge that she's never given another man a chance. Now, she's hoping that a miracle will happen.

Ridge is asking Brooke, 'Come on Logan! I need to know that you're with me. Let's get off this island and start our life together!' Brooke tells Ridge that this isn't the time or place. But Ridge says, I have waited my whole life for you! He says he doesn't want to wait any longer. Brooke doesn't answer but looks over at Nick, who's just finished putting out the fire. Ridge looks around at Nick too, obviously knowing that he's listening to them, and tells Brooke that it's time to go home. Nick tells them he'll be on the boat and leaves them alone. After Nick's gone, Brooke tells Ridge that she's sorry, but she's just not ready. That's obviously not the answer Ridge was expecting. 'What?' Brooke tells him that she's not ready to commit herself to any man. Ridge tells her that they belong together. Brooke always thought that too, but he's asking for all of her, and she just can't give that to him right now. There has to be no doubt in her mind that the two of them are completely right for each other. She has a daughter to raise and she can't make any more mistakes. Ridge doesn't want to give up. He starts to say, 'Logan, but Brooke interrupts him and says that it has to be when she's ready. Then she walks away toward the boat.

Massimo escorts Jackie back to the beach house. She's changed her mind about moving in with him and wants to wait until they're married. Once inside, he remembers seeing Jackie and Eric kissing. She tells him that he doesn't have to worry about Eric. He hasn't been around and probably won't be. Eric walks up just then and sees them through the glass door, sitting on the sofa, opening a bottle of wine. He remembers his own conversation and kiss with Jackie. Inside, Massimo tells Jackie what a wonderful wedding he has planned. It has to be worthy of her, one night in a lifetime. They kiss, with Eric still watching outside, and then she tells him goodnight.

Nick, Ridge, and Brooke are inside the boat on their way home, when Nick asks Ridge if he'll steer the boar while he goes up on deck. Brooke walks over to stand behind Ridge and tells him that this is a switch. He hopes she's getting a kick out of it. She doesn't like putting him through this and, of course, he doesn't like it either. But he appreciates what she's doing and he admires her for it. She's no longer jumping in head-first and thinking about it later. Damn it, if that doesn't make her all the more attractive! He meant what he said, that he wants a life with her. She hopes he knows that she still cares about him. A part of him wants to tell her and Nick to just go to hell! She asks, 'Why don't you?' Ridge turns around to look at Brooke, as if to say, 'You know why!' Brooke tells him that she loves him too. That hasn't changed and it never well. She gently kisses Ridge on the cheek.

After Massimo's gone, Jackie walks outside on the patio and is startled when Eric speaks to her. He tells Jackie a story about the carousel that used to be there close to the pier. He used to bring the kids all the time, and even after they were too big, he used to come back by himself. Then, one day, he noticed how the paint was peeling, how the leather seats were cracked open, and how terribly distorted the music was. He realized that it had always been that way and it was only the memories that he loved. Jackie thinks that maybe you can try to create the fun of the first time. But Eric tells her that's not possible. Nothing stays the same. Eric doesn't believe that she loves Massimo. She's just in love with a memory, a young girl's fantasy. He tries to convince her that he's not the man she thinks she is. He urges her to discover the present, with him!

Bridget brings the kids back home. They convince her to read them a bedtime story. As Thomas gets the book, he knocks over a picture. Bridget picks it up and sees that it's the one of her surrounded by all the children! She looks at it fondly, reminiscing.

Ridge walks into Stephanie's house, slams the door, 'How could you do this? Is anything beneath you? He reminds her that Brooke is the woman he loves and intends to marry. She snarls at him, that would be the biggest mistake of his life and she hopes that tonight made him realize that. Ridge assures her that nothing happened between Nick and Brooke. That's what Brooke told him, and he believes her. Stephanie asks, if things are ok then, why aren't you with her?

Jackie tries to convince Eric that he doesn't know Massimo. She tells him how he's planned the most extraordinary wedding. But Eric doesn't care about that. There's going to be no wedding! Because he's not going to let it happen!

After the bedtime story, the kids start whining about Bridget moving back in with them. Why can't she? She wishes she could. Thomas tells her something his dad told him. If there's something you want, and you don't go after it, how can you be happy? Bridget thinks Ridge is a smart guy. He knows what he wants and she hopes he gets it.

When Ridge tells Stephanie that Brooke needs more time, she's outraged that she's stringing him along. She tells Ridge that Brooke is not committed to him. He's just not used to being in this situation with her. She hints again of what may have happened if he hadn't shown up on the island when he did. Ridge gets angry and tells Stephanie that, whether she likes it or not, he and Brooke will be married. If she's thinking that Nick will sweep her off her feet, to forget it, because it's not going to happen!

Brooke is in her bedroom wearing a robe, apparently just out of the shower. As she's drying her hair, she smiles, obviously thinking about the last couple of days. The phone rings. It's Nick, wanting to know if she's warm yet. He guesses what they say about her is true, that she's as tough as she is beautiful. He was impressed with the fact that Forrester poured his heart out to her and she walked away from him. Brooke insists that it wasn't like that. He knows, but he enjoyed it anyway. He enjoyed the night so much that he's thinking about calling Stephanie and thanking her. As far as tonight goes, he'd do it again in a second, if she was there. Brooke says to not let anyone tell him he doesn't know how to show a girl a good time. Nick thinks the most important thing about tonight is what they said to each other. It meant a lot to Brooke too. Nick asks her to do something when she goes to bed tonight. Think about what they said, about when they kissed, and how it felt when they held each other. He thanks her for the great night. 'Sweet dreams!' After they hang up, Brooke looks thoughtful, smiling. Then she looks over and sees a photo of her and Ridge on the table. Her smile disappears.

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