B&B Thursday Update 7/31/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/31/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Nick seems to still be waiting on Brooke's answer. 'Brooke? Are you telling me that you're falling in love with me?' Brooke still doesn't answer, but only smiles.

Thomas tells Stephanie about the twins fighting with each other. He wishes Bridget were there. She could always get them to stop. When she was living with them, it was almost like having his mom there. Stephanie tells him she hopes that someone wonderful will walk into his father's life and fill that void for all of them. They're interrupted by a knock at the door. Stephanie is horrified to see Corky standing there, who obviously has had a pang of guilt.

Thorne is having a beer and looking at a happy picture of him and Macy when he's interrupted by a knock at his door. It's Amber, still wearing that red dress. She's still freaking out. Thorne has got to stop them, Deacon and Macy! She tells him about the restraining order. That's why they're doing this. Deacon has asked Macy to marry him!

Macy comes downstairs after her hot shower and immediately starts playing with Deacon. She tells him about her mother's positive reaction to his proposal.

Brooke finally gives Nick his anxiously awaited for answer. 'Yes, I suppose I do love you!' But he doesn't seem too happy with her choice of words. 'Suppose? You suppose you love me?' He turns around to speak to the rocks, 'She suppose she loves the sea captain!' Brooke laughs. She can't help herself. It's contagious! Nick thinks it sounds like a disease. But Brooke assures him that it's just the opposite. He's a cure for everything that goes wrong in her life. He doesn't care anything about material things. He doesn't try to measure up, doesn't try to put people down. He makes her want to see life through his eyes and that's an amazing quality! What's more amazing is that he's just himself, comfortable in his own skin. It makes her want to be comfortable in her own skin. All this praise seems to make Nick a little uncomfortable. He starts teasing Brooke and tells her that she should. She's got good skin, teeth, hair, smile. Brooke has poured her heart out to him, and all he can do is compliment her looks? 'What else do you have to say to me?'

Corky tells Stephanie she can chill. He's not there to cause her any trouble. He just wants to return the money, $5,000. To him, what he did was just a joke, something he and his friends do to each other all the time. He can't take her money. Just then Ridge walks into the room and hears the end of their conversation. What's going on?

Ridge wants to know why he's giving Stephanie $5,000? Stephanie says that they're just negotiating for some work he's doing for her. Ridge thinks he's a plumber, since he had seen his truck there earlier. Stephanie tries to shut Corky up by asking if they can discuss this later. She'll call him. But Corky isn't buying her crap and, much to Stephanie's dismay, comes clean with Ridge. He tells Ridge that his mother is trying to pay him for pulling a practical joke on Nick. Ridge grabs Stephanie's arm and pulls her out into the foyer. He wants to know the truth, now! LOL! So Stephanie is forced to tell Ridge what she did! Ridge is angry! The reason he's there is because he had been wondering if she was right. She's sure that Brooke is taking full advantage of the situation she created for her. She learned a long time ago that woman is bad news for him. Ridge tells her to stop it! But first, he's got to find Brooke! Stephanie assures him that she's exactly where she wants to be. But Ridge refuses to believe that. 'She sure As hell is not where I want her to be!' He tells Corky to come on, to where he left them!

Nick gets serious. He wants to tell Brooke something that he's never told anybody. He hasn't been honest. There is a love in his life, the only one he's ever had. Brooke thinks she must be special. She turned his life around, something that he'd always dreamed of, something that he can't describe. He put his life in her hands and he never looked back. It's hard to describe something that's so unpredictable, but when you feel something that's so honest. Just the thought of her makes my heart race! Brooke thinks she sounds like someone he may want to settle down with. She's surprised when he tells her that he has! 'There's nothing that'll come between me, and the, sea!' Brooke realizes that he's just been pulling her leg. 'Oh you!' She goes after him and they have kind of a wrestling match. Brooke reminds him that she told him that she loved him. But he disagrees. 'No you didn't! You said you supposed you loved me!' Brooke asks him again, 'Don't you have anything to say to me?'

Amber is convinced that, once Deacon and Macy get married, they'll take Eric away from her. Thorne thinks that Macy is so hurt and angry that she's lashing out at anyone. What better way to get back at Brooke. Amber wonders if they'll try to get Hope too. Thorne knows that Macy blames Brooke for most of her problems. Amber thinks that Thorne is the only one who can stop the wedding.

Deacon suggests flying to Vegas to get married but Macy's not too keen on that idea. Then he suggests a big wedding, nothing but the best. But Macy would prefer something more intimate. Then he suggests a hot tub wedding, clothing optional. But the minister could wear clothes. Macy asks him what church he goes to. He goes to the one where beautiful angels come down and rescue sinners! He pulls a ring box out of his pocket and opens it up. It has a huge center stone, it's dark, sapphire? and it's surrounded by baggette diamonds. He gets down on his knees and proposes again.

Nick tries to avoid answering Brooke. He says they need some more firewood. Brooke tells him that if you don't tell people how you feel, they're never going to know. But she already knows that he's crazy about her. She's funny, beautiful. Love is not a word he takes lightly. He just found out about his old man . . . It's something that's been missing in his life. Now he can think about himself and look ahead to the future. Brooke asks him what he sees. Nick says that's the thing about the future, you don't know! It's scary! He tells Brooke about all the dangers he's faced and he never cracked. 'I thought I'd experienced everything until I met you! Don't you get it Brooke? You're the sea to me!' That seems to be what Brooke was waiting to hear. After they gaze lovingly into each other's eyes, they lean toward each other and start kissing, gently!

Nick comes back with some fire wood and finds Brooke asleep on the blanket. He watches her for a while and then picks up his jacket and gently lays it on top of her. He continues to watch her and then stoops down and starts touching her hair.

Macy gives Deacon an official 'yes' and he slips the engagement ring on he finger. He wonders what they should do now. But before he can carry her off to the bedroom, they're interrupted by the doorbell. It's Thorne!

Ridge comes walking through the woods, wearing a yellow rain slicker, with his flashlight. He sees the campfire ahead and walks toward it. 'Brooke?' He shines his flashlight on Nick and Brooke as they lay sleeping.

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