B&B Friday Update 7/25/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/25/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Jackie is on Nick's boat cleaning it up and doing his laundry. What are you doing ask Nick? Nothing. You picked up, says Nick. Why would I do that? You're a grown man, you can pick up after yourself. Especially on a day when you have such an important date tonight with Brooke, and I don't think she would have appreciated finding all of your socks strewn all over the dash board. Jackie admits she is doing it because she loves Brooke. Nick gets a big smile on his face and says he bets Forrester wishes he had Jackie for a mother, he tells her about Stephanie tracking him down and what she said. So you met Ridge's mother? You stay away from her. Jackie leaves tossing him his dirty socks.

Brooke tells Ridge thank you. Ridge, Edward was just what we needed. Amber brings little Eric home with cookies he has made for Marta. Ridge and Brooke are on the couch and they tell Amber about the restraining order and she is quite upset. She tells them that she has spoken with Macy. Macy has assured her she is not out to hurt anyone and that if they think Deacon will back off they are wrong. Ridge leaves telling Brooke she needs to get ready for her date. She asks him why he is not at least a little jealous and he tells her that the more time she spends with Nick the more she will realize that she and Ridge are meant to be together. Brooke goes upstairs with Rick and Amber. Rick tries to convince her that the restraining order was a good idea.

Back at Deacon's beach house, Macy stares dreamily into the darkness. Deacon comes in and tell her how wonderful she is. The doorbell rings, it is the process server who serves Macy with the restraining order. At first she is angry and upset, reading it aloud and ranting about Brooke. Deacon tells her that he is sure Amber did not know about it. This is the work of Brooke and Rick. He calls the lawyer and leaves a message for her to call him immediately. They talk for a while then Macy becomes subdued and says nobly that his relationship with his children is more important than his relationship with her, as it should be. Deacon's tells Macy that the restraining order says Macy Alexander it does not say Macy Sharp. They cannot bar her from seeing the kids if she is a member of the family. Macy is hesitant at first but he tells her all she has done for him and that he loves her, if the Forrester's want a fight he will give them one.

Brooke comes down the boat steps wearing a denim outfit and baseball cap. He tells her she looks cute and how will he be able to keep his eyes on the road. She tells him she really needed this after the week she has had. She starts to tell him about the restraining order and her problems with Macy. He starts to talk to her and then cuts if off and declares that she needs to forget about all that for a while, he checks his charts. After a while, Brooke, who has been outside says it is cold and he wraps her in a blanket. He says there is some fog ahead and does she want to cancel their sail? She tells him no that if he is comfortable she is fine too. He tells her he loves the fog. They go up on deck to listen to the sound of the water. Brooke tells him it is creepy. He shows her that she can barely see her hand in front of her face, they stand together looking into the darkness.

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