B&B Wednesday Update 7/23/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  7/23/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge is meeting with an admiral from the Marone fleet about expanding their business in the far east, as the admiral leaves Ridge's secretary tells him that Brooke needs to see him ASAP and will meet him at his house.

Meanwhile back at Ridge's. Now you want to marry Ridge? ask Stephanie. What I want now is none of your business, Stephanie, says Brooke. How do you think Nick would feel? Is this part of a game?. A tug-of-war?. You are so predictable! Yet you are so shocked by all that I said. Appalled, yes, shocked no! Stephanie proceeds to accuse Brooke of love being chased, playing hard to get, and crying wolf to get Ridge to run to her rescue. You are just jealous. You never had wonderful relationships not with Eric, not with your kids. Your relationship with Ridge is not fated, not meant to be, not predestined. It is a bad habit and someone has to break it.

Bridget comes into the sailor's bar where Nick is playing cards. The guys offer her tequila and a seat at the poker table but she says no and asks Nick if they can talk. She tries once again to convince Nick that Brooke is still in love with Ridge and will always choose him, that even though they have a bond it might not be as close as he thinks. Nick says he is not worried and is taking Brooke on a romantic cruise to Catalina the following night.

Brooke tells Stephanie that she is tired of this same old argument with her. She opens the door and says Stephanie can leave. Stephanie tells her she is closer to the door and can leave herself. Steph tells her to practice her sob story on her before Ridge gets home. She tells Brooke Nick must be crazy about her to put up with all this. You just want me involved with anyone else. Yeah, with anyone who is not in my family or yours. She tells Brooke that she and Ridge are not together because Brooke made a choice and it is time for her to move on. Ridge comes in. I got a message you needed me. "Yes, I do! sigh, Brooke. He asks Stephanie leave. She leaves and he tells Brooke ho matter what it is they will get through it together and pulls her into an embrace. Steph looks on in disgust as Brooke smiles.

Back to the bar. Nick my mother likes you allot and you like her the question is how much? Nick hold up his hands and says About this much. She then talk about Brooke and Ridge's love. But what about the children? She says. I thought you were worried about me, Nick days. I am, you are great and I can see how my mom is attracted to you. Nick cuts her off and says he is going back to his game, he has navigated every ocean in the world and he can find his way around Ridge Forrester. He leaves Bridget sitting alone at the table

Ridge asks if Stephanie was giving her a hard time? It's not her, it is Deacon and Macy, they are working together. Brooke explains how Deacon and Macy met and how Macy was there when she went to check on little Eric. She explains to Ridge why she feels Macy is behind Deacon's sudden interest in the children and how Macy got a lawyer and they took little Eric for the night. She is afraid they will come after Hope. Ridge hugs her and says he had no idea it had gotten this bad. Brooke tells him that Macy thinks she ruined her life and now she is afraid that Macy's vendetta and her mistakes will cost Rick his son. Ridge tells her that she did not ruin Deacon's life. Ridge promises her that if Macy and Deacon pursue getting the kids they will regret it.

Stephanie enters the sailor bar! She asks the bartender where Nick is and approaches the table. She introduces herself. What exactly can I do for you? The sailors stand up and introduce themselves. The guys tease Nick that this is not the blond he is looking for! Nick invites Stephanie to his office, the pool table. Nick asks her if she is here to warn him away from Brooke, if so, she can save her breath. Actually no, I am here to offer you some words of encouragement.

She and I have a long history, unfortunately Brooke sees me as the enemy. She loses no time in telling him that Brooke is over at Ridge's house now. Is this where you try to make me jealous? Can I do that? Do you care that much? She tells him that he is perfect for Brooke and hopes they are more than friends. Nick asks if she is here to tell him about Brooke's destiny with Ridge, she says no, Brooke's obsession, and Ridge's. Oh come on tell it like it is, you don't care about Brooke's happiness or mine". Does that matter as long as our interests coincide? They don't". "I don't agree, they do and you are going to need my help and if you don't think you do then you have a problem. she is with my son right now.

Back on the couch Ridge is trying to reassure Brooke that Deacon is an alcoholic loser. Ridge says no judge in the world would give a man with Deacon's history and Macy's bitterness custody. Brooke is still upset. Everything is going to be all right, nobody in their right mind would try to take Hope away from you. But what about little Eric? He continues to reassure her and says that no matter what Stephanie says, what concerns Brooke concerns him. She tells him that if their relationship were different she could expect his help. He says that no matter what their relationship his commitment to her, their lives, their family is as strong as it has ever been. No one is going to threaten that, you can count on me! Brooke smiles

Steph tells Nick Don't underestimate the connection between Brooke and my son it is an addiction. Nick stares broodingly into space.

I'm there for you Logan, and he moves in for the kiss, she responds he pulls back and says Right here. They embrace as Brooke sighs and tears up.

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