B&B Tuesday Update 7/22/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/22/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Rick is surprised to find Thorne at the door, but he says he's just following Brooke's orders. She had called and told him to get right over there. Brooke comes in and tells them all that she's found out who's behind Deacon's new found drive to be a father. MACY!

While Little Eric is playing with his little cars&trucks, Deacon asks Macy about what happened with Brooke. She says that actually she enjoyed their little chat. Deacon asks, 'Did you tell her off?' She set her straight. She told her in no uncertain terms that he had a right to see his son, and as his friend, she had a right to see him also. She told Brooke that there wasn't a damned thing she could do about it. Deacon claims he would've paid money to see that. She's sorry it happened today though because she wanted this day to be perfect for him. Brooke's not through yet and she and her family won't make this easy for him. Deacon doesn't care. Let em! Because what I've got is worth fighting for!

Bridget is at Ridge's house, running around the house with Thomas and the girls, all in their swimsuits and squirting water guns at each other. They accidently squirt Stephanie as she walks in. Steffie wants to know, since her mother is not marrying their dad, can she come back to live with them.

Bridget tells Steffie, no, she can't do that. One reason why is that she thinks that Brooke and Ridge will get married. She knows that they love each other. They ask her if she still thinks that Brooke will be a good mom. Bridget hesitates, exchanges looks with Stephanie, and says that she thinks she'll work very hard to be the best mom she can be! After the kids leave to get dressed for the movies, Stephanie remarks at how comfortable Bridget is with the kids and that's got her to thinking. Bridget shakes her head disapprovingly and doesn't think she wants to know what she's thinking.

Brooke tells them about going over to Deacon's and finding Macy there. She knows they are much more than just client and agent! Thorne appears to be very concerned and wonders what she's thinking. Brooke is sorry, but she really thinks their break-up sent Macy over the edge. Brooke explains that Macy's angry and she seems to trace all her problems back to this family. Amber thinks she's just out for revenge. It all makes sense to her now. Rick seems to be willing to give Macy the benefit of the doubt. The thought of her pushing Deacon to spend time with his kids for revenge seems pretty out there. But Brooke wouldn't put it past her and reminds them that Macy does hate her. Brooke hopes she's wrong, but they need to know everything that's going on so they can be prepared to fight it. Amber agrees and says she's going over their right now to check things out. Rick insists on going with her.

Deacon, Macy, and Little Eric are sitting at a table right in front of the fireplace. They've just finished dinner and Little Eric wants the dollar that his daddy promised for eating all his broccoli. But Deacon only has a $20 so Macy offers to sing him a song until he gets some change. Her wonderful lullaby puts him right to sleep and Deacon carries him upstairs to bed.

Bridget assures Stephanie that Brooke and Ridge will be back together but Stephanie vows, Not if I can help it! Bridget doesn't think she can, so she might as well just accept it. Stephanie thought Brooke had moved on. Bridget says those dates with Nick don't mean she's over Ridge. Dating Nick is easy, uncomplicated. And Nick's mother likes Brooke! Stephanie sneers, So! They're birds of a feather! Bridget asks Stephanie if she wants to see Ridge hurt. Because if Brooke ends up with Nick, he will be. Or is getting what she wants more important than Ridge's happiness? Stephanie claims that she understands what makes her son happy and it's not going to be in a relationship with Brooke! Bridget disagrees. It's what they want. Stephanie insists that her son doesn't know what he wants. The proof of the pudding is that he thought he had romantic feelings for you! Bridget wants to explain it away. 'He was confused!' But Stephanie agrees. He doesn't know whether he's up or down! Brooke doesn't help the situation. She keeps barging into his life with one crisis after another! That's how she hooked him in the first place, because he loves to be needed! Bridget reminds Stephanie that they've always been there for each other. But Stephanie disagrees. 'She's never been there for anyone, including you! And she's not going to be right kind of wife or mother for Ridge and the children! Her life is nothing but one series of dramas after another. Bridget tells her that she's wrong. Stephanie wishes that she were.

Deacon comes back downstairs and tells Macy that Little Eric is sound asleep. She asks him if he's sorry he started this. He says, no, it's great, 'And so are you. For the way you stood up against Brooke! Macy claims that this is more than about Brooke. She doesn't scare her. They sit down on the sofa and Macy makes the first move by putting her arm around Deacon. He tells her he hasn't had too many friends. She assures him that he does now. Then he leans over and starts kissing her.

As Stephanie is straightening up, she remembers that silly scene she had with Brooke, where Brooke's wearing a black teddy and a blindfold, she obviously thinks it's Ridge with her, until Stephanie pulls that boa thing too tightly around her neck. After she sees that it's Stephanie, she informs her that she and Ridge are getting back together and there's nothing she can do about it. After Bridget leaves with the kids, there's a knock at the door. It's Brooke, wanting to know where's Ridge? She really needs to talk to him. Stephanie asks, 'Why? Is there another crisis in your life?'

Macy and Deacon are still on the sofa, as Amber and Rick sneak up outside to the door, which someone conveniently left open for them. Macy tells Deacon how being there with him and his son feels like home to her. Deacon agrees that it does feel like home. Just then Little Eric comes down the stairs, calling, 'Daddy?' He couldn't sleep and asks Koo Koo if she'll sing to him again. Amber when she says, 'Omg, Macy's koo koo!' They continue to watch as Macy sings another song!

Brooke walks inside and Stephanie won't let up. 'What crisis do you expect Ridge to rescue you from now? An unexpected pregnancy? An old lover stalking you?' Stephanie implores her to stop dragging Ridge through the garbage heap that she calls her life! Brooke says that he wants to be with her. But Stephanie just thinks he wants to be needed. And God knows, she's provided enough opportunity! Brooke tells Stephanie that what she needs is for her to stay the hell out of her life! Stephanie whines, 'But what about what he needs?' Brooke insists, He needs me! Brooke reminds her that he asked her to marry him! But Stephanie reminds her that she said no! Brooke tells her that she said Not yet! Stephanie accuses her of playing hard to get. Brooke wants to know when she's going to get it through her noggin that she and Ridge love each other, and if they want to get married now, or next year, or stand on their heads in the rain, they'll do that! And there's nothing she can do to stop them.

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