B&B Thursday Update 7/17/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/17/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Hilary

Amber and Rick are playing Go Fish with Little Eric. They're puzzled, because he keeps talking about that song Koo Koo sang to him.

Macy and Deacon are waiting anxiously for the lawyer to get there. After she arrives, she suggests that they get right down to business.

Amber sings "Old MacDonald" to Little Eric. She notices that something's bothering Rick, and he tells her that he's been thinking about all that stuff Deacon said the other day. He has a really bad feeling. If they try to cut him out of Eric's life, he will fight them. They're interrupted by the door bell. It's Ridge, wondering if Brooke is home from her date yet.

Brooke and Nick have gone to his boat, and after Brooke returns from a visit to the head, she finds Nick fiddling around with his guitar. He doesn't really play in front of people, unless he's very inspired or very drunk. Brooke's thinking about what Jackie said to her - that she'd be very proud to have her in the family. Nick isn't surprised. Who wouldn't be? His mother is a very good judge of character, unlike Stephanie, from what he hears. Brooke said it surprised her, since she had never pictured herself in any other family except the Forresters. Nick suggests that maybe it's time she did.

Brooke thinks Jackie was just being nice. She's not used to getting compliments from her suitors' mothers. It meant a lot to her. Nick tells Brooke he's glad she's there. Brooke, likewise, says she enjoys being there. "Maybe it's the water," they joke. Nick takes Brooke outside on the deck and tells her a story about a pod of whales that migrated to a beach in Mexico every year. When trade improved and traffic increased, the number of whales returning got smaller and smaller. Then, one year, they didn't come at all. Brooke wonders if they died. Nick tells her, no, they finally got it--they moved on! They changed their habit, and now they're thriving somewhere else.

The lawyer, Julia, says that Macy had told her a little about the case over the phone. Deacon says, that's just it, "We don't know if we even have a case!" Deacon explains the situation with each of his children. He's never had custody of either one of them. He and Brooke were breaking up when Hope was born, and he just left the baby with her. Julia tells him it's unlikely that he could ever beat Brooke in court.

Brooke smiles at Nick. "You and your fish stories!" He swears it's true. He tells her the point is that evolution works for people, too. Look at him; he always thought he'd be a man of the sea--get his assignment, go back out, come back in--get his assignment, go back out, come back in. Not just because he loved it, but because it was familiar. It was safe. Then he had the accident, came to L.A., and met Brooke. Even though it was an accident, it changed his direction, and now he's thriving. Brooke gets it. The moral of the story is that change is good. Nick says that it was for him.

Rick tells Ridge that Brooke's not home yet, and he doesn't know when she will be. Since she drove her own car, Amber knows that Nick won't be bringing her home, so she offers to let Ridge wait there for her, but Ridge doesn't want to cause any trouble. He knows he's got a lot to work out with Brooke. Rick doesn't think it would be a good idea for him to wait.

Julia asks Deacon about the papers he signed giving up his parental rights to Little Eric. "Were they notarized?" she asked, because her assistant couldn't find any court document which prevents Deacon from seeing his son. She doesn't see why Deacon can't spend as much time with his son as he wishes. Amber and Rick have no legal control over the matter unless they go to court, but the law would be on Deacon's side. There may be a catch somewhere, but, right now, she doesn't see it. Deacon understands that to mean that he could just go get his son. Julia tells him, yes, but that could be seen as hostile. The law is on his side, in principle. Deacon says, "If there's no legal paper giving them custody, then if I want my son back, Amber and Rick have to give him back!"

After Amber takes the little Eric up to bed, Ridge tells Rick that he knows he's made some major mistakes with his mother, and he's got to own up to that. When they get back together, this time it'll be different. He's committed to her. Rick asks him, "What about Nick?" But Ridge insists that he's focused on Brooke, and doesn't seem to think that Nick's anything to worry about. He thinks Brooke is just enjoying the attention. She deserves it. He vows, "I will do right by your mother, and she knows that!" But Rick isn't so sure about Nick. "He may not be as unforgettable as you think!"

Brooke knows that Nick's hinting that a change would be good for her, also. She tells him she doesn't need any more surprises. He scoffs at the idea of her life being so predictable. She knows it wouldn't be that way with him around. He tells her, "My point, exactly!" She jokingly tells him that he's incorrigible! Then she picks up her wrap and says she's going home. It's getting late. Nick picks up his guitar and says he's very inspired! He starts strumming and asks Brooke, "What did you just say?" Brooke guesses, "It's getting late?" So Nick starts singing, "It's late in the evening/ She's wondering what clothes to wear/ She looks in the mirror, brushing her long blonde hair/And then she asks me, Do I look alright?/And I say, yes, you look wonderful tonight./ We get to the party/ And everyone turns to see, this beautiful lady that's walking along with me/And then she asks me, do you feel alright?/ And I say, Darlin', I feel wonderful tonight!" Brooke is sitting, watching, and listening, enraptured, and it's obvious by the glistening sparkle in her eyes that she loves it, too!

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