B&B Monday Update 7/14/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/14/03

By Bettye
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Though that's the last thing she wants to do, Massimo insists that he and Jackie go over to Eric and Stephanie to say hello. He's expecting their congratulations, but Eric only tells him that it's customary to wish the bride good luck, and even more appropriate in this case. Then he throws his napkin down and walks out. Jackie sets her glass down on the table and follows him.

Nick is in his favorite little bar when he looks up, and is surprised to see Bridget standing in the doorway. She makes it a point to stare at him, looking for the family resemblance. While they're talking, they start playing darts. Nick says that he and Ridge will be ok, as long as they stay out of each other's way. Bridget points out that he's not doing that. "You're both dating my mother!" she declares. Nick tells her, "Not for long!" Bridget asks if he's giving up then, but Nick tells her no.

Ridge is placing the diamond necklace around Brooke's neck. She thinks it's exquisite. He tells her that it's practical, too, because of the new ground rules--nothing below the neck. He's actually warming up to that idea, because he realized there's still some of his favorite parts up there, like the ears! He kisses her ears. "And like the neck!" he says, as he kisses her neck. Brooke reminds him not to forget the lips. He tells her to have patience, and slowly moves to her lips and starts kissing her.

Jackie follows Eric out to his car, but he refuses to talk to her. He gets in and starts up the engine, so she goes around to the passenger side and gets in. Eric asks her angrily what she's doing. She knows he has issues with Massimo, but he can really be very sweet. She appreciates Eric's concern, but.... Eric pulls the car over. "Concern? Is that what you think this is?" he asks, then grabs her unexpectedly and starts kissing her!

Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, Stephanie asks Massimo what he's doing. It's so obvious that she's crazy about him. She rushes off with another man right after he's asked her to marry him. Stephanie thinks Jackie must have caught on that he was just using her to get to Eric. He and Jackie have more than a history together, he tells her. They have a son!

Bridget asks Nick if he thinks that Ridge will just give up on her mother. Nick thinks he'll get tired of getting shot down. Bridget reminds him that she isn't saying no. They're on a date right now. She's surprised that it doesn't seem to be a problem for him. Nick tells Bridget, "But it does seem to be a problem for you!" She denies that it's a problem. She's glad they're working things out. Nick wonders if she needs that to happen before she can move on. She admits that she could use some closure. Nick advises her that she'll probably have to find that closure on her own. She asks him how he's going to handle it when they get back together.

Ridge and Brooke are still kissing. He asks, "What is it about you? I just can't get enough!" Brooke teases, "You know what they say? Always leave them wanting more!" Ridge is impressed with her confidence. She says she should have tried that years ago. "Maybe you would have, if I had let you!" he says.

Brooke tells Ridge that he's not responsible for her confidence or self-esteem, but Ridge admits that he's put her through a lot over the years. Brooke reminds Ridge that he fell in love with Taylor and raised a family. Those were the right decisions for him then. Ridge says that's not what he's talking about. "I could have let you go! I kept you hanging on. I gave you just enough to give you hope!" He claims it wasn't intentional. He's had a lot of quiet time recently, staring up at the ceiling, and giving a lot of thought to those "dances" they've always done. He's not proud of what he saw. "I didn't want to lose you, Brooke! I didn't want to lose you! It's as simple as that! The way you look at me, you always get where I'm at! And I can't imagine any man giving that up willingly! But I should have. For your sake, I should have!" He tells her that, looking at her now, radiating self-confidence, she's so beautiful. He admits that he was the one standing in her way, keeping her from achieving this. "And you'll never know how sorry I am!" he says.

Stephanie tells Massimo about how Jackie knew Nick was his son and kept it from him all these years. She doesn't think his feelings for her are real. He just sees another chance to have that all-important family! She thinks he should rethink this proposition.

Jackie tells Eric that he doesn't understand. She's loved Massimo all her life. There's a side of him that no one else sees! Jackie doesn't want to change him. All she wants is to make him happy and give him a family, something he's never had. She thinks, at least, that Eric could pity him. He tells her the only one he pities is her.

When Jackie walks into Massimo's apartment, he seems very angry with her. She tries to explain, but then realizes that he's just pulling her leg. He's not angry at all, because the most wonderful woman in the world has agreed to be his wife.

After their strenuous game of darts, Nick sets a couple of beers down on the table for him and Bridget. She can't drink hers without a glass, though. She claims that she's worried about her mother. She's been in love with Ridge since before she was born, and now she has him--or at least she could! They could get married and live happily ever after. But Nick doesn't think they would, and tells her, neither does she. She wonders if this is just sibling rivalry. If he's not serious, he should just let her go. Nick asks, "What if I'm very serious?" She advises him to just walk away. He doesn't know what he's dealing with. She tells Nick exactly where they are right now, in the private dining room at the country club, where they have so many memories. But, much to Bridget's dismay, that doesn't bother Nick at all. Those memories are just the ghost of relationships past--ll that's over! "Brooke's had a taste of the salt air, and I think she likes it!" he states.

Brooke's not angry, but sad. They weren't always good for each other. Ridge says they've been talking about growing from their mistakes. And he promises, "If I was ever lucky enough to have a second chance, it would be so different!" Brooke knows he believes that, but she's not sure. How can she be? Ridge can answer that. He tells her to look into his eyes. "Look at how I look at you! I am dazzled by the woman you've become. She's the one I don't want to lose. I'll do whatever it takes! I'll change to keep you feeling this way! Let me show you how different it can be!" Brooke walks away. She says it's so easy to fall back into the same old pattern. But Ridge promises that he's not going to let her. He knows they can make this work! He begs for a chance to keep on surprising her. He says that 100% of his heart is what she'll have. "I mean that! I mean every word of it!" He pulls Brooke to him in a hug.

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