B&B Thursday Update 7/10/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/10/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Hilary

Brooke is up in her bedroom talking to Bridget while she's getting ready for a date. She has told her that Nick and Ridge are brothers. "It's going to take everyone a while to get used to this, but Nick's handling it ok," she states. Bridget seems surprised that Brooke has talked to Nick about this. She asks her if they've gotten close. Brooke admits that Nick is a very intriguing man. Bridget asks, "What are you doing?" When Brooke doesn't answer, she repeats, "Mom? What's going on between you and Nick?"

Seeing Massimo spying at her through the window has spoiled the mood, so Jackie pushes Eric away and says she's not ready for this. Eric understands completely. After all, she just got out of the hospital. He'll take care of her. "I'm yours for the day!" he says.

Ridge calls the children in because he has something important to tell them. They know how some of the kids at school have more than one dad or mom, because of divorce, or death. Well, sometimes there are other reasons. He just found out recently that he has another dad, a biological dad. It's someone he already knows, and they do, too. It's Massimo! Grandpa Eric will still be their Grandpa, just like Grandpa Jack, but now they'll have another Grandpa. He could change his name if he wanted to, but he doesn't have to. Thomas wants to know, "What are you really, a Forrester or a Marone?" Ridge tells him, in truth, he's a little of both!

Jackie insists that she's fine, and thinks she'll just sleep for the rest of the day. He's very sweet, but he doesn't need to stay. He tells her to call him on his cell phone if she needs him. Jackie thanks Eric for his kindness and tells him that he's a very special man. When he starts to kiss her again, he notices that she's unreceptive, and kisses her on the cheek, instead. As soon as Eric's out the door, she hops up to get dressed.

Ridge walks back into the living room, all dressed up in his tux. Thomas is sitting on the sofa by himself, and he has a few more questions about what Ridge told him. Ridge tells him that, yes, everyone else in the family pretty much knows. In fact, Bridget knew before he did, and she promised Massimo that she wouldn't tell him. Thomas wants to know if that's why she hasn't been coming over. Did they have a fight because she didn't tell him? Ridge tells him that's not it. Thomas knows she's not his real auntie. "Is that why she's not coming over?" he asks. "Doesn't she care about us anymore?"

Brooke tells Bridget that she's just been helping Nick. Bridget ask her, "So you're just friends? Mom?" Brooke admits that they've been out a few times. Bridget asks, "So you're dating?" Brooke says that they enjoy each other's company. "Is it romantic?" Bridget asks. Brooke admits that they've kissed. Bridget assumes that they're going out tonight, and is surprised when Brooke tells her that she's going out with Ridge. She throws up her arms in exasperation. "What? You're going out with both of them?" Brooke tells her it's not a secret. Both of them know what's going on. "But I don't!" Bridget states. She thought she would have worked things out with Ridge by now. Brooke tells her she's exploring all her options. Bridget reminds her that she's still in love with Ridge. Brooke admits that she is, but she's also spent some very nice time with Nick. They're getting to know each other, without all that baggage. He's been a breath of fresh air, and she can't tell her how good that feels. It's not serious. She's not going to jump into anything with either one of them. Bridget guesses that's good for her, but what about the children? Has she stopped to consider how confusing this is for them? Bridget tells Brooke that this is her time. She and Ridge should be moving forward. "And now she's got the gall to say that she's not even sure that's what she wants?" Bridget thinks.

Even though they're not related by blood, that doesn't mean she's going to stop loving him, Ridge explains to Thomas. The same thing goes with Grandpa Eric and Uncle Rick. Your family's your family, no matter what! You can be family even if you're not biologically related. He reminds Thomas of Tarzan. He wasn't related to any of them. But Thomas points out that they were all animals! Bridget's not a monkey! Ridge says, "Really? You could've fooled me!" Then he asks, what about him, dressed in his monkey suit? They both get a laugh and Ridge tells him, seriously, that he shouldn't worry about who's related to who.

Brooke tells Bridget that she doesn't want to jump into a relationship and hope for the best, like she usually does. Bridget reminds her that this is Ridge they're talking about. Brooke wants to do the right thing. "But you're seeing another man!" states Bridget. Brooke says, "This is not about Nick or Ridge. This is about me, and what I want, and what I need to make me feel secure!" "This is gonna affect the children's security too! They proposed to you! They thought you were gonna marry their father!" blasts Bridget. But Brooke just wants to be sure. Bridget thought she was sure! She turns around, frustrated. She just doesn't get this. What was the point of all they just went through, if it wasn't so that she and Ridge could be together? Brooke tells Bridget she wants to do what's right for everyone. She thought she, of all people, could appreciate that. Bridget insists that she does. Then Brooke wants to know why she's so upset. Bridget doesn't answer.

Jackie surprises Massimo at his office. She wanted to explain. He must be so hurt, seeing her with another man. He reminds he that he's married! Jackie tries to explain, "It's not what you think." But Massimo interrupts her. He doesn't want to hear it. He let himself be robbed of a life with her one time, and he'll be damned if he'll let it happen again!

Bridget tells Brooke that no one wants her to do anything she's not ready for. Brooke insists that she won't! But Bridget tells her, "Ridge is ready and he wants to move forward! I can't believe you're doing this!" Brooke insists that she's not doing that, but admits that it's nice being pursued for once. She knows that Bridget doesn't approve. Bridget claims that it's none of her business, but Brooke wonders if it's Ridge she's worried about, or herself. Bridget claims that she doesn't want to see either one of them hurt. She quickly says she needs to go before Ridge gets there. Bridget walks out into the hall, but she's too late, as she she meets Ridge on his way to Brooke's bedroom door. She mentions she knows that Nick is his brother. Ridge thinks they have nothing in common, but before Brooke comes out, Bridget hints that they may have more in common than he thinks. When Brooke appears in the doorway, Ridge walks over and takes Brooke's hands, and tells her that she looks absolutely delicious! They kiss a quick hello and Brooke tells him, "So do you!"

Massimo tells Jackie that he won't share her with any other man. She says she wouldn't ask him to. He tells her that she's not going to spend another night with that man! But that's where she lives, she says. He says, "Not anymore!" Jackie remarks that he's jealous. He says that he's in love. Now he knows what he's been waiting for. He came out to the house today to propose to her! He sits her down, gets down on his knees, and says, "Jaqueline Payne, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" He opens a ring box to reveal a beautiful, large, and, obviously very expensive diamond ring! Jackie seems taken completely by surprise, although she looks pleased, and doesn't say anything.

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