B&B Wednesday Update 7/9/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  7/9/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Hilary

Brooke is with Nick on his boat, trying to explain why she walked out on him. She told him that she ran away because she was scared, and she didn't want to face her feelings for him. Nick knows that she needed someone uncomplicated, and he so badly wanted to be that for her. Brooke's knows, and she's sorry. She wants to know how she can make it up to him. He tells her that she already has.

Jackie is telling Eric about her past relationship with Massimo, and that he's Nick's father. Eric says that he just can't seem to scrape that man off his shoes!

Massimo is talking to Ridge about Jackie. He's smiling and in a very good mood, because he thinks that, after all these years, he and Jackie will finally have a happy ending.

Macy is talking to Sally about some drawings that Little Eric made while he was visiting with Deacon. Evidently, Deacon has miraculously already moved into his new house. Sally is surprised that he left so early to take his son home, but Macy tells her that if he's late getting him home, Amber and Rick may not allow him another visit. She thinks that they just won't give the poor guy a break!

Deacon is on the side of the road changing a flat tire, while, at the same time, Amber and Rick are anxious and nervous because Deacon's already 30 minutes late.

Massimo tells Ridge that he allowed Jackie's husband to rob them of a lifetime together. He'll not be completely satisfied until he makes it up to her.

Jackie defends Massimo. She says that it wasn't his fault. Her husband tricked him. Eric thinks that he took advantage of her. He was powerful enough then that he could have found out about the baby. If he had wanted to be a part of her life, he would have been.

Nick tells Brooke that he didn't know if he would ever see her again. Brooke promises that she's not going anywhere. Nick says, "Good!" One day he's going to learn to listen to his mother. Brooke is surprised. "You talked to your mother about me?" she asks. When Nick tells Brooke that she's a big fan, Brooke says that she likes her, too. Nick is glad that he's got that going for him. He understands that Brooke and Ridge's mom are not exactly chummy! But she and his mom have a lot in common. He means that as a compliment. Brooke tells him that most men talk about their mothers when they're thinking of proposing. Nick shocks Brooke when he takes her hands and says softly, I am! But then he explains himself. He proposes that they completely forget about the last 24 hours. Brooke agrees!

Rick answers the doorbell and demands to know why Deacon is late. He tries to explain that he had a flat tire. Even though it seemed pretty evident by his dirty shirt that he was working on his car, Rick seems to not believe him. They thought they could trust him, but have obviously made a mistake ... one they won't be making again.

Macy is smiling and looking adoringly at some of the pictures Deacon took of Little Eric.

Deacon tries to plead his case, but it doesn't matter that Deacon has a legitimate excuse for being late. He tells them that they're not going to keep him away from his son and warns them to be ready.

Massimo says his sons grew up without him and he's not going to let that happen again. He doesn't want that to happen to his grandchildren, either. Ridge insists that they already love him, but Massimo wants to keep his family together. He doesn't want to miss anything else. They should know who he is. He doesn't want to take anything away from them, or from Eric. Ridge should tell them the truth before they hear it from anyone else.

Jackie tells Eric that he's wrong about Massimo. All he wants is a family. Eric knows that's not all he wants. If he senses any vulnerability in her at all, he'll exploit it to get the one thing he wants more than anything in this world--a family, a family he hasn't earned. Eric tells Jackie that she doesn't have to settle for that. He pulls her face toward him and tells her that she can do so much better. Then he reaches over and kisses her.

Brooke looks out the window and tells Nick she'll hate to see it go--his boat , the Shady Marlin! Surely, now that he's a Marone, he'll be upgrading to something newer and better. However, Nick is not planning to do any such thing. He says that he gets attached to things. When Brooke points out that he hasn't had her for that long, Nick says that he can recognize quality when he sees it. She can be a little temperamental, stubborn, but she always manages to come through in the end. She's got an engine that purrs like a kitten, and a hull that's as sleek as they come. Even though Nick started out talking about his boat, he now seems to have been talking about Brooke! He comes up close behind her and says over her shoulder that it's a good fit. When something feels right in life, you just don't get rid of it. Brooke turns around and they're facing each other. Nick says, "I'm going to have this baby for a long time!" Then they start kissing.

Deacon angrily tells Macy what happened. He was late and now he can't see his son! He grabs the phone book to look up a lawyer, but Macy tells him if they're going to do this, they're going to get the best. She knows someone who'll give her a referral.

Jackie and Eric are still kissing. When they break part, she tells him that was lovely. He tells her that he's very attracted to her. She finds that a very appealing quality in a man. They both laugh and then start kissing again. Massimo walks up to the door and is horrified to see what's going on inside. Jackie happens to look up to see him standing there, shaking his head.

Brooke and Nick have broken apart, but then they start kissing again. Nick tells her that she should get back to the office. Their lips are just inches apart and Brooke agrees that, yes, she should. It's just that when someone kisses her like that ... Nick knows and says, "Let's try to do this right, huh?" His whole life has been one journey, and he doesn't want to miss one stop along the way. He pulls Brooke sharply to him, causing her to gasp, and asks her if she's up for the ride. Brooke answers softly, "Aye, aye, Captain!"

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