B&B Tuesday Update 7/1/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/1/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

A confused Nick asks Massimo, excuse me? What did you just tell me? Massimo says he's telling him the truth! You're my son That's why your mother gave you that ring. He tells him they were involved, even though she was married.

Dr. Brower is filling Bridget in on Jackie's condition. She's sorry she doesn't have better news. Brooke sees Bridget and asks if she can see Jackie. Bridget looks around to make sure no one is watching her, because, after all, she's not supposed to do this, and then reveals Jackie's room number to Brooke. Just as Brooke leaves, Ridge gets off the elevator. He eyes Bridget and greets her. Hey there! It seems to be an awkward moment for both of them.

Nick doesn't believe Massimo and wants to know what kind of game he's playing. He tells him to go build his dynasty with someone else! He ain't buying it!

Ridge admits to Bridget that he's there to see Brooke. He was hoping he would get there before she went in to see Jackie. He says that Brooke's on a mission of mercy for Nick! When Bridget gives him a smirky look, he asks her if that's an, Am I jealous look? Bridget assures him that he has every right to be. But he's not so sure. He can't blame her for getting involved with someone else. But Bridget doesn't think she's involved, but just taking another vacation from him. But if there is something to this, then what? Ridge says he'll do the only thing he can do, fight like hell to get her back!

Brooke is talking to Jackie, telling her what a wonderful man Nick is, how proud she must be, how much he loves her. Suddenly, her hand twitches and her eyes flutter open and then closed again.

Nick is certain that his mother would have told him if he was his kid. Massimo explains that she didn't even tell him until tonight. When he left Seattle he didn't even know she was pregnant. Nick insists that his mother does not have affairs, but Massimo claims that it wasn't an affair. They loved each other. When he starts giving Nick the true picture of the man he thought was his father, Nick gets angry and doesn't believe him. He believes they had a happy marriage, but Massimo tells him that's just what Jackie wanted him to believe. He tells Nick that he has copies of the blackmail transaction that he could show him. But Nick still doesn't believe him and thinks all that could have been manufactured. He talks about that fateful phone call. He thought he was doing what Jackie wanted. And for all these years, she thought he had just walked away without even a backward glance. She had been waiting to hear from him, while he had been miles away, aching for her. He should have never agreed. He didn't give a damn about her marriage. She belong to me! Massimo points out to Nick how much they're alike, their temper, their love of adventure, and their love of the sea. Nick admits that his mother was the one who talked to him about the sea, and about him. Massimo says that, in her own way, she wanted him to know about his real father. The news finally sinks in. Nick looks at Massimo and says, My father! My father!


Nick tells his new daddy how he and his mother would go down to the port and watch the ships and tankers coming in, hoping to see one of his. Jackie had kept a scrapbook with all the articles written about him. He thought he was a great man. Massimo makes the statement that he was so complete, and yet so empty at the same time! But Nick thinks that is something else they had in common. Massimo says they've both been searching for something for a long time. Nick asks. You really are my father, aren't you? My son! As they hug, Massimo promises his son that he'll never leave him again!

Bridget hopes that Brooke won't keep Ridge waiting too long. She tells him she's got to get back to work and starts to walk away, but he reaches out to grab her arm and asks if she can take a seat. After all, he hasn't seen her in so long. She tells him, just the usual, working and studying. He'll tell the kids, they've been asking for her. She's sorry she hasn't been by to see them, but right now, she thinks it's best if she keeps her distance. Just then, Brooke walks up and sees them sitting together. She hangs back, watching them, wondering about them. Bridget says that he and Brooke already have enough to get past and she doesn't want her to get the wrong idea. Ridge tells her that she's still quite an amazing woman. Bridget says, bashfully, I try! Bridget gets tearful and says that, after looking back over the last couple of months, she doesn't even recognize herself. She doesn't know whether to be embarrassed or ashamed. He reaches out, touches her neck, and says sincerely, how about forgiveness? As Brooke is watching him caress her neck, and then her putting her hand over his, she decides not to interrupt them. Bridget tells Ridge just to be happy, he and Brooke and the kids. Ridge tells her that he's working on it. As Brooke walks away, she's obviously wondering if Ridge and Bridget are still seeing each other!

Nick is enjoying his hug from his daddy so much, he doesn't want to let go! Daddy tells him that he'll never have to. Nick wishes his mother could be there for this. Massimo admits that he's just as scared as he is. Just then, Brooke calls and gives them the good news, Jackie may be coming around! Nick is overwhelmed with relief and tells Brooke that he'll be there as soon as he can. Massimo is overjoyed. Thank God! We can be a family now! All our years of searching are over!

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