B&B Thursday Update 6/26/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/26/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Hilary

Dr. Brower is talking to Bridget about her career. She tells her that would be fine if she wanted to spend her life working in the lab, but she wants to deal with people. Just then, someone informs Dr. Brower that Massimo Marone's jet has just crash landed. Bridget looks extremely worried.

Deacon is at home shaving, when there's knock at his door. It's Macy. She sees that he's not ready and tells him to take his time. He suggests that she can look at the pictures he took of Hope's visit while she waits. He thanks Macy. Because of her, his kids are going to get to know their daddy.

Eric and Nick arrive back at the beach house. Nick is surprised that Jackie is not there. While Nick munches on peanuts, he tells Eric one of his childhood tales of how Jackie ran his boy scout troop. Eric tells Nick that he's going to turn in, but he's welcome to wait there for his mother.

Massimo is brought in on a stretcher, with Dr. Mark, among others, hovering around him. He demands that they forget about him. "Just take care of her!" An unconcious Jackie is on another stretcher right behind him. As the paramedics are discussing her injuries, she manages to mumble, "Nickie?" They take her into surgery, and Bridget rushes over to ask Massimo if he's alright.

Deacon is thinking about taking his son to the circus, and invites Macy to go with them. She says the circus is not really her thing, but the truth is, she didn't realize how she would feel when she held a baby. She's glad if she was able to play a part in his getting to see Hope, but maybe he should take it on his own from here. Deacon's sorry, and doesn't want to make her feel uncomfortable. He says that maybe they should go if they're going to meet the realtor. Before they can leave, there's another knock at the door. When they find out that it's Brooke, Macy knows it's not a good idea for Brooke to see her there. She runs into the bedroom to hide

A very concerned Bridget is leaning over Massimo and rubbing his arms. He tells her he thinks the co-pilot died. He's worried that Jackie could die. Bridget reassures him and tells him that Dr. Brower is the best! She asks him if he called Nick. No, he didn't. "Ohhh, if I killed his mother!" Bridget tells him that he didn't, but she has to call him. She walks out into the hall, takes out her cell phone, and calls Nick on his cell phone. She tells Nick that his mother's been in a plane crash and is in surgery. Before she can even finish talking, Nick's already rushed out the door, not even bothering to close it.

As Macy is on the other side of the door eavesdropping, Brooke tells Deacon how scared she was the whole time he had Hope. She says that's it; he can't see her again.

Bridget tries to reassure Massimo that the doctors are doing everything they can. Massimo tells her, "You don't understand, she's ..." Bridget knows. She's Nick's mother and she must mean a lot to him. "How long has this been going on?" Nick comes rushing in. "Where's my mother?" Then, he notices Massimo. "What the hell are you doing here?" Bridget explains that it was his jet that went down. Nick wants to know what she was doing on the Marone jet. Massimo asks, "She didn't tell you?" Nick is confused. "Tell me what? What the hell is going on here?" Just then, Dr. Brower comes out and says that Jackie is in recovery. She's very hopeful. They removed her spleen and she's now stabilized, but she's still concerned about organ failure and about her brain function. Nick asks to see her before they take her for a cat scan. After he leaves, Bridget remarks that it's sad. She doesn't think he has any other family. As they walk away, Massimo says to himself, "You do. My son!"

Brooke tells Deacon that he made a sacrifice for the kids, and that's the best thing for them. Hope's the most important thing in her life, and she'd do anything to protect her. As she says this, Macy is rolling her eyes as if to say, "Yeah, right!" Brooke tells Deacon not to fight her. She hopes he cares enough about his daughter not to put her through this. After Brooke storms out, Macy emerges from her hiding place and says, "I can't believe this! Who the hell does she think she is?" She encourages Deacon not to let her get away with this and to keep fighting. Then, she gives him a hug.

Nick watches his mother, motionless on the bed. She looks awful! Nick sits down by her bed and holds her hand up to his face. He tells her that he shaved. He can't wait for her to see for herself. He's the one who usually does the crazy things. She must have been so scared. Just then, Massimo quietly opens the door and stands there, watching. Nick tells her that she doesn't have to be scared anymore, because he's there, and she's safe. He's not going anywhere. She's finally getting what she wants, more time with him. He wants it too. Then, he starts breaking up as he orders her, "So don't you go anywhere!" He starts sobbing. "'Cause you're all I've got! You're all I've got!"

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