B&B Wednesday Update 6/25/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  6/25/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Hilary

Ridge is stretched out on a chaise lounge. Brooke asks him if he wants to talk about it. He pretends he doesn't know what she's talking about. "What? Talk about what?" Brooke tells him, "The kiss!" Ridge asks, "What? You and Popeye? You think that was a problem for me?" Brooke says that she wasn't sure. Ridge tells her that it's not a problem, not at all. Brooke says she's glad. He tells her she has a right to see whomever she wants. After all, they're not married. They're not even engaged. He thinks she needs this time. It's good that they're waiting until she's ready to commit. As Ridge is getting something to drink, he asks, "How much longer do you think that would be?" Brooke can't help but smile. He doesn't want her to think he's pressuring her or anything. He tells her to take her time and date! Brooke tells him that it's not really about dating. He thinks dating might even be good for her. Maybe he'll do that, too. Brooke surprises him when she says, "Sure! I don't see why not!" Ridge obviously was just trying to get a rise out of Brooke. He sits beside her and says, "Come on! You know you hate this!" Brooke starts to tell him that it's not really her place, but Ridge interrupts her and says that it is her place! She's the woman he's supposed to be with. Brooke points out, "We've both never been sure about that at the same time, have we? It's so sad!"


Jackie is very excited to be taking her first flight on a corporate jet. She's not usually this spontaneous. Massimo disagrees and tells her that's not what he remembers. She tells him that marrying a man she barely knew was not spontaneous. He asks her why she decided to stay with him since she was so unhappy. She doesn't understand why he's bringing up the past. He asks her, "Jackie, why didn't you come to me?" He tells her that she knew how he felt about her, but all Jackie knew is that he never contacted her. Massimo insists that's because she didn't want him to. Then, it comes out that her husband somehow found out about their affair and called Massimo. He lied and told him that Jackie had confessed. She wanted to save their marriage and didn't want anything else to do with Massimo. She never had any idea that he knew, but that must have been why he was so angry. He was punishing her. Massimo asks her why she didn't leave him. She says that she didn't have anywhere to go, but Massimo says she could have come to him. Jackie tearfully tells him that if she had known he wanted her, she would have.

Ridge tells Brooke, "I'm not going to let you do this!" When Brooke asks him, "What?" he says, "Rewrite our whole history!" He reminds her that they did have some good times. This could be one of them, if she'd just stop being so stubborn! He realizes that she has a legitimate reason to be upset with him. Brooke's glad he understands that and assumes that he's going to give her time and space to work through that. He is, but in the meantime, he wags his finger at Brooke and tells her, "Don't! Don't just sit there in that cute little bikini and act like you don't know what you're doing to me! You're driving me crazy, Logan!" Brooke crosses her legs, and with a well-deserved look of satisfaction, tells him, "Good!"

Nick and Eric are having a beer together. Nick talks about what a hard life Jackie had, raising him alone, with no husband. Eric is amazed that she's not bitter and angry. Nick tells him that's not her way. She's such a positive person that some people take advantage of her. He insinuates that's what he thinks Eric is doing.

Massimo thought he was doing what Jackie wanted. She tells him how desperate she was to hear from him. She knows her husband didn't do it out of love, but out of pure revenge. He just wanted to keep them apart. Massimo informs her that he wanted more than that. He blackmailed him -- $100,000 to keep quiet! He paid it, not because he cared about the publicity, but because he cared about her. Why did he believe him? Jackie reminds him that it was because he'd gone through this before, when Stephanie chose Eric over him. If only --! They could have been together, raising a family. He knows she wanted that. So much so, that she raised her boy to think of him as a role model. Then he starts to get a clue! "Even ... even giving him my family ring!" Then, he grabs Jackie and turns her around to face him. "Jaqueline?" Just then, the co-pilot rushes in and interrupts them. They have to turn back to L.A. They've dumped fuel and need to make an emergency landing. He orders them to buckle up tightly, remove any sharp objects, and take off their shoes.

Eric and Nick are shooting a game of pool. Eric says that he and Jackie are just roommates. He thinks she's a remarkable woman. He doesn't know where they're headed, if anywhere, but he'll never forget her kindness toward him on the night he needed it the most. He understands Nick's concern, but he should be more concerned about Marone. Eric tells Nick that he's manipulative, and that Jackie saw right through him. Nick asks, "What are you talking about?" Eric asks him, "Your mother didn't tell you ... how he wanted to set you up with Brooke and how he tried to charm your mother into helping him?" Nick is shocked. "My mother?" He doesn't think so. After all, she's never met Marone!

Jackie and Massimo are buckled up and look terrified. There's been an electrical malfunction and they're going to have to do a belly landing, but emergency personnel will be waiting. Massimo asks her again, "You gave him my ring! Why?" She tells him, "You know why!" Massimo does know. "He's my son, isn't he?" Jackie screams, "Yes!" Just then, the pilot yells for them to brace! Jackie puts her head down on her lap and starts screaming.

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