B&B Friday Update 6/20/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/20/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Macy is back today. She's gone out and bought all this baby stuff for Hope, including something used to warm breast milk. When Deacon asks where he's supposed to get any, she tells him that Brooke will need to pump him some. But Deacon doesn't think she's doing that anymore! No matter, she got formula too. Deacon is very impressed. None of this would be possible without her. She points out, that in case he hasn't noticed, she cares about him. Deacon smiles and tells her that he noticed! She tells him that the Forresters don't have any right to keep him away from his children. He says they've got respectability, money, power, but Macy tells him that he's got the most important thing - blood! She encourages, insists, that he call the Forresters and say that he's on his way. But Deacon thinks that his son is out of town somewhere with Amber and Rick. So she tells him to call Brooke and tell her that he's on his way to pick up Hope. Evidently the plan is for him to bring Hope back there, to Sally's apartment!

Brooke, with her hair in a ponytail, wearing a low-cut tank top and black stretchy pants, answers the phone. Deacon pleads with her to see Hope. He wants to get to know his daughter. After much persuading, Brooke reluctantly agrees and tells him to come on over. Nick gets there and is ready to go on that run. Brooke tells him she can't go. She's got a problem, with Deacon Sharpe. Nick remembers him. He met him the day she was supposed to get married. She says that they share a history. Nick thinks she sounds ominous. 'Tell me about it!' Brooke tells him that he was married to Bridget. Nick guesses that makes her the big 'bad' mother-in-law! Brooke admits that, yes, she was bad! Then she explains that Deacon is Hope's father!

Brooke says that it was a low point in her life and she thought their marriage was over, not that that's any excuse. Nick tells her she doesn't have to make any excuses to him! She asks, 'You must think I'm ' Nick finishes, 'A walking soap opera?' Nick says they all are in some way. Brooke asks, 'You're not completely turned off?' Nick jokingly answers, 'Not completely!' He tells her that the thing about mistakes is that sometimes you have to learn to live with them. Nick doesn't think that Deacon seemed so bad. Brooke fills him in on his history of violence, his drinking problem, and his failure to hold a job. She does think that he loves Hope, but he's never spent a moment alone with her. Nick thinks that maybe it's time then. Every child needs a father. Just then, the nanny brings Hope downstairs to say goodbye. She's getting ready to take her to the park. Brook thinks that's a good idea and tries to help them out the door before Deacon arrives. But he gets there just as they're leaving.

Sally walks in and wants to know what Deacon Sharpe was doing there. Macy says they're friends. They met at an AA meeting. Sally is worried that a man like Deacon might try to take advantage of her. But Macy insists that Sally doesn't know him like she does! Sally notices all the baby stuff and wants to know what is all this? Macy tells her that Deacon has a little girl and she suggested that he could bring her there. He's gone to Brooke's to get her now. Sally then realizes that Deacon is Hope's father! Macy explains that Brooke's destroyed one daughter's life, Now she's trying to destroy another's! Not to mention Deacon's! She's Not going to let that happen!

Sally's only concern is whether Macy is ready to be around a baby. After all, this is Brooke's baby! It makes her want to scream when she thinks about what that woman has already taken from her! Macy laments, 'Before she took Thorne from me, I could still get pregnant. If she hadn't done that, we would have started a family, and I would have children now!' Sally doesn't think this is good for her. She should concentrate on herself now. 'I have to! I'm not gonna let Brooke take away from Deacon everything that she's taken away from me!'

Deacon picks up Hope out of the stroller and seems genuinely thrilled to see her. Brooke is worried but he promises her that she'll be ok and that he'll take good care of her. He notices Nick and makes a crack about how they both found razors. He says, 'I didn't know you two ?' Nick says, 'We're not!' Brooke says, not that it's any of his business. She wonders if he's just trying to worm his way back into her life. He insists that his worming days are over. He knows that ship has sailed! All he wants now is time with his daughter. He's already missed so much. Brooke tells him to be back in two hours! After he walks away with Hope, Brooke is clearly distressed, wondering if she did the right thing.

Macy is sitting on the sofa surrounded by all the stuffed animals. She's caressing one in her lap while listening to 'Hush little darlin'.

When Deacon gets there with Hope, Mace is breathlessly happy and seems to be completely enthralled with precious Hope. She offers to leave and let the two of them be alone, but is happy that Deacon asks her to stay.

Nick knows that Brooke is stressed out right now and nothing is better for stress than exercise. He asks her if she wants to run. She doesn't think anything can help her now. Nick hopes she's starting to trust him, and leads her over to a chair. He takes off her shoes and socks and starts massaging her feet. Brooke obviously likes what he's doing. She tells him, 'You're really good!' He quips, 'That's what they tell me!' He learned this in China - reflexology - a way of relieving stress. Every organ in your body is connected to a pressure point in your foot. This one's connected to your liver, this one's connected to your spleen, this one to your spleen, and this one is connected to your heart!

Back at Sally's apartment, Macy is sitting beside Deacon and Hope on the sofa. He offers to let her hold Hope and she eagerly takes him up on it.

Brooke can't concentrate. All she can think of is Hope. What if something happens to her? Nick assures her that she's in very good hands!

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