B&B Thursday Update 6/19/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/19/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge has somehow managed to sneak by Megan and is getting ready to open the door to Brooke's office. Megan stops him and jokes that part of her job is to keep certain people out of Brooke's office. Ridge admits that he deserves that and says that he's here to make amends. Megan thinks it may be too late. Brooke went on a date last night. Ridge knows, "Pain (Payne?) in the butt." Megan puts her hand over Ridge's mouth to shut him up. Ridge asks, "Is Payne in there now?" Megan says, as a matter of fact, Payne is in there now!

Inside Brooke's office, she is meeting with Payne, but it's Jackie and not Nick. It's so nice to finally meet. Lauren has sung both their praises. Brooke admits that she heard about her run-in with Amber, some kind of personality clash! That's why she invited her here, to make sure they didn't chase off a potential client. Jackie says, "Potential? No! We are officially in business!" Then she hands over some orders for the Ambrosia line for all their West Coast stores. She tells Brooke to please call her Jackie. Anyone that knows what someone had for dinner the night before. Brooke asks, "How would you know? Are you Nick's sister?" Jackie laughs, pleased, and tells Brooke that they're going to get along famously!

Nicky is getting himself a cup of coffee to go at the Insomnia, when he spots Bridget sitting at a table studying. She teases him about being in a 'designer' coffee house and tells him he'd better not let his sailor buddies find out. He warns her, if they do, he'll know who to blame, and that she'll end up back in the hospital. Yes, he knows about that and he knows why she was there. But it's over now. Ridge came to her in the hospital and ended it. She says that Ridge didn't want her to get hurt again. "Or anyone else!" She hasn't seen him since. Nick almost chokes on his coffee when she says, "He's probably pretty busy with my Mom!" She's sure they're back together by now. Nick wonders, "Hmmmm, why would she go out on a date with me?"

Deacon's lying dejectedly on his bed playing with his sweaterless monkey, when Macy knocks at his door. He yells that there's nobody here, but Macy invites herself right in through his unlocked door.

Ridge asks where Nick took Brooke, to the Cafe Russe? When Megan tells him, no, to Las Olas, Ridge makes a crack about him being a big spender. Brooke's not the type to go slumming. What did he do for an encore, take her to a sleazy dive to do shooters? Megan tells Ridge about their sail through the marina. Ridge sneers, "Yeah, in his tin can?" Megan informs him that it was in a dinghy and that Brooke loved it. It made her feel like a teenager again. Ridge says that Nick obviously doesn't have a clue how to romance a woman. Megan tells him not to be too sure about that. Ridge adds in, "She hates beards!" Megan gives him the news that he shaved for her. Ridge says, "How sweet! And she fell for that?" He can't take it any longer, so he suddenly barges into Brooke's office, and then feels very foolish when he sees, not Nick, but Jackie!

Deacon tells her about what happened with Jonathan. He insists that he's not who they think he is. The reason why he got his son the monkey/gorilla is because he said once that's his favorite animal, because they're big and strong and nobody pushes them around. Deacon thinks he's screwed!

Nick teases Bridget about his date with Brooke and says that he swept her off her feet. At one point, her feet didn't even touch the ground. Bridget guesses that he means he took her for a boat ride. He admits that he was just being literal about her feet not touching the ground. But he did charm the pants off her. Bridget begs him to tell her that he's not being literal about that! She points her finger at Nick and says, "This is what she does! She takes some poor guy and just strings him along. " Nick knows, until Ridge comes crawling back. He knows all about it. But he doesn't mind at all being a stringee. Actually, he's looking forward to it.

Brooke apologizes to Jackie and tells her that it won't happen again. Jackie is looking forward to them spending a lot of time together. Before she leaves, she tells Ridge, "And you young man! I'm going to have to speak to your father about your manners!" Brooke tells Ridge she's interested in hearing his story. And he'd better start by getting down on his hands and knees and apologizing for barging in there.

Bridget seems to be trying to convince Nick that he has no future with Brooke, but he claims he's optimistic. Bridget calls him delusional. He wants to know, "Why? Because I don't see Ridge as some big prize?" Bridget insists that her Mom believes that. But Nick thinks he's damaged his image this time. Bridget says that she'll forgive him. She always does! Nick says that there's one difference this time. "I'm in the picture!"

Brooke doesn't really want Ridge on his hands and knees. He asks if he can still apologize. Brooke tells him, not that it's going to do any good. Ridge tries to justify his behavior by telling her he thought she was in there with Payne! Brooke tells him he can't just barge into her office like he has some kind of proprietary right! But poor Ridge can't help it! The thought of her and Popeye makes him a little nauseous! He tells Brooke, "Ok! You've won! You've got everything you wanted!" He can't believe that she's not getting a little satisfaction out of driving him crazy! Brooke tells him matter-of-factly that the date was not about him! They had a good time! That's all he needs to know. But that's not enough for him. He wants to know how good of a time? Brooke tells him that they didn't spend the night together, if that's what he's worried about. And she didn't suddenly find her soulmate! They had fun! They danced, and talked, told stories, ate and drank. Ridge says, "We've done that!" Brooke knows they have. But they've always had to pay the price. Fighting with Stephanie or Massimo, or finding out there's another girl in the picture. It was very nice going out with a man and not having to deal with all that history! She remembers how it used to be with them when they were younger, how she used to feel such a rush. They had their whole lives ahead of them. Anything was possible. That's what she wants. That's what she deserves! Ridge knows they can't go back to square one, but that shouldn't prevent them from finding that freedom again. Brooke says it was hard enough with Caroline, and it was even harder with Taylor! "But how am I supposed to find that freedom with you after everything that happened with Bridget?" Ridge can't say anything. He looks down and then turns away from Brooke. She remembers a time at Big Bear, long ago, when they first started seeing each other. They were sitting by the fire, and the way he looked at her, she felt enveloped in his arms. Then he promised her that nothing would ever hurt her again. Then Brooke tears up. "Now how do I look in your eyes and believe anything that you have to say? How? Please tell me how?" Ridge turns around to look at Brooke.

Deacon doesn't know what he can do. He doesn't have the resources to hire someone like Johnny Cocheran! But Macy thinks that with all the publicity this would bring, he wouldn't have any trouble finding someone to represent him. He knows that he'll have to be able to prove himself to be a good role model. How will he do that with one client? Macy tells him to make that two! That is, if he's willing to represent her. Deacon is SO very grateful.

Ridge say. "You're right! I didn't keep my promise!" He didn't protect her like he said he would. He could give her all the reasons in the world, but the fact is, he blew it! "You gave me your heart, and I let the world stomp on it!" "Massimo and mother! I should have stopped them cold. I should have done everything possible to keep them away from you! And even worse than that? I've always put all my women on pedestals! Everyone but you! Brooke wants to know, "Why? Why Ridge?" Ridge tells her that "maybe it's easier to love the perfect woman. There's no risk of being hurt!" Ridge continues, "But you with all your crazy, wonderful, passionate human frailties, I knew I'd have to put it all on the line, Brooke! Was I scared to death? You're damned right I was! Did I want to turn and run to another 'ideal' woman? No! Because you have always been the one I depend on! When everything in this world makes no sense at all, You're the one that I need!" Brooke, still in tears, shakes her head, as if to say, no. Ridge pleads, "Brooke, let me love you! Let me give you what you've always given me! Let me give you my heart! Let me give you all of my heart!" "No! I'm sorry Ridge!" She turns away from Ridge for a minute, and then turns back around and says, "This time, I can't risk it!" Ridge promises her, "I don't care how long it takes. I'm going to win you back!" Then, right before he walks out, he points his finger at Brooke and whispers, "I'm going to do that!"

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