B&B Friday Update 6/6/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/6/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Sally is now back home. Macy suddenly developed a surge of willpower and stopped herself from taking that first drink. After much hemming and hawing, Macy tells Sally that it's Thorne who's the father of Darla's baby. Sally is so angry that she looks like she could spit nails! 'That lying sob!' She starts up the steps to leave and tells Macy she's going to do what she should have done the first time he betrayed her and broke her heart, and the second time, and the third time! But this time, he's going to hear from her!

The EMS guys arrive at Ridge's house and put the poor injured Bridget on a stretcher. Ridge informs them that she has been unconscious for 5 or 10 minutes. Ridge asks if they can go with them in the ambulance, but only one of them is allowed to go. Of course, Ridge thinks that he should be the one to accompany his little Princess, but Eric exercises his parental authority and says, no, that HE'll go. He tells Ridge to call Brooke and have her meet them at the hospital.

Nicky is in Brooke's office trying again to persuade her to dump Ridge. She asks if it's enough that she told him that she didn't want to have anything to do with him until he figured out right from wrong. Nick tells her that she shouldn't let Ridge be the one to decide. She should do what's right, take control, and end it, for herself, for Bridget, and for her family. Brooke tells him it's not that easy. Just then the phone rings. When she finds out that it's Ridge, she starts to chastise him for calling her! But then he tells her about Bridget's accident. Nick offers to take her to the hospital.

Thorne answers the knock at his door and finds his worst nightmare standing there! It's B Sally who's come to rake him over the coals! Thorne wants to explain, but she all she wants to do is to warn him. If he comes near her precious Macy again, she's going to kill him! Sally angrily berating Thorne for what he did, while Thorne is feebly and unsuccessfully trying to explain himself.

Bridget is now at the hospital. Ridge walks over to her and tells her that he's sorry, he's so sorry! Brooke arrives and Eric fills her in on what happened. Brooke is so worried. She has tears in her eyes when she looks down at her baby. She asks, 'How did this happen? where was she?' When Ridge says, 'At my house', Brooke has a look of disappointment on her face. Eric says that the thing that matters, right now, is Bridget! Brooke says that he's right and leans over to talk to Bridget.

Thorne didn't just sleep with another woman, but with Macy's best friend. Thorne knows he can make this up to Macy, if only she would give him a chance. Sally warns Thorne again! But the one thing she can't understand is Darla. She took her into her family, loved her like a daughter. How could she do this? She will never forgive her! Right on cue, Darla arrives at the door. Sally glares at Darla and purses her lips!

Brooke tells Eric that she loves Bridget so much. He suggests that she tell her that. So Brooke leans down and tells Bridget how much she loves her, and then, magically, Bridget starts to wake up. By the look on her face, she's in pain! Eric starts explaining what happened, but Bridget remembers. He and Ridge were arguing, and he tried to drag her out of there. This has all gotten so crazy! Brooke tells her they'll talk about this later. Ridge leaves Brooke and Eric alone with Bridget. After he walks out into the hall, he turns around and watches through the glass in the door. Then he gets an unwelcome surprise as Nick walks up behind him and give him some advice. 'Take a good look Forrester, at what you've done to that family, and those two women that you claim to love!'

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