B&B Thursday Update 6/5/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/5/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Macy can't believe what Thorne said. 'You think this baby is a miracle? An answer to our prayers?' Thorne tells her that Darla is willing to give the baby to them, no strings attached. Darla tells Macy that every time the baby looks up at her, it'll be with Thorne's eyes. A baby by the man she loves! Isn't that what she always wanted? Macy asks Darla whose smile will she be seeing - hers? That's just what she needs - something to remind her of her husband's infidelity for the rest of her life. Darla and Thorne try again to explain how it happened. But Macy tells Thorne that this is the way he always deals with things. When in doubt, cheat! Is this any different because he doesn't love the girl this time? Macy calls Thorne a coward. He should have come to her, demanded an explanation, instead of crawling between the sheets with her best friend. As she's saying this, she hauls off and slaps Thorne in the face! Thorne tries again to explain it away by saying that he made a mistake. But Macy says that she is the one who made mistake. She thought he had changed, but he can never be faithful. Thorne insists that he wants to live the rest of his life with Macy and have a family. This baby can give them that. Macy tells Thorne that if he wants the baby so much, then he can raise it himself!

Amber is horrified and starts stammering, 'Oh no, you! You're ' Jackie shows pure class. She introduces herself, 'Jackie Payne, West Coast Buyer for Fenmore's, and homewrecking hussy! Then she reaches out to shake Amber's hand! Amber nervously blinks her eyes.

Bridget is sitting on Ridge's sofa reading to Steffie, as Ridge watches. Finally, he reminds Steffie that it's bedtime but it takes Bridget to persuade her to go. Ridge is impressed and tells Bridget that she's a natural. She has a gift. Bridget tells Ridge that it's getting late. She's just going to go finish that chapter with Steffie and then she's going. Ridge tells her she doesn't have to run. He tells her, 'Stay! Please?'

Rick run straight over to Eric's office. He's telling him that he has to do something. Eric tells him, if it'll make him feel any better, that he already talked to both of them. Rick wants to know what he said then. Did he give them his blessing? Because Bridget's over there right now! And if they don't get her out of there, he doesn't know what's going to happen! Eric is furious. He thought he could count on Ridge not to let it escalate. Rick reminds him how Ridge always likes to have two women dangling. He's got poor Bridget so turned around, and now she's got her heels dug in. Remember what happened with Deacon? He almost destroyed her. Rick says, 'If I had any idea that he and mom . . . We've got to stop it this time. We can't let Bridget get her heart broken again. He's determined to do whatever it takes to stop Ridget! Eric grabs his coat and rushes out the door.

Bridget sits beside Ridge on the sofa. She tells him that she loves spending times with the tots - and with him! She just wishes that Rick could see that! Ridge tells her not to let Rick get to her. She says, if only he could see them right now. But she hopes that her mom won't be hurt when Rick tells her that she's there. She's going to go check on the kids, and then she's going.

Macy wishes she had listened to everyone. She broke Lorenzo's heart for Thorne - a man who can't keep his pants zipped! After she walks away from Thorne, she stops to confront Darla. 'I sure as hell didn't expect what I got from you!'

Amber is waiting nervously while Jackie looks through a portfolio of the latest Ambrosia collection. Amber starts trying to explain herself. 'What I said, sometimes I get a little . ' Jackie tries to complete her thought, 'Presumptuous? Catty? Insulting?' Even though she did mean what she said, she hopes Jackie won't hold it against the company. Jackie tells her the designs are quite good, and actually, she admires someone who stands up for her friend, when the situation warrants it! She gets up to leave and warns Amber that the next time she decides to run off at the mouth, she should have her facts straight, or else she might find herself up the creek without an account! She breezes out and tells Amber that she'll be in touch!

Darla pleads with Macy. She's so sorry, but she's giving Macy her baby. Doesn't that tell her how much she loves her. Macy tells Darla that she knew what it did when Thorne cheated with Brooke. She saw what it did to her. It almost destroyed her. She watched her almost kill herself! Darla begs Macy if she can please find it in her heart to forgive her. Macy appears to think about it, but then says, she can't, she won't. Thorne begs her not to make a decision she might regret later. Macy says that the only thing she regrets is trusting him again. She's waited and waited for him to become the man she wanted him to be. But he's deserted her over and over again. Well, this time, she's the one saying goodbye, and this time, it's for good! She'll never make this mistake again. She walks out, leaving both Thorne and Darla.

Ridge is annoyed that someone is banging on his door. He thinks it might be Rick again and is surprised to see Eric. Eric rushes right in and demands, 'Where's Bridget?' Ridge tries to get him to calm down and tells him that she's checking on the kids. 'Is that alright?' Eric tells him, no, that's not alright! He had told him not to see her . . . like this! He yells for Bridget to come downstairs. Ridge tries to explain that they were not doing anything. Nothing is going on! Eric wants to know if Ridge can guarantee him that it's going to stay that way. He says the only sure thing here is that Bridget is going to be hurt! Why can't Ridge see that? Just then, Bridget walks out onto that same landing where her mother heard the two declaring their undying love to each other on her wedding day! Eric tells Ridge that he's a danger to Bridget, to himself, to his kids, and to everyone else in the family. It's going to tear the family apart, and he's not going to stand for it. He tells Ridge to let it go! He gave him his chance to end this thing, and now it's his turn. He starts toward the stairs, but Ridge stops him and tells him to calm down. Eric tries to get away and insists that he's going to take her out of here! Bridget comes running/flouncing awkwardly into the room, asking innocently, 'What's going on here?' As Eric is trying to get away from Ridge, he pushes him, which causes Ridge to fall against Bridget, which, in turn causes her to fall, with a very loud noise, hitting her head against one of those posts in the living room. Bridget crumbles to the floor, kind of dramatically, with hair flying till she's lying prostrate on the floor! Eric and Ridge both rush over and see that she's got blood on the side of her head. They are both beside themselves with concern and worry! She makes a faint sound!

Macy walks into Sally's apartment, looking for her mother. But she's not there. Macy sits on the sofa and starts crying. Then she eyes the liquor decanter sitting across the room on a table. It's whispering to her, beckoning her. She tries to get away, but she can't. It's so enticing, Macy can't resist its lure. She picks it up, pours herself a glass, and holds it up to her lips!

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