B&B Wednesday Update 6/4/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  6/4/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Amber is continuing to tell Jackie off. She tells Jackie that everyone knows she is throwing herself at Eric. Jackie has finally had enough. She asks Amber to leave. But Amber laughs, points her finger, and sneers, 'No! I'm not leaving honey! You are!'

Eric is working in his office when there's a knock at his door. It's Stephanie! When she thanks him for allowing the security guards to let her enter the building, he tells her not to read too much into that. She tells him how she had gone to the beach house and met his new best friend, Jackie. Jackie had told Stephanie that her marriage was over and she wants to know how much she should read into that?

Clarke tries to convince Sally to go out to eat with him. He suggests Los Olas. They can tell the waitress that it's her birthday and get some free flan! But Sally's too busy. She's trying to come up with a name for her grandchild. She tells a surprised Clarke that Macy and Thorne are going to adopt Darla's baby. When he finds out that Macy has gone over to Darla's to talk to her about it, Clarke insists that Sally has got to stop her! Clarke lets on that he knows who the father is, but refuses to break his promise to Darla. He insists that Sally does not want to know, and neither does Macy.

Darla is still trying to tell Macy about the baby's father, but is having a hard time getting it out. Thorne offers to tell her, but Darla says it should be her. So Macy now knows that Thorne knows, but still doesn't have a clue.

Jackie calmly tells her that if she really wants to help Stephanie, she should try to help her adjust to losing her marriage. Jackie is just repeating what Eric said. But Amber knows it all! She knows that Eric still loves Stephanie and she knows that they're gonna work things out, that is, if they don't have to deal with a homewrecking hussy like Jackie! Amber says that she'd just throw her out right now, IF she didn't have an important meeting. So she's going to give her a little time, two hours! She warns her that she does not want to be there when she gets back! She grabs her purse and storms out.

Darla tells Macy that the father is a friend of hers. Macy asks if there's any chance that they could become a family, but Thorne speaks up and says that he's married. And he's very much in love with his wife. Darla throws Macy some more clues. He thought his marriage was over, and he was really hurting. But it should never have happened. It was a mistake. Macy is worried that this could get very ugly, especially if he hasn't told his wife. Darla says that he's been afraid to. He's afraid that he'll lose her again. Macy thinks that he probably will! Darla says, but he shouldn't! They could have such a wonderful life, if only she could forgive him. Then Darla gives Macy a bonus clue - The wife is also a very good friend of hers. Macy is very sympathetic to Darla's plight. She tells her that she's just got to set her down and tell her the truth! After Darla looks one last time at Thorne, she throws Macy a the zinger, 'I just did!'

Eric tells Stephanie not to bother fighting for him. She's been doing it so long, it's like second nature to her. She manipulates everyone she knows and then tells herself that she's doing it for the marriage, so that makes it alright. Stephanie asks, don't we all do that, to some extent? Eric asks her, 'To this extent? Passing another's man's child off as mine?' Stephanie again claims that she didn't know. She admits that when she found out, she lied. But she did that out of love. Eric tells her that she sounds like Brooke. Stephanie reminds Eric that he forgives Brooke, overlooks everything she does. So if he can forgive Brooke all that, then why not her? Eric says that he would like to get past this, but he doesn't know how. Then he tells her she has got to go! Stephanie still insists they can work through this. But, at the very least, he has to move out of the beach house. It's very obvious to her that Ms. Payne has set her sights on him. Eric tells her coldly, 'This conversation is over!'

Macy doesn't understand yet, and asks Thorne, what is she saying? Thorne finally gets enough gumption to tell Macy about how he saw her with Lorenzo on the bed telling him she'd always love him. He lost it, went home, and starting drinking. Then Darla showed up. Darla insists that they were drunk. finally, Macy gets it! She starts sobbing, shaking her head in disbelief. Darla makes an effort to take the blame, but Thorne stops her. Darla tells her how hard this is, but that she had to know the truth. 'The baby? The baby? It's Thorne's?' Thorne tells a devastated Macy how much he loves her. This child, it could be theirs. It's a perfect solution!

Amber rushes into her office, late, all excited about her meeting. Megan suggests that she comb her hair or something! Amber brags about how she blasted that woman Eric's shacking up with! This is a big, big account! If they can convince the store to carry the Ambrosia line, it would be huge! When Jackie walks through the door, they both speak to each other, but Amber's leaning down doing something, so they don't recognize each other yet. Then when they look each other in the face, Amber's mouth drops open in shock!

Stephanie is willing to give Eric some time. Eric tells her he's not going through a phase, and not to delude herself. She tells him that it'll never be over between them. She's been a part of his life for too long. He can shut her out of the building but he can never shut her out of his heart.

For some reason Macy doesn't agree about what a perfect solution this is - Her husband and her best friend? Darla tells her again, that it was just a mistake. Macy agrees that it was the biggest mistake of her life, and then it looks like she's gonna go after Darla, but Thorne stops her. She tries to break free and calls him an sob! Thorne tells her that he loves her. He thought she had left him. But there's a baby on the way. It doesn't have to be a disaster. It could be the answer to their prayers!

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