B&B Tuesday Update 6/3/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/3/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Thorne doesn't like Darla's ultimatum. He accuses her of trying to force his hand. But she insists she's only trying to protect her child. She will not let him grow up in a house full of lies!

After thinking about it, Macy decides that Sally's suggestion about adopting Darla's baby is a good idea after all. This could be the answer. Macy agrees with Sally that now is the time to approach her about it. After all, what's the worst that can happen?

Stephanie is all alone, looking sadly at a picture of her and Eric, when there's a knock at her door. Stephanie is hopeful, but is obviously disappointed when she opens the door and sees only Amber standing there. Stephanie can guess why she's there. 'You believed everything I ever said about decency, honor, and integrity, and now you're disgusted and disillusioned. You can't believe you ever looked up to me! Is that about right?' Instead of agreeing with her, Amber gives Stephanie a big comforting hug. She thinks it's terrible that everyone else is saying those awful things. Why must Stephanie be perfect, if everyone else can go out and commit all kinds of mistakes? Stephanie seems touched that Amber wants to defend her. Amber reminds her of how many times she saved her butt! Mean ole Brooke would've run her out of town if Stephanie had let her! She credits Stephanie for showing her how to be a good wife and mother! Amber tries to convince Stephanie that all this will blow over and Eric will forgive her. After all, it's not like he never made any mistakes. He did have two children with Brooke. She quickly has to back off that statement, when she realizes that she's married to one of those mistakes.

Thorne tells Darla that his parents have separated because of a big lie. He then has to admit that she's right. This would be a ticking time bomb. But how do they tell her. Just then, the phone rings. It's Macy. She wants to come over and talk to Darla about something important.

Stephanie tells Amber about being told by Jackie that her marriage is over. Amber asks, 'Who the hell does this woman think she is?' Stephanie says she evidently thinks she's Eric's new best friend. What's so hurtful is that he told her everything. Amber thinks she's being so obvious, using that to break up a marriage. Surely Eric will see through her. Amber tries to reassure Stephanie be telling her that Jackie is a nobody but she, Stephanie, is the person that Eric has loved his entire life! Stephanie says that Eric doesn't believe her. He thinks she trapped him. Amber nods her head in agreement. At times, Rick thought the same thing about her! But Rick got past it, and she thinks Eric will too. Stephanie's concerned about the lovely, charming shoulder being offered to Eric right now, and she wonders.

When Darla opens her door, Macy is surprised to see Thorne there. Darla tells her that she and Thorne have already been talking about it, for weeks now. Macy is relieved that they're all on the same page. She promises that she will be an excellent mother. Darla wants her baby to have everything that she didn't. She would never consider giving this baby to anyone but Macy because she has such a beautiful heart and soul. Macy is so very grateful and tearfully thanks and hugs Darla. All the while, Thorne is standing in the background looking like a scared jack rabbit!

Jackie goes to her door and finds Amber standing there with her arms folded across her chest. When she asks, 'Can I help you?', Amber snottily tells her that, actually, she's there to help her! Jackie assumes that she's selling something and tells her that she doesn't need anything. Amber asks, 'How about married millionaires? Got one of those?' She tells her, the thing is, that the one she's got, belongs to somebody else. Amber claims that she's a good friend of Stephanie Forrester. Jackie assumes she's there to warn her to stay away from Eric. Amber forces her way inside and says, 'No warning!' Then she smugly sneers and tells Jackie she has zero tolerance for women who break up marriages. 'So your little game here, it's over!'

As Macy's blubbering on about how happy she is, Thorne tells her there's something else they need to talk about. Darla is having a hard time and when she turns away, Macy thinks that maybe she's having second thoughts. But Darla assures her it's not that. Macy thinks it must be about the father then. But Darla assures her there won't be a problem with the father. Finally, Darla tells Macy there's something she has to tell her. Darla is talking to Macy, but she's looking at Thorne! Darla says, it's so hard, she doesn't know how she's gonna do it. But she's just going to say it! 'The father of my baby . is . he's . ' Then she turns away and tells Macy she's sorry. Macy promises her that nothing she ever says about the father will change the way she feels about her or the baby. So just go ahead and tell her. Darla looks one last time at Thorne and he seems to be saying, 'Go ahead!' So she turns back to Macy, lowers and raises her eyes a couple of times, swallows a couple of times, and prepares to speak!

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