B&B Monday Update 6/2/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/2/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge cautions Rick to keep his voice down because the kids are upstairs. Rick asks, "You mean they don't know that you're putting the moves on Auntie Bridget?" "Where did you hear that?" Rick tells him, "From my mother!"

Thorne pays Macy a visit at her office. He tells her that things with his family are a big mess. Stephanie made a mistake, but he can understand what she was doing. Macy agrees. She was trying to protect Eric, but it backfired, and now he's lost his son and his marriage. Macy disagrees that Eric has lost his son. He was there when he was growing up. That's what's important. Thorne is glad to hear her say that, because of what they've been discussing - adoption. Macy gets his point, but doesn't Thorne want his own baby? She had always pictured their baby with Thorne's smile and eyes.

Rick tells Ridge that neither his mother nor his sister deserve this from him. He thought he was done with all his games. He thought, for once, he was going to make his mother happy. "You owe that to her!" Ridge insists that he was trying to do exactly that. Rick tells him, yeah right, "When you weren't too busy coming on to her daughter - your sister! And don't even . . . I know it's not technically true, but who the hell cares?" Ridge asks Rick if he thinks he enjoys hurting his mother. Rick doesn't want to hear how sorry he feels, he just wants to know what he's going to do about it! Rick wants to hear him to say that he's going to stay the hell away from Bridget!

Macy tells Sally that she and Thorne were talking about adoption, but she just isn't ready for that yet. Sally thinks it's sad and ironic that Macy, who's wanted a baby for so long and now can't have one, and that Darla, who's completely unprepared, is now pregnant. Could that really be just a coincidence?

Ridge tells Rick that the three of them have been sorting this out. Rick accuses him of pitting one against the other. That's been his strategy for years, to just sit back and let the two of them tear into each other. Rick warns Ridge that he's not going to allow him to do that with his mother and his sister! Ridge tells him that neither he nor Bridget want that. Even though Bridget is not his sister, she's still the same person, and she loves her mother. How could he think otherwise? Rick informs Ridge that he knows about Deacon - and Hope. He hasn't talked to Bridget about it, but he can just imagine what that did to her. It wouldn't take much for someone to use that to his advantage. Ridge says that's not how this went down. Rick raises his voice. "It shouldn't have gone down at all!" Ridge asks Rick if he thought he should have told Bridget that nothing could happen, that he was totally in love with her mom, and they should just move on. Ridge claims that when he said those vows to Brooke, he meant every word. He's totally in love with her. Rick wants to know that, whatever was going on with Bridget, it's over, totally in the past. Rick tells him he needs to hear him say that. Ridge says nothing! Just then, Bridget walks in, not seeing Rick, and offers to make some dinner. Rick asks, "What are you doing here?" Bridget is speechless, so he asks Ridge, "What is she doing here? If you are so committed to my mother ?" Bridget tries to calm Rick down and tells him it's ok. Rick confronts his sister, "I cannot believe you! I cannot believe you would do this to her!"

Sally tries to convince Macy that for Darla to let her and Thorne adopt her baby wouldn't be the same as giving it up to a stranger. They're best friends and she's always thought of the two of them as sisters. She would be able to watch the baby grow up and be a part of his life. But she says that none of that matters unless Macy would be able to handle raising another woman's baby, and she's not sure she's ready.

Meanwhile, Darla is in her apartment waiting for Thorne to come over. She's rubbing her belly and telling the baby not to worry. One way or the other he's going to have an awesome life. When she lets Thorne in, she tells him she knows what he wants to talk to her about. He wants her to let he and Macy adopt her baby. She tells him that's a lot to ask. Thorne tries to convince her that if she lets them adopt the baby, everybody wins. She agrees that Macy would be an amazing mother. Darla knows that Macy would be able to give the baby one thing that she can't - the baby's father. Then she gives Thorne the answer he's been hoping and praying for - "Yes, you and Macy can adopt my baby!" Thorne is overcome with relief. He offers his profuse thanks and hugs Darla!

Bridget tries to explain herself. She was visiting the kids. But Rick isn't taken in by her innocent protestations. He can see what's going on here, whether they want to admit it or not. They're playing house! Brooke had told Rick how hard Bridget was fighting her feelings but it sure doesn't look like that to him. Bridget asks, "What do you want me to do? Cut the kids out of my life? Run away?" Rick tells her "she should think of Ridge the same way she always has - as off-limits! Because he is! In a million ways, but mostly because it would kill mom! My God Bridget, don't you even care?"

Ridge finally speaks up and tells Rick that it's time to back off. Rick asks, "Me? What about you?" He asks Ridge, if she were really your sister, is this what you would want for her? A man twice her age, with three kids, and a fiancÚe? Ridge says no!" Rick tells him he would fight it with everything he could and that's what they're going to do! Then Rick looks at Bridget and says, "Maybe that's what you're after? First Deacon, and then Ridge?" Bridget doesn't know what he's talking about. They're total opposites! But Rick says they're the only two men in the world who would give their dad a heart attack! Bridget claims that is not what this is about. Does he think it's just a ploy for attention? Bridget insists that this isn't part of some overdue teenage rebellion! Her feelings are real! Rick tells her, "So what!" Rick tells her that she's amazing! She could have any guy in the world! But she keeps choosing the ones who are the least appropriate! There's got to be a reason for that! Now maybe she doesn't know what it is, but she'd better find out before she turns the whole family upside down! He doesn't want her to stay there with Ridge confusing her and insists that she leave with him. As they're arguing, the kids walk in and ask Rick if he's staying for dinner. He tells them that both he and Bridget have other plans and have to leave. The poor tots are so disappointed. Auntie Bridget had promised she would make franks and beans! Well, of course, she can't go back on her promise. She leaves and takes them to the kitchen with her. As they walk out, Ridge has his arms folded against his chest. He watches them leave, with a smile on his face. Rick asks if he's going to let her stay. All Ridge says is, "She's a big girl! She can make her own decisions!" Rick thinks he doesn't care what this will do to his mom. Ridge insists that he didn't say that, but Rick tells him he didn't have to. Before he walks out in disgust, he tells Ridge, "You know what? I'm glad you're not my brother!"

Thorne finds out that his perfect little plan has a little unexpected kink in it. Darla gives him her ultimatum. Before she will give up her baby, he has to tell Macy the truth! Thorne whines, "No! I need this baby! Macy and I both do!" But Darla stands firm and tells him it's the only way! They both just have to hope and pray that Macy understands.

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