B&B Thursday Update 5/29/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/29/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

The security guard is trying to stop Stephanie from entering the Forrester building. She claims there must be some mistake. He tells her, no, the order was signed by Mr. Forrester and approved by Ms. Logan! He asks her to leave. As usual, Stephanie thinks the rules don't apply to her and she tells the guard she's going to her office. Before he has to physically stop her, Thorne comes to her rescue. Thorne insists that he'll take responsibility and suggests that the two of them go to his office so she can explain to him why his father has lost his mind.

Eric is back at the beach house. He hopes Jackie doesn't mind because he knows she wasn't planning on having a roommate. Jackie says that she guesses she just lucked out then. Eric tells Jackie that he talked to Ridge and Bridget and he told them that he would not tolerate their relationship going any further, that he's totally against it, but that he wouldn't turn his back on them. As angry as he is, he still wants them to be part of his life. He'd do anything to keep his family together. Anything, that is, except reconciling with his wife!

Thorne leads Stephanie into his dungeon office. Stephanie had hoped that she'd never have to have this conversation. She had hoped that she and Eric would've been back together. Soooooo, it looks like she wasn't going to tell Thorne unless she was forced to! She spills the beans. 'Eric is not Ridge's father! Massimo is. Thorne is stun!

Stephanie tells Thorne the sordid tale of how she was in college that she slept with Massimo, and then she slept with Eric! Then when she found out that she was pregnant, it never occurred to her that Eric was not the father. She would never have married Eric if she had known! She says she only found out about a year ago, when Ridge injured his hand and needed all that blood. She decided at the time that she couldn't tell Eric. It would have broken his heart. And now Eric's upset because she didn't tell him. He thinks it was just another betrayal, a way for her to save face.'What do I care about saving face? I'd have told the whole world if it meant keeping the family together!' Stephanie says that, yes, Ridge knows. He was angry at first, but he's gotten past it. He's just concerned now about Eric. 'And Eric? He'd like to see me ridden out of town on a rail!' Thorne tells Stephanie that Eric will have to come through him first! LOL! Stephanie is touched that her #2 son wants to defend her. As she gives him a big hug, she calls him 'baby' and says that she loves him.

Eric thanks Jackie for being the one to get him off his high horse and go see his kids. She tells him about her lunch with Massimo. Her curiosity got the better of her. She tells Eric that he wanted her to be a matchmaker for Nicky and Brooke. Eric is not surprised. If Brooke is otherwise occupied, that leaves Ridge free to pursue Bridget! Jackie is offended that Massimo is trying to use her and her son that way. Eric tells her that's what Massimo does. He uses others to further his own agenda. Jackie says that she has an agenda of her own, to make sure that Nicky gets to live the life he deserves. Eric tells Jackie that she has guts. She hopes if she ever starts to back down that he'll be there to set her straight. Eric says, that's what new friends are for. Jackie wonders, if they're new friends, then why does it seem that they've known each other forever. Eric thinks they must have been together in a former life. Jackie goes along with Eric's fantasy and says that they were both in Pompei when Mt. Viseuvius erupted. She's glad they met when they did. She tells Eric that she's very grateful, then puts her hands on the sides of his face, and Kisses him! It's more like a quick smooch - but right on the lips! Eric gently takes her hands off his face, and starts to say, 'Jackie . I uh . ' But before he can say anything, she apologizes. She shouldn't have done that. Then he tells her that, the way his life is right now, it's not a good idea for him to be kissed by a a beautiful woman. She asks him if he's afraid - afraid that she'll take advantage of him. Jackie seems surprised and pleased when Eric says, 'No, the other way around!'

Both of them have a good time throwing around the word 'discombobulated.' Jackie claims to have a cure for discombulation - another cup of tea! Eric tells her that she reminds him of his grandmother, who thought that there wasn't a problem that couldn't be solved by having another cup of tea. But he hasn't got time right now. He has to go back to the office. But they'll do it later, when he gets home. Hmmmm, so Eric's new home is with Jackie!

She and Rick are at the office, working together in the same room. She hopes his parents know how lucky they are. It's because of Rick that Forrester is running so smoothly! LOL! They have a mostly forgettable conversation about April's career. Amber's glad that she filled in for April, but now her singing career will be saved mostly for the shower! Rick hopes she saves him a front row seat and the scene ends in a kiss.

Stephanie knocks on the door of the beach house and is surprised when Jackie comes to the door and asks if she can help her. She's sorry, she was looking for Eric. Jackie's apologizes for not recognizing her. She must be Stephanie. Stephanie tells her, 'Yes! I'm Stephanie Forrester! Who are you?'

Thorne gets another visitor today. This time, it's Eric. He understood that he had a problem with the security guard. Thorne had a problem with the order he was trying to enforce. Eric asks him if Stephanie told him what happened. Thorne starts in on Eric, 'Dad, I know you're angry ' But Eric interrupts and tells him not to do that. And don't tell him he's going to get past this. Eric says that it was Stephanie who created this situation. From the moment she found out she was pregnant, she lied! Thorne says, 'Because she loves you!' Eric tells him you don't lie to someone you love. You tell them the truth!' But poor Thorne, he's got his own lie to protect, so he refuses to give in. He tells Eric, 'Not all the time! Not if you know it will rip their world . . . ' Eric tells Thorne, 'She lied to you too Thorne, your whole life long! Don't you feel betrayed? Growing up in Ridge's shadow? Watching me guide him and train him to fill my shoes one day? By all rights, that should have been yours!' Eric says, 'Well I do!' Then he takes Thorne's face in his hands and tells him that he is his oldest son. 'You're my son!' Poor confused Thorne looks like he doesn't know what he's supposed to do. He hugs Eric and tells him that anything he needs, he'll be there for him. Eric says that the two of them are going to help rebuild their family. Thorne wants to know, 'With Stephanie in it?' WHY is Thorne so concerned about Stephanie after the way she's treated him his whole life, except for 5 minutes ago? Eric tells him, no, that's not possible. Thorne doesn't think that Stephanie is gonna give up so easily. In fact, she's on her way over the beach house right now to see him. Eric says she's in for a bit of a surprise.

Jackie introduces herself and invites Stephanie in. Stephanie must be mistaken. She thought Eric was staying there. Jackie tells her that he is and invites her in again. She explains to Stepahnie how Eric and she both happen to be staying there. Stephanie wonders why Eric didn't go to a hotel. He had offered to but Jackie couldn't send him away, not after what he'd been through. He needed someone to talk to. Stephanie asks, 'A stranger!' Jackie says, why not, he didn't have anything to lose. Stephanie insists that this is something private - between her and Eric. Considering that Eric is living there, it's likely that he'll bring their problems up again. Stephanie, again, insists that this is something to be worked out between the two of them. Jackie gives Stephanie the bad news that Eric does not want to work things out. Stephanie asks her how she would know that. Jackie says, 'He was very clear. I didn't misinterpret. I'm sorry, but your marriage is over!' Stephanie looks like she's getting ready to ERUPT IN anger! But really, Jackie shouldn't have had to tell her. Didn't his leaving her, moving out, and barring her from Forrester give her a clue?

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