B&B Wednesday Update 5/28/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  5/28/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Bridget is almost out the door when Brooke asks her, 'You had something you wanted to say to me?' Bridget tells Brooke, 'You want me to walk away from Ridge and the kids!' Brooke knows how difficult this is for her. But Bridget tells her, 'NO! You don't!' Brooke starts to tell Bridget, 'If I sounded angry ' Bridget informs Brooke that whatever anger she felt is nothing compared to what she's feeling right now!

Jackie and Massimo are sharing some champagne. She wants to toast to 'old times', but Massimo prefers to toast to 'new beginnings.' He's trying his best to charm Jackie, it seems to be working. She tells Massimo she got the feeling that he was proud to claim Ridge as his son. Massimo says that if he could have handpicked his son, he couldn't imagine anyone even coming close to Ridge! It's obvious by the look on Jackie's face that she sees this as an insult to her own son Nicky!

Ridge tells Nick that he's dangerously close to saying something he'll regret. He tells him to leave, that he has no business in his office. He has no business interfering in his personal life. Nick says that Bridget told him the whole messed up deal, and he had tried to steer clear of it. Huh? Ridge tells him that didn't last long. But Nick talked to Brooke, and heard the other side. He tells Ridge that they're both good women. They deserve better.

Brooke asks Bridget if she's angry at her. Bridget says, no, not with her, but with herself. When Brooke starts showing her usual sympathy for Bridget, she tells her she doesn't deserve it. She tells Brooke that she's so sorry! She tried to fight these feelings for Ridge and the kids. She's tried to deny them, pretend they don't exist, but she can't do it.

Ridge tells Nick again that he doesn't need him sticking his nose in his personal life. Nick is just looking out for Brooke and Bridget. Ridge asks him what makes him think they need looking after. Nick has to make judgment calls every day. That's part of being sailor. Nick thinks that both Brook and Bridget will end up getting hurt. Ridge tells him, 'I care about those women! More than you could possibly understand!' Nick tells it like it is, 'You just can't decide which one you want to be with!' Ridge says that Nick doesn't know a damned thing about any of this. Nick tells Ridge he's got some problems, and in his opinion, the solution is simple. Ridge is not interested in Nick's opinion, but Nick tells him that he's on a roll, so he's gonna tell him anyway.

Brooke closes the door and sits down beside her confused daughter. Bridget tells Brooke that she didn't want to hurt her. But Brooke knows that she has all these feelings for Ridge. Bridget says she's loved him all her life. Brooke points out, 'As a brother!' And now that he's not her brother, what's she supposed to do with all this love? Poor Bridget tried to ignore it. But she should've tried harder. She tells Brooke that SHE was pulling for her and Ridge - when everyone else was against them. And now she feels like she's interfering, and it's just killing her. But she confesses that part of her was relieved when Brooke called off the wedding. On the other hand, part of her was SO sad and SO sorry that she ruined the day Brooke had waited for all her life. She should have never let herself fall for Ridge and the kids, but she did, and now she can't let go!

Jackie seems to be bring out the best in Massimo! She is obviously enjoying his company. As he's ordering for them, she thinks to herself, 'Every time I look at Nicky, I see you! I wish you could see it!'

Brooke is touched that Bridget cares about her feelings. She should never have doubted her. Bridget wishes they could just go back to before all of this happened - before she found out that Ridge was not her brother. Brooke wishes they could go back farther than that - to before Brooke and Deacon! They've both hurt each other so much. But what's done is done. Bridget asks, 'So what are we gonna do?' Brooke says, 'I'll tell you!'

Ridge tells Nick to say what he has to say, and then get out! Nick tells Ridge that he should leave both of them alone. Ridge says, sarcastically, that he'll take that under consideration. Nick tells him he's too close to this situation to see clearly. He and Brooke had their shot, had lots of shots. It just wasn't meant to be. And he and Bridget? It's just wrong. He should leave them both alone before they get hurt worse than they have already. Nick is through, so Ridge says that now he's going to tell him what he thinks.

Ridge thinks that Nick is so interested in his personal life, because, from what he can see, he has no personal life of his own. He tells him again to stay out of his. And stay away from Brooke and Bridget. When Nick asks if that's a threat, Ridge tells him, no, it's an order! He opens the door, and tells Nick, 'Goodbye Captain!

They've already been through so much, Brooke knows they can survive this too. When Bridget asks, how, Brooke says they have to stop fighting, stop resenting, stop hurting each other. And they have to agree, right here and right now, that they'll not let any of this change anything for them. Bridget eagerly nods her head and they share a tearful hug. Brooke calls Bridget her little girl and tells her how much she loves her. She would do anything for her!

Massimo gets to the real reason for his invitation. Nicky has everything going for him, except for one thing - a woman. Jackie thinks that maybe Nick doesn't need a woman. But Massimo thinks she could direct him toward a woman that would be perfect for him - Brooke Logan! Jackie knows this is the same woman who Massimo thinks isn't good enough for his son, but now he's telling her that she is good enough for her son? Massimo tries to backtrack and say that's not what he meant at all. Jackie throws down her napkin and says, 'The hell it isn't!' As she gets up, Massimo says, 'Jacqueline?' Jackie says angrily, 'Don't call me that. In fact, don't call me at all!' Massimo looks bewildered.

Nicky walks into Brooke's office. She's not there, so he looks around, and then sits down. When she walks in, Nick surprises her, and says, 'What do you say, we sail away from all this?' When she tells him, that actually, that's very tempting, he asks her what's stopping her then. She tells him, not much, just her job, her baby, her other children . . . Nick accuses her of leaving out one big reason. Brooke jokingly asks, 'Oh Nick, would I hold out on you?' Nick thinks she wants another chance with Ridge. When Brooke starts to say, 'Ridge and I ', Nick interrupts her and says he doesn't want to hear their complicated history. He just heard it all from the horse's mouth. Brooke seems surprised that he talked to Ridge. Nick says that he is just looking out for his friends. He tells Brooke that she's a good woman. She deserves better. He says, 'Just open up your eyes. There's a whole world out there. There's all sorts of men who would do anything to get you to forget Ridge Forrester!' Brooke smiles and asks teasingly, 'Are you one of those men, Nick?' They are standing close, and she turns around to walk away, Nick grabs her and turns her back around. Suddenly, their faces, and lips, are just inches apart. Then Nick kisses her! It was a short, very intense, not gentle kiss. Neither one of them put their arms around each other. When they break apart, Nick looks adorable, like he knows he's been a naughty boy! Brooke looks more surprised than anything else. Nick asks her if that answered her question. Nick looks longingly at Brooke, and then walks away. Then when we see Brooke's face, she's smiling slightly. She looks intrigued and interested! She obviously felt something!

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