B&B Tuesday Update 5/27/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/27/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Eric is in Ridge's office and two of them are talking about Bridget. Ridge says, 'This isn't about lust and desire! My relationship with Bridget is very different from that!' Eric knows the two of them have grown close. Bridget's an incredible girl. There's no doubt that she loves Ridge and his kids. And there's nothing inappropriate about that! But it was Massimo who has manipulated both Ridge and Bridget to look at each other in a way that's absoluvtely wrong!

Meanwhile, Brooke is having her motherly talk with Bridget! Bridget wants to know if that's why she called her here, to ask her to stop her feelings for Ridge and the kids. Brooke pleads, 'Just hear me out!' Bridget knows what she's going to say. But Bridget is surprised when Brooke says, 'I'm sorry! I'm sorry I didn't give you a better life. I'm sorry I exposed you to too many of my problems!' Brooke knows that she's had a tumultuous love life. And Stephanie was probably right. She probably could have protected her more from that! And she doesn't blame her if she's still angry about Deacon! She tells Bridget she's not a vindictive person 'No! And I'm not being vindictive now!' Brooke knows she's upset and she's worried about what this is doing to them. Bridget informs Brooke that she talked to Eric, and he's ok! In case Bridget is delusional enough to think that Eric now supports Ridget, Brooke tells her, 'He does not support this relationship!' Brooke tells her that this is not the way to be happy - not for her, for Ridge, for the kids, or for the entire family. She just has to see that! Bridget turns away.

Jackie and Nick are just finishing up breakfast. Nick tells Jackie how Forrester has messed Bridget's head up. Jackie says that he had more than a little help. But Nick didn't think he needed it. He's a pro! He's been messing around with Brooke on and off for years. He finally proposes and, when they get to the altar, she finds out he's been messing with the daughter! Jackie thinks it must have been awfully hard for Brooke to give up on something she's wanted for so long! Nick tells her, 'And after all that's happened, he still wants to go through with the marriage. 'Can you believe that?' They're interrupted by Jackie's phone. She thinks it's Lauren, but is surprised to hear Massimo's voice instead. He's reserved a table at Cafe Russe and would like to see her - now! Jackie's not interested but Massimo says he'll be there waiting for her in case she changes her mind. Nick has to leave. He's late and has to meet the admiral at the office. Jackie, in her soft loving voice, warns Nick not to make trouble for Ridge. Massimo has given him a great opportunity and she doesn't want him to jeopardize it. Nick kisses her goodbye and tells her that he's a big boy! He knows when not to cross the line, but he can't say the same for Forrester.

Bridget asks in a surprised voice, 'You want me to back off from Ridge, because you're concerned about my happiness?' Brooke knows she said some things that hurt her, but that's because she was hurt too. 'And if I lashed out at you, it was only because I was feeling ' Bridget tries to complete Brooke's thought, 'Threatene But Brooke finishes her own thought, 'Betrayed!' That's because her friendship with Ridge was out of control, for a few minutes. She has to realize that that's all it was. I don't think Bridget buys that for a minute. She asks, 'Have you talked to Ridge?' Brooke says, she's talking to her as her mother! Brooke starts heaping praise on Bridget. She's a remarkable young woman. 'What you've done for Ridge and the kids, and for your father and me over the years . Brooke says that's just who she is. And she can understand why she and Ridge became so close. But anything more than that is wrong! She tells Bridget, 'And deep down, you know that! And that's why YOU are going to have to end this! You'll have to put an end to this!' Bridget doesn't have anything to say!

Ridge tells Eric, 'This relationship that Bridget and I have, I wouldn't necessarily call it romantic. And if you're worried about it escalating into whatever . . you don't have to worry!' Eric asks him if he's made any plans for his immediate future. Ridge asks him, Have you? You and mother?' Eric tells Ridge flatly, 'That's over!' Ridge can't believe it, 'over? Just like that?' I guess Ridge is surprised to hear, that for once, Stephanie will have to pay for what she's done! Eric tells Ridge that he'll always be his son, but part of their bond has been taken away forever, and his mother's responsible for that! Ridge is still incredulous, 'SO you're never going to forgive her?' Eric says that Stephanie has lied to him about the thing she knew that's the most important to him - his family! So that's going to be his focus now - his family! Especially Ridge and Bridget! But the situation between the two of them has to be resolved. Ridge agrees. Eric wants to help. Again, he blames Massimo for manipulating and confusing Ridge and Bridget. Eric tells Ridge that he's always been there for him, and still is. The two share a hug.

Jackie walks into the Cafe Russe and sees Massimo waiting at the bar for her. She thinks to herself, 'Your father Nicky! After all these years, he wants to see me!' Massimo's delighted to see her. She says her curiousity got the better of her. When Massimo offers her a glass of champagne, she tells him he should order a bottle of the finest, that they're gonna need it.

Brooke tells Bridget that she's got so much to look forward to. She doesn't want her to miss out on any of that - including love. She knows she's going to find that love - and not with RIdge! She's going to find that person, someone her own age, someone who'll make her happier than she's ever dreamed of! She just hopes it'll be easier than it was for her. Bridget asks Brooke, 'Is that all you have to say?' Brooke tells her, 'That's it!' So Bridget says, OK, grabs her purse and starts to walk out. Brooke asks, 'Bridget? Don't you have something you want to say to me?' Bridget says, 'no', and opens the door to walk out. Then she changes her mind, turns around, and says, 'Actually, I DO have something I want to say to you!'

Nick walks into Ridge's office and says, 'Hey Forrester!' Then he says he guesses he can't call him that any more. He's heard that 'Marone' suits him better. Ridge is too busy to talk about any of this. Nick knows that he's been busy getting his ego stroked. He's been around the world and he's never seen anything like this. 'Brooke - Bridget - Mother - Daughter!' He tells Ridge that he's really put them through it. And he thought it would be a good idea if they talked about it! Ridge stands up, as if he thinks he may have to defend himself or something! He kinda smiles at Nick and says, 'really?' The scene ends with the two of them staring each other down!

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