B&B Friday Update 5/23/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/23/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Eric and Jackie are sitting very close together. She tells him that he is legendary, an icon, and that as soon as he gets his bearings and takes a breath, he'll be back, fighting! Eric asks her how she knows that. She tells him that's what you Forresters do. Eric kind of leans forward slightly toward Jackie. He has a very sweet, tender look on his face, so I'm not sure if he was going to kiss her or what, but then, out of the corner of his eye, he happens to see a jacket with 'Marone Industries' printed on the back.

Ridge tells Brooke that he does NOT have a crush on Bridget! Brooke tells him not to lie to her. Ridge insists that he's not lying. Brooke reminds him that Eric told her what happened at Big Bear. Ridge is SO sorry that Brooke had to find out in that context. Brooke asks him if he's glad he did it. Ridge steps right up to the plate and says, 'No! No, I'm not!' He wants to tell her about that kiss. Brooke doesn't want to hear it, but Ridge wants her to know that it had nothing at all to do with passion or sexuality! It was only that Bridget needed a little comfort . . . a little security! Brooke isn't buying Ridge's excuses. 'Omg! She shouldn't have kissed you! You're my fiancee! You should have backed off! Ridge says that poor Bridget is confused. Brooke tells Ridge, 'So a few days ago, you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me, and now, you're confused?' Ridge tells her it took a lot of courage for her to call off the wedding, and a lot of integrity to walk away from something she's wanted for so long. Brooke tells Ridge that she called off the wedding because she wasn't sure her fiancee could be honest with her, and she's STILL not! Ridge says that's what he's trying to do right now. Brooke wishes she could believe him, to give him the benefit of the doubt, but she can't! Brooke tells him, 'I'm tired of hearing your excuses. How could you do this to me?' Brooke's starting to tear up.

Bridget tells Stephanie that she needs to find her Dad. She's worried about him. Stephanie wants to know what happened. Did Eric and Ridge have another argument? Bridget tells her, no, he was upset. Then she blurts out, 'We didn't mean for this to happen again. It was a mistake. We didn't know he was there!' Stephanie asks if he overheard Bridget and Ridge talking. Bitchet has to tell her, no, he saw us . . . kissing! Stephanie is furious! 'The kiss was an accident?' Stephanie hopes they didn't explain their feelings. Bridget tries to defend herself. She had to explain her feelings, because, well Eric hurt her feelings when he told her how dirty and disgusting it was. Stephanie tells her, 'well it is!' Bridget throws up her hands and says, 'Nobody understands!' Stephanie tells her the hard truth, 'And nobody is going to! Especially your father!' Stephanie rants, 'How could you do this? How could you let this happen?'

Brooke points out to Ridge that he's speechless! She's never seen him like that before. She asks him, 'What's gone wrong with us?' Ridge insists that nothing is wrong with them. Brooke says that she's spent most of her life in love with him, always looking over her shoulder wondering about his feelings for other women - Caroline - Taylor! Finally, she thought she didn't have to wonder any more. She thought things were going to be right. When the camera pans to Ridge's face, suddenly his eyes are wide open in surprise! Brooke thought she was going to be able to relax because she knew he was totally committed to her. But she was wrong! 'Because here I am in that same damned position, looking over my shoulder again! And this time it's Bridget, my own daughter!' Ridge actually has the nerve to get angry! He yells, 'Stop it Brooke! Just stop it! Because I'm telling you right now, that's not true!'

Eric gets up, grabs the jacket, and asks Jackie, 'What's this? I thought you said you worked for Fenmore's?' Jackie insists, 'I do!' Eric wants to know, 'Then what's this doing here?' He demands to know if she's part of Marone's plan. He's been manipulating his family, filling their heads with ideas, corrupting their values and their morals! Jackie informs Eric that the jacket belong to her son who's the Pacific Fleet Commander at Marone. Eric wants to know what he has to do with this. Jackie tells him, 'Nothing! and neither do I!' She just thought he needed some comfort, someone to talk to. Eric asks her if he's supposed to believe that this was all just a coincidence. Jackie, frankly, doesn't care what he thinks and would like for him to leave. Eric insists he's not going until she tells him what this is all about. Jackie tells him she doesn't know what Marone is up to, but she can assure him that, if she has any feelings for the man, they're equally as loathing as his!

Bridget is still trying to explain herself. She tells Stephanie she's sorry, she didn't mean for it to happen. It was just a very emotional moment. She admits to Stepahnie how terrible it was. It was embarrassing, humiliating, and she wouldn't be surprised if Eric never wanted to talk to either one of them again. Bridget doesn't understand why she's getting no sympathy from Stephanie. She asks her, 'Couldn't you just try to put yourself in my position for one minute?' Stephanie tells her flat out, 'No Miss Sarcasm!' Stephanie continues her rant. 'When I think about what YOU and my son have done to your father. It's incomprehensible! But I can't say I didn't see it coming. Did I not tell you to stay away from Ridge? Did I not try to ship you off to Copenhagen?' Bridget is trying to explain. Stephanie says, 'Oh bALONEY!' What she doesn't understand is How a woman of her intelligence and her character could do something so morally repugnant! She begs Stephanie, to please not say that! Then Stephanie delivers the ultimate blow - the ultimate bash - 'I never thought I'd say this, but, you're becoming your mother!'

Ridge walks slowly over to Brooke and tells her, 'I love you! What's happening here has nothing to do with the way I feel about you!' He hasn't forgotten what they've been through, the plans they've made. Brooke asks him tearfully, 'You just don't want to keep them?' Ridge insists that, yes, he does. He's never, ever, wavered from that. Brooke asks him, 'What am I supposed to do about this thing with Bridget - Just ignore it?' Then, incredibly, Ridge tells her, 'Yes! Yes! Just give me a chance to show you how much YOU mean to me!' Brooke still has tears in her eyes and she doesn't say anything at first. Ridge looks at her like he's thinking, 'Well?' Brooke finally says, 'No, I need some time to think, alone!' Ridge says ok. Then he puts his hands on the sides of Brooke's face and tells her, I'm not going to let this thing come between us. We're still going to have that life we dreamed about. It's right around the corner, Logan! All you have to do is say the word!' Ridge kisses Brooke on the forehead, music starts playing, while he fondles Brooke's hair.

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