B&B Wednesday Update 5/21/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  5/21/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke pleads with Eric. He has to be wrong. But Eric saw it with his own eyes. They were kissing each other!

Nick has been summoned for a meeting with Massimo and someone named Bruno. Nick tells Massimo that before they get into discussing the plans for his new office, there's something they should talk about in private. Since he's going to be working there, he thinks Massimo should know that he knows the truth - that Ridge is his son.

Ridge tells her to call him if she hears anything. She seems to be having a hard time actually walking away from Ridge. She looks back at him sitting on the sofa, and then finally walks outside, but not closing the door completely. Then Bridget seems to get what she's waiting for - divine intervention! We hear Taylor's voice, and then see her lying in her hospital bed telling Bridget those words of wisdom - 'Never withhold your love . . . Always love, no matter what the cost. It's the greatest gift!' Hmmmm Of course, now Bridget can't leave without sharing this wonderful amazing recollection with Ridge! She tells him that nobody understands their connection and feelings, but what if someone does? When he asks, 'Who?', Bridget tells him, 'Taylor!'

Brooke is crying. Ridge had told her he still wanted to marry her, but the day after their wedding, the two of them are at it again. She'd actually been making excuses for them. Eric assures her that it's over now. He told them it had to stop! Brooke hopes he finally made them see how sick it is. Bridget had actually defended it to her and Eric admits that she tried to do the same thing with him. Bridget had told him that the two of them tried to fight their feelings for each other, but just couldn't ignore them. Brooke says that this has GOT to stop! Eric tries to reassure Brooke that they will see the immorality of it and they will stop. If not, he vows that he will stop it. Eric tries to comfort Brooke with a hug.

A very animated Bridget tells Ridge about the inspiring insightful words her idol uttered to her on her death bed. She just can't stop thinking about it. What if Taylor knew something they didn't? Bridget knows that it's right for her to love the children and for her to be a part of his family. She just wishes she could ask Taylor if that's what she meant. She'd like to know if this is where she's supposed to be or if their friendship is as evil as everyone says. Ridge solemnly tells her, 'Hey! Our friendship is not evil!' Poor innocent, confused Bridget is perplexed. 'Everyone thinks our feelings are dirty! Could they be right?'

Massimo guesses that the one who told him is Brooke. After all, he knows that Brooke would've turned to the nearest man, poured her heart out, and one thing leads to another! Nick quickly tells him, 'That's not what happened!' Massimo thinks it's great that the two of them are communicating and that she's confiding in him. Nick says that her biggest problem is that she's involved with Ridge. Massimo informs Nick that Ridge and his kids need a woman with greater substance. Nick laughs and says, 'So she's not good enough for your son, but she's just fine for me!' Massimo says he looks out for his own. Nick says, 'Well someone needs to look out for her! She's just lucky she didn't marry him!' Massimo asks if he's always this protective over a woman he just met. Nick thinks this is weird. If Massimo was his father, he'd be pretty pissed at the way he's sticking his nose in his love life! Well, well, Nick is already referring to his budding relationship with Brooke as his love life.! Massimo refuses to apologize for trying to protect his son. Nick tells him that Ridge is a grown man and he's trying to run his life. Massimo tells Nick how wonderful it was when he discovered that he had a son, and grandchildren. He regrets that he missed so much. He wishes he had been there to mold him when he was growing up. Nick can understand and sympathize with Massimo. He understands too well what he missed, because he missed those same things growing up without a father. Although he doesn't agree with how he's doing it, he sees that he's trying to be a father to Ridge. He respects that.

Bridget still appears to be trying to convince Ridge that the two of them were meant to be. 'What if it's not their feelings that are tearing the family apart? What if all this anguish is being caused by them trying to keep a lie in place? Taylor said to love no matter what! She could be looking down on us right now praying that we have the strength to do just that!' Ridge shakes his head and says that they'll never really know. But wait! Bridget thinks they do know! She reminds him of that day when he went to Taylor's grave looking for a sign. He thought the sign was Brooke, but wonder of wonders, there's something Ridge didn't know! Bridget tells him that she was there too, hiding behind some bushes! She tells Ridge that she just had a feeling he would be there. Maybe Taylor drew her there to tell Ridge what direction to go in. Bridget wonders if they can ignore that.

Eric wonders how this could have started. What would make them start looking at each other this way? Brooke gives Eric his answer - Massimo! Eric doesn't understand why Massimo would do this. Brooke says it's because of her. He thought Ridge should have someone better. Eric is enraged that he chose and has been manipulating their daughter. Brooke points out that he's been manipulating Ridge too. But Eric doesn't buy that. After all, Ridge is a grown man. Brooke is sure that this would never have happened if not for Massimo. Eric is furious. 'That bastard! Damn him! Damn him!'

Ridge tells Bridget that hearing Taylor's words was like a bit of her spirit. He knows that she would be very grateful to Bridget for the way she's helped him and the kids. 'She blesses our friendship. I know she does.' Before she leaves, Bridget smiles lovingly and gratefully at Ridge and says, 'Thank you!

Eric forces his way into Massimo's office. When Massimo tells him that this is an unexpected visit, Eric orders him to shut up! He says he never trusted him. He knew the day he showed up in LA that he'd be trouble, but he never imagined the devastation and carnage he would cause his family. 'Ensnaring my wife and son! But now you've gone too far, you sick bastard! Promoting a relationship between Bridget and Ridge? Well, you're not going to get away with it! The corruption ends here, right now!'

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