B&B Tuesday Update 5/20/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/20/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

As Bridget and Ridge are looking lovingly at each other, Eric bursts through the door. 'Stop It! What the hell is going on here?' He grabs Bridget's scrawny arm and jerks her away from Ridge. He points his finger in Bridget's face and tells her, 'Stay away from him!' 'Dad, what's going on?' Eric clues Ridge in. 'You're kissing her? My God, she's your sister.!' Ridge points out to Eric that, no, she's not. She's not his sister!

Nick suggests to Brooke that she steer clear of this fiasco. But Brooke thinks that poor Ridge will need someone to talk to. Nick reminds Brooke that Ridge is involved with her daughter. Brooke tries to explain away last night. She'd been drinking and was in a really strange mood. Nick says she should've been. Ridge was sweet talking his soon to be step-daughter on his wedding day. Brooke thinks that's how it may have sounded, but Ridge still wants to marry her. Nick asks her if she's considering it. Brooke tells him he just doesn't understand. But Nick understands the difference between right and wrong. Brooke tries to defend Bridget and Ridge. They've been through a lot together. Nick doesn't care if they walked barefoot through the fires of hell together. There are certain lines you don't cross. Brooke points out that they're Not related!

Massimo assures Stephanie that he doesn't intend to tell Eric about Ridget. All he wanted to do is save Their son from making the worst mistake of his life. And he did! But he knows how much it will hurt Eric if he finds out, because as far as he's concerned, Ridge is still Bridget's brother.

Eric can't believe what Ridge is saying. He asks, 'You think it's alright because we don't share the same blood? She was raised as your sister! And you're kissing her!' Ridge calmly tells Eric, 'You don't know what this is!' Eric tells him with clenched teeth that he knows what it is. It's a very big mistake! Ridge says he was just trying to explain to Bridget what happened at the house with him and Massimo. Eric yells that he saw what happened. Bridget finally finds her voice and starts telling Eric that she never meant for this to happen again. She puts her hand on Eric's shoulder, but he hears what she said, and angrily shrugs her away. 'again? Has this happened before?' She hangs her head in shame. Eric realizes this is why Brooke called off the wedding. Ridge, in an obvious attack of stupidity, says that he told Brooke he still wanted to marry her, but she wouldn't listen . . . Eric tells Ridge what he seems to be unable to grasp. 'YOU betrayed her! His Financee and her Daughter!' Ridge says that he and Bridget know that a relationship can't happen. Eric agrees. No it can't and it won't! He grabs Bridget's hand and tells her, 'This is disgusting!' This causes Bridget to start crying! As she starts toward Eric, Ridge stops her. I think it was just another excuse to touch her again. Bridget says, 'Ridge didn't mean for this to happen. It was an accident!' Eric wants to know if that's what Ridge told her. He says These things just don't happen. This time Bridget makes her way over to Eric. She pleads with him to believe her, that it did, just happen, that is.

Brooke tells Nick that she doesn't have to justify herself to him. He agrees and says that Ridge is the one who has to justify himself. Brooke tells Nick that She is the one who called off the wedding. Brooke seems to be having second thoughts! Nick reminds her that she knew the wedding was a farce and she can't excuse what she heard. He tells her to remain strong and to not throw herself back into this. Brooke believes that she and Ridge will come back to each other. Nick wants to ask her something. What makes this guy so irresistible? Brooke tells him about all they've been through and survived together. She always thought they'd be together and she's never lost faith. Nick tells her, 'Maybe it's time to let him go!'

Eric tells Bridget that he doesn't blame her. Oh no, of course not! Ridge tries to protect his Princess. He says he knew how she felt about him and he let it continue. Bridget tries to be noble. She tells Ridge that he doesn't control her feelings and then tells Eric that neither does he. Bridget is offended because Eric called her emotions disgusting! But Eric wasn't talking about her emotions. He's talking about her behavior. He tells Bridget that Ridge is taking advantage of her. Bridget tries to take the blame. She says she's the one who started it. Ridge, always the gentleman, refuses to let Bridget shoulder the blame. It doesn't matter Who started it. Eric reminds them that there's nothing to pursue. He tells Ridge that he didn't raise him to be like this. He raised him to be decent, to know the difference between right and wrong, to know the bounds of decency. Bridget walks over to Eric and puts her hands together. She tells him she loves him and she knows how much he's hurting. She begs Eric for a chance to explain, but he puts his hand up in front of her face and tells her to STOP! Eric says that it's over! He tells Ridge, 'You don't Touch her! You don't Kiss her! You don't look at her that way ever again!' Ridge looks only like he's mildly annoyed and tells Eric he knows that he's upset. Eric tells Ridge that he brought this on her, and shame on the family! Ridge tells Eric that he's sorry this is happening to Him! Eric looks at Bridget and says, 'I'm so ashamed of you!' Bridget's mouth drops open with wide-eyed surprise! Eric turns now to Ridge. He didn't want to believe it, but now he can see it. 'You're Not my son!' Eric walks out the door.

Nick tells Brooke that he's concerned about her. Brooke says that she's a big girl and can take care of herself. But Nick thinks she's just making excuses for Ridge and it's putting her in a vulnerable position He asks her, what would she do, if he walked through the door right now? 'Would you take him back?' Brooke tells Nick that's really none of his business. Nick thinks she would and he guesses she doesn't really know why. Brooke tells Nick, 'It was JUST one kiss!' Nick tells her she shouldn't compromise herself for him, or for any other man.They look at each other without saying anything, until Nick says, 'I'll see you,' and then walks out the door. Brooke looks as if she's thinking about what Nick said.

It's later, and Ridge walks back into the cabin. Bridget makes a brilliant observation, 'You're Back!' Ridge tells her she didn't have to wait, but she says she couldn't leave. He's sorry that Eric upset his poor little princess. But Bridget's concerned about how hard Eric came down on Ridge. Ridge thinks Eric was just overwhelmed by everything that's happened to him in the last couple of days. And then he went out to clear his head and saw them kissing. Bridget says that maybe she shouldn't have kissed him, but Eric will never convince her that it was dirty! Bridget reassures Ridge that it wasn't dirty! That's all she wanted to say. She walks out as Ridge seems to be looking longingly at her.

Eric is banging angrily on Brooke's door. She sees how terrible he looks and invites him in. When he finally gets his voice, he asks her, 'You Knew, didn't you?' Brooke is very sweet and sympathetic and tells him that she did know, and she's sorry, but she couldn't tell him. Eric wanders HOW it could have gone this wrong. He and Stephanie raised their children with such a strong sense of morality and values. When Stephanie told him that Ridge was not his son, he felt robbed. But then it just got worst! Brooke doesn't understand what's he's saying yet. 'Worst?' Eric says he knows why she called off the wedding. He knows the truth. He knows about Bridget and Ridge. Brooke is just as shocked and disgusted as he is, but she's beginning to understand. They both went through so much and then they developed a very special bond. Yes, they crossed the line. It only happened once. They kissed, and now it's out in the open. They've moved on. It's Never going to happen again! Eric is forced to tell Brooke, 'Well it Did' He explains that he just saw them at Big Bear, through the window, Kissing! Brooke can't believe it. 'No! No!'

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