B&B Thursday Update 5/15/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/15/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Massimo tells Eric that he withheld the secret of Ridge's paternity because of Stephanie. Eric backlashes by telling Massimo that he can have her and all her lies.

Massimo declares that Ridge accepts his paternity and is trying to reconnect himself and his children to Massimo.

Eric swears that this will never happen. Massimo threatens that he won't let Eric take his rightful heirs from his grasp. Ridge enters and stop the battle short by telling Massimo to get out, much to Eric's pleasure. Ridge tells them both, Massimo and Eric, that he will decide the fate of himself and his children.

When Ridge calls Massimo "father", Eric is stunned, and realizes that maybe what he and Ridge shared wasn't so special. Eric leaves abruptly, as Ridge tries to explain.

Jackie has a hurtful flashback of Massimo offering her money to "pay her off" with Nick.

Joanna enters and offers her a house rent free if Jackie accepts the job offer. Jackie is so impressed by the house and is surprised that Foresters own it. Jackie agrees to move to L.A. and to work for the Foresters.

Nick comments that Bridget didn't appreciate his boat either and say how both Brooke and Bridget are "two of a kind". This throws Brooke off and when asked why she called the wedding off, all she can say is Ridge did something she can't live with. Nick hints to Brooke that he knows what happen between Bridget and Ridge.

Brooke asks Nick how he figured the secret. Nick explains that Ridge acted like a jealous boyfriend when he found Bridget hung over on his boat. Brooke breaks down in Nick's arms, asking him what to do.

Brooke has cried herself to exhaustion. She is resting on Nick's chest. Nick opens her eyes to see. Brooke has the whole world to discover, and she feels better. They share a moment as they look into each others eyes. She leaves and Nick thinks L.A. won't be as bad as he thought.

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