B&B Friday Update 5/9/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/9/03

By Bettye
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie announces to Massimo that she is going to tell Eric the truth about Ridge's paternity, simply because Eric is going to ask why Brooke called off the wedding. When Eric arrives with the 
children, Massimo heads to the terrace. 

Stephanie tells Eric that she needs to talk to him, but not here. Katherine takes the kids to the kitchen, and Eric and Stephanie leave for home. Ordering her mother to leave Ridge alone, Bridget insists that Ridge did not take advantage of her. However, she goes on to admit that Ridge and she were both wrong in thinking that they could ignore their feelings for each other. Brooke screams that she knows about their kiss and asks how she could have agreed to be her maid of honor? Brooke wonders if Bridget was trying to punish her for sleeping with Deacon? Bridget denies that she did this to hurt her 
mother and when Brooke won't let up, Bridget sprews out the reminder that Brooke slept with Deacon, her husband, which she calls "sick and immoral". Brooke warns her not to compare this with what she did 
with Deacon. Brooke then goes after Ridge, accusing him of being unable to keep his hands off "her little girl". Ridge pulls her aside and insists that he still want her for his wife and wants to start 
their life together right now. Brooke refuses to go into a marriage wondering about her husband's unresolved feelings for someone else, especially her daughter. Screaming again, Brooke yells that she never wants to see either of them again. Massimo is pleased to see Brooke run from Ridge's house. 

Thorne presses Darla for a decision about whether she'll let Macy and him adopt her baby, but Darla isn't ready to decide and asks to see Macy. Darla finds Macy crying in bed. Admitting she'll be fine now 
that the cancer is gone, Macy explains about the hysterectomy, which has taken away her ability to have children with Thorne. Thorne peeks in as they talk and watches Darla embracing Macy. 

Stephanie announces to Eric that she has something important to tell him. Stephanie realizes that she has to tell Eric the truth about Ridge's paternity if she has any hope of salvaging her marriage. 

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