B&B Tuesday Update 5/6/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/6/03

By Matthew
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Ridge and Bridget share their goodbyes as Brooke watches on in horror. When Ridge kisses her on the hand, Brooke loses it and runs off. When Bridget goes to give Brooke her flowers, Ridge looks off in a concerned way.

As the band arrives, Thomas is coached on what his responsibilities are in the ceremony by Eric and Ridge. Eric and Thomas go upstairs to finish getting him dressed. Later, Kristen, Amber, and Rick arrive. Kristen notes that Ridge and Brooke have made it this far in the past, but something always came in the way. Now it’s finally happening. Uh, a teeny bit insensitive, Kristen. I mean you could say Taylor came in their way a few times, which wasn’t a bad thing.

Oh yeah and is it just me who thinks that Ridge is a supreme-ass for holding the wedding at his house a mere 6 months after his former wife died? It’d be just as bad to have it where she was shot. Why not in a church? Or outside? Or at Café Russe? I think it’s incredibly crass and tacky to have it at the house so soon.

Bridget brings Brooke her flowers. There’s tension in the air immediately between the two of them. Bridget advises her to focus on herself since this is her wedding day. Brooke sarcastically remarks she should do that rather than focus on Ridge so much. Bridget picks up on this passive aggressiveness. Brooke just wants this day to go perfectly. At that moment, Eric knocks on the door and gives Brooke some encouraging words about her relationship with Ridge. He is sure everything will go fine today.

Stephanie and Mass discuss how Brooke is going through with the wedding. Mass still feels Bridget marrying Ridge would be much better than Brooke marrying him. Stephanie agrees that Bridget is a better woman than Brooke, but she is Ridge’s sister. Mass pours himself a drink and vows to be vindicated as Stephanie’s offer to drive to the wedding.

Storm, Katie, and Thorne show up as well, but no Macy. The girls and Catherine come downstairs in their outfits. Mass and Stephanie show up and eat up the attention from the kids. Catherine then takes them to get their flower baskets. Stephanie points out that isn’t too late to change his mind on this. Ridge tells them to either get out or be supportive. Nothing can stop this wedding.

Bridget helps Thomas tie his tie. Shouldn’t Ridge help him do that? My dad taught me how to tie a tie, after I outgrew clip-ons. Thomas asks Bridget if things will be different after today. She admits they will, but promises she will always love all of them.

Ridge visits Brooke’s room. They talk with the door closed as to not see each other. Brooke asks Ridge, again, if this is what he really wants. He says he is positive this is what he wants to do. Brooke seems slightly relieved and I suppose she has her confidence back now. She picks at her bouquet and repeats Ridge’s words to herself.

Things get started finally. Catherine looks very nice I must point out. Go Shannon B! Bridget gives a final check on Brooke and we finally see her in the wedding gown. Brooke admits she is nervous. After some thoughtful words from Bridget, she heads downstairs and leaves Brooke to smile in a weird way (almost angrily). Phoebe and Steffy do their flower girl thing. Bridget marches on down the aisle. Thomas is already by Ridge’s side. It gets a little emotional for Bridget as she marches down towards Ridge. Ridge seems to keep his composure. Mass winces and Stephanie sighs. Then, Storm escorts Brooke, to a new tune, down the aisle. She thinks to herself that she must forget about Ridge and Bridget’s relationship. This is her moment.

Yawn. I like weddings, but come on, lets get to a point already.


Created by: William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell
Directed by: Deveney Kelly
Written by: Bradley Bell, Anne M. Schoettle
Executive Story Consultants: John F. Smith, Meg Bennett

Producer: Cynthia J. Popp
Senior Producer: Ron Weaver
Supervising Producer: Rhonda Friedman
Executive Producer: Bradley Bell

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