B&B Thursday Update 4/24/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/24/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Macy and Thorne have a doctor’s appointment, but she is filling in for Darla this morning. She tells her about how Darla has been missing work and when she called her she could tell she had been crying. Concerned, Thorne immediately heads over to Darla’s.

Sally tells Macy to enjoy her slender body now, because one she is pregnant it’ll be a different story. Macy is more excited about Thorne being a daddy than anything. She thinks he’ll be a wonderful father.

Darla is one big wreck at her apartment. When Thorne comes by, she cuts to the chase and reveals she is pregnant. The two cry a little and Thorne is in shock. They both suggest the possibility of abortion and Darla tries to act like a big girl and call and do it herself. She doesn’t even want Thorne to go with her. When she goes to call the clinic, she burst into tears and wonders why she ever thought they could have a family or Thorne could be interested in her. Thorne tries to comfort Darla.

Brooke tells Stephanie she is big hypocrite for all the times she lectured her about honesty and integrity. She points out the same thing happened with her and Bridget’s paternity. Stephanie tries to explain that she didn’t know about all this until much later. Brooke doesn’t believe it and realizes that Beth would have married Eric and that she and her siblings would have had the grand life. Well, you wouldn’t have been the same people Brooke. But anyway, she promises to let everyone know of her mistakes. Stephanie tries to make her realize that more harm will be done than good if the truth comes out. She is dancing around the Bridget issue, but Brooke revels in the fact that she will be able to bring down Queen Stephanie.

Ridge is livid when Mass tells him how he told Brooke the truth. He’s even angrier when he realizes that Mass was intending to tell Brooke about him and Bridget. Ridge says that he has to stay out of his life and let him make his own decisions. It looks as if Ridge wants to hit Mass. Hehe.

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Created by: William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell
Directed By: Michael Stich
Written By: Bradley Bell, Teresa Zimmerman
Executive Story Consultants: John F. Smith, Meg Bennett

Producer: Cynthia J. Popp
Senior Producer: Ron Weaver
Supervising Producer: Rhonda Friedman
Executive Producer: Bradley Bell


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