B&B Monday Update 4/14/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/14/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Hey gang sorry I missed Thursday and Friday’s update. It sucks to be sick, but I’m back now. Of course many noteworthy events occurred during my absence. Darla finds out that she is pregnant from her night o’ passion with Thorne. Clarke asks her to consider an abortion, but Darla doesn’t appear too keen on the idea. On the flip side, Macy and Thorne find out that her Fallopian tubes are completely blocked probably due to an infection caused by her accident. Things aren’t hopeless though, but Macy cries that she wanted things to be easier. Nick meets Brooke and later meets Ridge. He and Ridge share are immediately abrasive with each other, especially after Nick asks for Bridget’s number. Mass plants a seed of doubt in Brooke by mentioning Ridge’s “other woman.”

Now on to todays show.

Ridge calls the kids downstairs, after thinking about a moment with Bridget, to talk to them about the prospect of marrying Brooke. In what I think is the dumbest parenting move on the planet, he lays most of the responsibility of his future with Brooke in the kids’ hands. Of course, as children they have no idea what is best and ask Ridge if they must decide today. No, but he’ll need an answer soon. Oh god Ridge, I don’t like Brooke, but making the kids decide? Thomas decides that Bridget will know what to do. Ridge calls Bridget to tell him he laid most of the responsibility on the kids about whether he will marry Brooke or not.

Brooke stops by Bridget’s and whines about how she may have competition when it comes to Ridge. Bridget realizes what Massimo did and assures her mom that the other woman will probably disappear. Brooke gets into war mode and decides she must do whatever she has to do to hold on to Ridge. Hmm, isn’t this the old Brooke?

Deacon and April celebrate in a place called the Colony Hotel in Miami. Apparently, the fans loved her at the benefit concert. Deacon again has no black on and actually matches the red in April’s hair and in her vinyl mini-skirt. The two are ecstatic. Cruz Nunez stops by with champagne and congratulates April on her successful show and reveals that she might have a record deal in the works. Deacon is supposed to call some label when they get back to LA. Later, Deacon and April get drunk and very touchy feely. Amber calls April to once again warn her to not let Deacon take advantage of her. April says she wouldn’t let that happen, as she is about ready to eat Deacon’s face right off, and hangs up on Amber. Sex is coming I’m sure though we don’t get to see it.

Brooke stops by Ridge’s and he tells her the kids weren’t jumping at the idea of having Brooke as a step-mom. She wonders if they have finally paid their dues when it comes to being together. She thinks about the best way to win the children over for good.

The kids con Catherine into taking them to Insomnia so they can ask Bridget on her opinion of Brooke. Bridget isn’t sure and thinks about what to tell the kids.


Created By: William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell
Directed By: Michael Stich
Written By: Bradley Bell, Beth Milstein
Executive Story Consultants: John F. Smith, Meg Bennett

Producer: Cynthia J. Popp
Senior Producer: Ron Weaver
Supervising Producer: Rhonda Friedman
Executive Producer: Bradley Bell

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