B&B Tuesday Update 4/8/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/8/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Bridget realizes that the kiss did mean something to Ridge and wants him to leave pronto. It was bad enough thinking she had feelings, but knowing Ridge feels the same way makes it almost unbearable. The two talk about NOTHING new and eventually agree to keep their feelings in check while maintaining their friendship. Oh yeah, I’m sure this is going to work.

Mass and Nick share some harsh words with each other. Mass warns him about his insubordination and tells him to watch his mouth from now on. Nick can’t believe he used to admire Mass who is now a mere suit, not a sailor. Mass explains that he has a responsibility to everyone in the company, not just Nick and his crew. Ever since the accident happened, Mass hasn’t slept a wink. Sure his reputation may be on the line, but a lot more is at stake. He’s been talking with international leaders, people involved in the sea trade, trying to make heads or tails of what happened. His name is on that ship that is at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean right now.

Deacon and April enjoy champagne in first class en route to Miami. A stewardess asks for an autograph from a fan in the back, but Deacon tells her April isn’t giving any until they land. Deacon warns Amber that she will have a lot of fans and needs to be prepared. Later, Shane Van Dyke (who used to play on his granddad’s TV show “Diagnosis Murder”) portrays a fan that recognizes April. At first she thinks he saw her on the sex tape, but once he makes it clear he saw her on Craig Kilborn’s show, she is ecstatic and gives him an autograph. He then inquires about a CD. Deacon tells him one will be coming out very soon. Turned on by the thrill of success, Deacon and April make out.

Rick, Amber, and Eric go over a design that just needs a few changes. Amber is off in la-la land and doesn’t hear a word Eric has said. He gives the model a break so they can work out what is wrong. Amber is of course worried about April who she hasn’t heard from. She figures she is in Miami, but explains that she and Rick were not invited down for her show. Amber isn’t surprised about this though considering who unsupportive she has been of April’s singing. Eric wonders if she might be jealous. Amber isn’t sure now. She explains that it doesn’t seem fair that she never had a singing career despite working hard and paying her dues and now April already has more of a career than she had. It all basically came down to dumb luck, the principle of which bothers Amber. At the end of the scene, Amber reiterates that she is happy with her life and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Rick and Eric smile.


Created by: William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell
Directed By: Michael Stich
Written By: Bradley Bell, Tracy Ann Kelly
Executive Story Consultants: John F. Smith, Meg Bennett

C.J. Garrison: Mick Cain
Sally Spectra: Darlene Conley
Jacqueline Payne: Lesley-Anne Down

Macy Alexander: Bobbie Eakes
Bridget Forrester: Jennifer Finnigan
Stephanie Forrester: Susan Flannery

Ambrosia Moore Forrester & April Knight: Adrienne Frantz
Thorne Forrester: Winsor Harmon
Darla Einstein: Schae Harrison

Deacon Sharpe: Sean Kanan
Brooke Logan: Katherine Kelly Lang
Massimo Marone: Joseph Mascolo

Eric Forrester: John McCook
Clarke Garrison: Daniel McVicar
Ridge Forrester: Ronn Moss

Megan Conley: Maeve Quinlan
Rick Forrester: Justin Torkildsen
Dominick Payne: Jack Wagner

Thomas Forrester: Patrick Dorn
Phoebe Forrester: Brynne McNabb
Steffy Forrester: Cameryn McNabb

Cruz Nunez: Alejandro De Hoyos
Dr. Sanders: Amanda Carlin
Flight Attendant: Mina Apovian

Fan: Shane Van Dyke
Forrester Model: Veronica Taylor
Announcer: Bern Bennett

Music Composed by: Jack Allocco, David Kurtz
Music Coordinator: Lothar Struff

Casting Director: Christy Dooley
Casting Associate: Shannon Bradley

Production Assistants: Sara Kettler, Lori Staffier
Production Coordinators: Erin E. Stewart, Adam Dusevoir

Production Office Staff: Jan Claire Tynes, Diane Moss
Controller: Richard Ginger

Associate Directors: Jennifer Howard, Steven A. Wacker, Miriam Walmsley Wadick, Clyde Kaplan
Studio Manager: Cristy Trembly

Production Designer: Jack Forrestel
Art Director: Fabrice Kenwood

Set Decoration: Charlotte Garnell Scheide, Elsa Zamparelli
Lighting Directors: Lauri Moorman, Rudy Hunter

Costume Designer: Birgit Muller
Assistant Costume Designer: Craig Aspden
Costumers: Ross Fuentes, Gina Chapa

“The Bold and the Beautiful” Public Relations Staff: Joe Handy, Raul Rojas, David Gregg

Technical Directors: Charles F. Guzzi, Donna Stock
Audio: Jennifer Spangler, Brian Connell

Camera: Ted Morales, Gordon Sweeney, Joel Binger, Tom Luth
Video: Roberto Bosio, Scha Jani, Marsha Thomas
Videotape Editors: Gary Chamberlin, Brian Bagwell, Ernest Sanderson
Boom: David Golba, Stan Sweeney, Jim Hope

Post Production Audio: Jerry Martz, Daniel Lecuna, George Forbes

Makeup: Christine Lai Johnson, Chris Escobosa, Charlene Jackman, Trent Cotner, Marlene Mason

Hair: Kathy Weltman, Carlos Pelz
Stage Mangers: Laura Yale, Doug Hayden

Producer: Cynthia J. Popp
Senior Producer: Ron Weaver
Supervising Producer: Rhonda Friedman
Executive Producer: Bradley Bell

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