B&B Monday Update 4/7/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/7/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Greetings from the soggy South!

I believe it’s a new day in LA and to celebrate new beginnings, Brooke and Ridge kiss in her office. Ah like old times when Ridge used to work across the hall. Ridge thanks Brooke for handling his mother so well yesterday. She didn’t lose her temper, which was some kind of miracle in my kind of opinion. If someone called me a harlot I think I’d be a tiny bit pissed off. Well anyway, Brooke has had it with Stephanie and vows to not let her get to her. Ridge wonders if he was too hard on her, but Brooke puts his mind at ease. Wait, when did that happen? Last I saw, Brooke was scowling and Ridge was frustrated after Stephanie said he shouldn’t settle for Brooke. Brooke doesn’t care how much Stephanie bitches, ‘cause they are back on track. Gee, haven’t heard that phrase enough this month already. Brooke says no one else can stand in their way. Ridge looks off and somehow finds his way to Bridget’s picture. He strolls over and picks it up and takes a look. Brooke informs Ridge that Bridget is back now that most of the Marone men have been sent home. Oh wait, it’s been days since she arrived in Mexico. Ah I love time warps. I guess that gave Stephanie plenty of time to get her hair cut b/c it strangely never grows anymore. :) Ridge knows Bridget has been through a lot these last days and only got to talk to her after she called Mass with an update. Brooke is sure Bridget will want to see him and the kids as soon as she can. While Brooke delivers some papers downstairs, Ridge ponders his feelings for Bridget. Okay, I indulged a little on that, but ‘com we know it’s gonna happen.

On an airplane, Bridget daydreams, presumably about Ridge; until she notices Dominick looks dizzy. Okay, I’m not sure why they are flying back to LA together, or why they are even next to each other. I mean, yeah there was that close moment in the Mexican hospital, but…eh why do I even ask. For someone so brooding, he sure keeps close to the main characters. Dominick isn’t dizzy and retorts he doesn’t like that name. He asks her to call him Nick. Check. Nick is trying to write condolences to the 8 men who died on his ship, but he doesn’t know what to say. Bridget says he doesn’t owe them any explanation after all it was a natural disaster that caused the oil spill. Bridget goes on to say that Marone will probably compensate them in some way. This brings on some angry talk from Nick about how Marone has only been handing out the blame without even trying to get all the information. Nick bitterly says that Mass only cared about the barge he lost, not the men who died.

When Nick tries to light another cigar in the airplane, Bridget grabs it from him and questions how long it has been since he flew on a plane. She turns the conversation towards Mass. She tells Nick that Mass isn’t heartless and once he finds out the truth he’ll be sure to apologize. Nick laughs that he used to dream about meeting the great Massimo, but now he wonders why he ever cared. Nick then talks about how his father was a great businessman out of Seattle and how he used to go up to his office and watch the tankers come in and out of port. Yawn. Well, he died when he was little and his mom raised him. At first she didn’t understand why he wanted to sail the seas, but she accepted it and gave him that pinky ring. Nick goes to tweak it, but of course, it ain’t there! He wonders what happened to it. Wow, it sure took him a long time to realize a precious ring is missing from his finger. That ring looked heavy too, so I would doubt it was something easy to miss. Like when you can’t find your car keys or cell phone in a strange surrounding, Nick gets restless and uneasy, but Bridget calms him and conjectures that the hospital probably took off all his personal belongings and gave it to his mother. Bridget puts her hand on Nick’s and tells him they’ll be landing soon and he should go to his hotel and rest. Nick says he has to speak with Mass first. There’s unfinished business. Haha, another fight?

Admiral Perkins confirms with Mass that a tidal wave caused by an underwater earthquake caused the tanker to jump onto the reef. It’s improbable but not impossible. Mass figures he knows where Nick has gone after he was released.

For some reason, Rick and April are together at Insomnia. April tells him all about her first big show at Club S. Rick promises they’ll be there next time. Amber shows up and is filled in on the new show that April is performing in Miami. Amber was unaware of this or the fact that Miss Knight had her own agent. Uneasily, Rick hopes her agent isn’t who they were talking about. All smiles from April confirms that Mr. Sharpe (that’s S-H-A-R-P-E) is her new agent. Rick isn’t pleased, and Amber is clueless. Suddenly, Deacon walks in the coffee shop in a tan suit with a leopard shirt. Oh my freakin’ God, Deacon isn’t wearing black! I have to watch the theme song to see that. Anyway, both articles of clothing were better suited with for the 70’s. I’ve never been a fan of collar wrap around that was so famous then. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he has suede shoes on. Deacon also has a pair of brown sunglasses on and a cell phone ear piece, which not to offend anyone, I have always thought looked retarded, especially when used while having free hands. Anyway, we’re supposed to think that Deacon is some high-class agent now I guess. Ugh. Well at least he’s off the black clothing. Maybe this will grow on me.

Amber cannot believe that April would let Deacon be her agent. Rick and Amber try to convince April that Deacon doesn’t know jack about being an agent. Deacon ignores that remark and marvels over the fact that Amber and April are twins. When Amber calls Deacon a con, he responds back that she is sounding like sour grapes and warns her to be happy for her sister. Amber insists she is just worried about April being hurt in this. The final insult is when Amber calls Deacon a lowlife. I can’t tell if he really meant it went his said that hurt, cause you know he once loved Amber A LOT! But hey maybe he doesn’t care anymore.

Deacon slaps it to Rick and Amber that he got April’s last gig as a freebee and is only planning on taking the usual 10% in the future. Deacon gets a call on his cell. Deacon comes back and tells April he couldn’t get the penthouse (at some hotel I assume) so she’ll have to settle for the Presidential Suite! Amber is shocked Deacon is going with her to Miami. April tells her to cool her jets and reminds her she is a big girl who can take care of herself. Deacon and April jet to make some last minute arrangements before the trip to Miami. Deacon even flashes the “call me” sign to Rick and Amber and adds they should get together soon. Amber is stressed and says this is going to be big trouble.

Ridge must have left Brooke’s office because she is all by herself and actually working. Well, it’s pretend work anyway. Stephanie stops by. Oh goodie! Ah, Brooke invited her down. Stephanie impatiently asks what she wants. Brooke is there to make a peace offering…by asking Stephanie to stand up for her! Ahahahahhaha! Stephanie looks like she would rather eat broken glass.

Stephanie smiles and says she’ll stand up at Brooke’s wedding, right when the preacher asks if there is anyone who objects to the wedding. She’ll even jump up and yell for Brooke and tell everyone what she really is. Brooke reasons that because Ridge has made his mind up this wedding is inevitable and Steffers must accept it. Brooke adds that now that the family is on board, it’ll be awfully awkward if Stephanie pitches a fit every time they get together. Stephanie walks over to a champagne bottle on Brooke’s table and reads the card though we don’t see who the alcohol is from. Stephanie doesn’t say anything prompting Brooke to admit that she knows they both want what is best for Ridge and the kids. In a suspicious turn around, Stephanie suggests they toast to it. Brooke is thrilled. The bottle was from a customer and Brooke even has little glasses for them to drink it out of. Stephanie does the honors and as Brooke is wiping off the glasses she dumps the bottle on her head. Brooke is so upset she screams and says “oh” a few dozen times. Her hair is soaked and it’s all in her face. She can barely keep her eyes open as Stephanie screams that she will never accept Brooke. She laughably adds that she is raining champagne on Brooke’s little parade. Ahah! She even spells “Never” for Brooke so it’s engrained into her brain. Brooke throws the glasses at the closed door after Stephanie leaves. C’mon Brooke put a little arm into it.

Bridget does some laundry when Ridge drops by. He welcomes her home with some pictures drawn by the girls. Bridget gets uncomfortable around Ridge and he notices. Ridge says he is getting the feeling that Bridget doesn’t want him here. She admits he is right.

Bridget explains how she felt something during their kiss. She lied before and she wants Ridge to be honest with her. It won’t hurt her feelings if he didn’t feel anything, but she needs to know the truth. Ridge looks off, and Bridget deduces that he must have felt something during their first kiss. Ridge doesn’t say a word. Bridget likes her men older, doesn’t she?

Something upsets Mass on the phone, but Nick interrupts. Uh, where is Heidi or wait that other lady? Anyway, Nick is very callous around his boss and even lights up right in front of him, daring him to say anything. Mass hangs up on however he was talking to. Mass admits he was wrong about what happened and apologizes. Nick doesn’t care and points out that this doesn’t bring back the tanker or his men. Mass says it is a big deal that he apologized ‘cause he usually doesn’t have to. Nick yells that Mass doesn’t care about him or his men. He shows him a picture of Derek O’Donnell, his first mate, the one who died. The picture also has Derek’s wife in too. Nick ends the scene by calling Mass a coward. Ooh!

Created by: William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell
Directed By: Deveney Kelly 
Written By: Bradley Bell, Tracy Ann Kelly
Executive Story Consultants: John F. Smith, Meg Bennett

Music Composed by: Jack Allocco, David Kurtz
Music Coordinator: Lothar Struff

Casting Director: Christy Dooley
Casting Associate: Shannon Bradley

Production Assistants: Miriam Walmsley Wadick, Sara Kettler
Production Coordinators: Adam Dusevoir, Erin E. Stewart

Production Office Staff: Jan Claire Tynes, Lori Staffier, Diane Moss
Controller: Richard Ginger

Associate Directors: Jennifer Howard, Steven A. Wacker, Clyde Kaplan
Studio Manager: Cristy Trembly

Production Designer: Jack Forrestel
Art Director: Fabrice Kenwood

Set Decoration: Charlotte Garnell Scheide, Elsa Zamparelli
Lighting Directors: Lauri Moorman, Rudy Hunter, Phil Callan

Costume Designer: Birgit Muller
Assistant Costume Designer: Craig Aspden
Costumers: Ross Fuentes, Gina Chapa

“The Bold and the Beautiful” Public Relations Staff:
Joe Handy, Raul Rojas, David Gregg

Technical Directors: Charles F. Guzzi, Donna Stock
Audio: Jennifer Spangler, Brian Connell

Camera: Ted Morales, Gordon Sweeney, Joel Binger, Tom Luth
Video: Roberto Bosio, Scha Jani, Marsha Thomas

Videotape Editors: Gary Chamberlin, Brian Bagwell, Ernest Sanderson
Boom: David Golba, Stan Sweeney, Jim Hope

Post Production Audio:
Jerry Martz, Daniel Lecuna, Clyde Kaplan, Rod Rozzelle, George Forbes

Christine Lai Johnson, Chris Escobosa, Charlene Jackman, Trent Cotner, Marlene Mason

Hair: Kathy Weltman, Carlos Pelz
Stage Mangers: Laura Yale, Doug Hayden

Producer: Cynthia J. Popp
Senior Producer: Ron Weaver
Supervising Producer: Rhonda Friedman
Executive Producer: Bradley Bell

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