B&B Wednesday Update 3/19/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  3/19/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Thorne wakes to a headache and Darla’s soft voice. He is extremely surprised. Turns out Thorne couldn’t hold his liquor and passed out. He dreamed that he and Macy did the dirty thing. Darla is upset but stays calm and agrees that it was comfort sex. Although, I believe it meant much more to her. Darla leaves in a hurry because she needs to go home and shower before an early meeting with Sally. She quips that she smells like happy hour at the Lair. Thorne offers her his jacket because the marine layer is thick that morning and it’s chilly outside. Darla’s hair is really frenzied. Thorne thanks her for helping him through a really rough night and she agrees to do it anytime. Whew! Didn’t see this one coming at all.

Ridge plays hooky and works at home. He glances at a picture of Taylor. Thomas takes notice (he’s home from school on a teacher workday) and realizes his dad is lonely. He adds that he thinks that Ridge should get back together with Brooke if he really wants to do it.

Ridge tries to explain that things with he and Brooke are really complicated. Thomas feels he is to blame because of his alcohol poisoning thing. Brooke probably didn’t like that he would have to spend more time with Thomas. Ridge reminds him that he and the girls are his top priorities. Thomas knows that, but doesn’t think it is fair that Ridge has to be alone. Ridge doesn’t think he is alone; he has his kids. Thomas points out that guys Ridge’s age need action, i.e. being around girls and kissing them. Thomas cracks me and Ridge up throughout this scene. Thomas admits that Brooke is a hottie. Ahaha! He adds that he’ll never do anything stupid like the Wye Vodka thing again. Taking matters into his own hands, Thomas calls Brooke.

Bridget and Brooke share breakfast in her office. Brooke hears about the wedding and admits she hoped Ridge would invite her enough though Stephanie left her off the guest list. Bridget wonders why he didn’t. She though the two were making progress. Brooke isn’t so sure anymore.

Brooke explains that she thinks she is in a constant competition between Ridge’s kids and her. She knows that is a war that she will never be able to win. Bridget thinks she shouldn’t look at this thing as a competition with the kids. She advises her to try and get Thomas to open up to her. Easier said than done. Brooke agrees and adds that it’s different with Bridget. The kids don’t see her as a threat because they know Bridget will never be married to Ridge. The words hit Bridget like a ton of bricks.

Thomas calls Brooke and invites her to their house, along with Hope, for a family dinner. Brooke is thrilled naturally. Ridge takes the phone and admits this was all Thomas’ idea. Brooke agrees to come and promises to thank young Thomas when they arrive.

Clarke bangs on Darla’s apartment door as she walks up to it. He wonders where she is because they need her at the office. God, what time is it? It looks so early. We finally get to see Darla’s apartment. Darla stumbles into Clarke and asks him to stop banging so loudly. He laughs that she had a late night last night. He wonders who the lucky guy was. Clarke guesses it was a guy in shipping named Gordy. Nah, well what about Bill Spencer? They were involved a long time ago. Nah. What about CJ? NO! Haha. Darla finally admits she did it with Thorne. Oops!

Clarke is filled in on all the details about how Macy picked Lorenzo instead of Thorne. He does warn Darla not to get too caught up in a romance with him. After all Thorne is a Forrester and they are good at breaking hearts. Darla thinks she has a level head on her shoulder, but Clarke wonders if Thorne does. Later, Darla smells Thorne’s jacket and smiles.

Thorne stumbles into the living room and picks up the bottle of tequila from last night. He recalls seeing Macy kiss Lorenzo and profess her love. He throws the booze away. Suddenly a knock at the door. It’s Macy. Thorne, not surprisingly, is very callous towards her at first. He thinks she has a lot of nerve to show up like that. She explains that she had to spend the night with Lorenzo. Double meaning folks. On that note, he admits he should explain what he was doing last night.

Macy admits that she had to stay with Lorenzo because he was so upset about the breakup. She also goes over how he kissed her and wanted to make love, but she refused. Anyway, Macy assumed Thorne got the message from the lady who answered the phone at his parent’s place. Thorne is dumbfounded that he totally misread everything he saw. He is even more astonished to hear that Lorenzo is completely out of the picture now. Macy hugs him and says that they can finally be together.

Thorne and Macy passionately kiss and he carries her to the bedroom. They proceed to get started on some hot sex in the same bed (!) that Darla and he romped in last night. EWWW!

Listen up guys. Remember, there will be no B&B tomorrow or Friday of this week, nor will any of the other CBS soaps air. This preemption is due to NCAA basketball coverage. Also, with the war in Iraq looming, those games might be preempted for war coverage. I saw on a TV message board that CBS and NBC are planning to cover the first 48-72 hrs of the war commercial free. This would be similar to 9/11 coverage. What about basketball? There is something in the works to show the preempted (if necessary) games on ESPN and ESPN2. I haven’t confirmed that yet. Anyway the CBS soaps won’t be interrupted through the rest of the week due to war coverage. However, if the war starts late in the week, we may seem preemptions early next week. I’ll keep ya covered. If it airs, I’ll recap. Take care and be safe everyone.


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