B&B Tuesday Update 3/18/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/18/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Thorne witnesses Lorenzo and Macy kissing goodbye and assumes the worst, of course. He cries to himself outside the room and then heads out of the apartment. Macy never knew he was there. Inside the room, Macy and Lorenzo break from their kiss, but she has to push him away when he wants another kiss. She firmly tells him it is over. Credits time.

Stephanie, as well as the rest of the wedding guests, are stunned at Massimo’s interruption. Ridge decides to handle it and corners Massimo off to the side of the room. He warns Mass that if he reveals the truth, especially tonight, and destroys this moment for his family, he will cut him off from his children forever. The words hit hard with Massimo. Eric joins the discussion and is actually civil with Mass. He tells him he should have called if he was going to stop by. He admits he has their attention and tells him to say what he was going to say. They all rejoin the rest of the guests. Stephanie looks like she might pass out when Mass starts to speak about the importance of family, but is genuinely relieved when Mass only tells Eric to be thankful for the family he has. He adds his family is worth every sacrifice he has made for them. Everyone is surprised at that and Mass leaves. Mass stands at the front door and watches as the ceremony continues. Eric and Stephanie reaffirm their commitments to each other and then say their own vows. Stephanie’s lacks any creative writing whatsoever. To paraphrase, “You make anything sorrowful, unsorrowful (which I'm not sure is a word). Anything joyless, filled with joy.” Eric’s seems a little more heartfelt and is longer. He talks about when they were young and started to the company from nothing. He also speaks about the family they built and the children they share. He adds that for every child they have, there is a diamond in the ring. Hmm, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5? I mean you gotta include Angela. Rick and Bridget wouldn’t count because they aren’t Stephanie’s. Anyway, it’s really sweet and touching. The two finish and are re-pronounced man and wife. They kiss amid applause.

Stephanie thanks Ridge for talking to Massimo and convincing him not to spill the beans just before. Ridge says he did it for their entire family, and stresses the word “entire.” Stephanie says he is amazing. Ridge chalks it up to good parenting. Haha.

Stephanie throws her bouquet and guess who catches it? Bridget of course. The entire wedding party cheers as the bride and groom leave for their limo outside. The ceiling shot of the camera really paints the picture of a big celebration. Ridge jokes to Bridget about her impending nuptials, or so the legend goes. Bridget thanks Ridge for doing such a great thing for Eric. They head out to say goodbye to Eric and Stephanie.

Macy tries to make things easier for Lorenzo. Wow this is a long first group of scenes. 12 minutes and no commercial break yet. He wishes she would change her mind, but she thinks it would be better if he went back to Italy. Later, Lorenzo finishes his packing and predicts Macy will be hurt again just like before. Macy hopes Lorenzo finds happiness because he deserves the best. Lorenzo reminds her that he had the best and he will miss it (i.e. her).

Macy calls the Forrester house looking for Thorne. Instead she gets a caterer who tells her where the family is. Macy tells the lady to give Thorne the message that she is sorry for missing the wedding, but everything is fine and she’ll explain everything tomorrow. Yep, I’m sure he’ll get that message. Macy offers to drive Lorenzo to the airport. He gives her his “Hollywood” hat because he won’t be needing it anymore. Aww.

Thorne slams the door as he enters his beach house and immediately finds the liquor and takes a few sips after pouring it into a glass. He recalls seeing Lorenzo and Macy together. Darla drops by, but just leaves a bottle of something outside. Thorne hears it and throws open the door. Darla shows him the non-alcoholic champagne. Wow is it foggy outside or what? He tells her what he witnessed at Sally’s place. Darla cannot believe it. Thorne chucks the non-alcoholic stuff and says they can do better than that. Hmm. He gets a real bottle of champagne and opens it up. The two get drunk together and wonder what Macy was thinking and Thorne toasts to Macy and Lorenzo. I sense some underlying sexual tension between the two of them after Thorne jokingly says he loves Darla. You know she has been complaining lately about how she could never find a man. Sensing Thorne is way too drunk, Darla helps him up to bed. Thorne isn’t much help in getting his shoes off. Darla is tipsy too so it takes her a while. She eyes a completely spread Thorne on the bed. Ooh, how kinky Darla. However, she heads out. But then, a little later, comes back in and whispers to a half asleep Thorne that she is as little too drunk to drive and asks if she can sleep on his couch. I’m not sure if Thorne knows it is Darla or Macy because he grabs onto her arm and calls Macy’s name, though the closed captioning people don’t agree with me. Anyway, the two immediately go into lip-lock with some serious tongue! Thorne rolls Darla up and over onto the bed. Wow! The music turns sensual (those whining saxophones) and the show ends. Give Schae Harrison a contract already!


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