B&B Wednesday Update 3/12/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  3/12/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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In Mass’s office, Mass asks Stephanie if Ridge told Eric the truth. Nope, no thanks to you. Stephanie realizes Mass is only concerned with Eric knowing the truth now. Stephanie says that it doesn’t matter because Ridge is mad as hell at her anyway. Mass figures he’ll get over it soon and adds he doesn’t want to fight because Ridge is on his way over. Stephanie apparently didn’t know they were going to have a happy little meeting. Ridge comes in and is surprised to see Stephanie. He angrily asks what the hell she is doing there.

At Bridget’s apartment, Eric tells her how happy he is she is still in town. Eric speaks of his concern for Ridge. He was very angry with Stephanie before and accused her of manipulating Bridget. Eric asks if Bridget knows what happened. Bridget thinks he still dealing with Taylor’s death. Eric thought the Portofino Challenge had helped things, but realizes he needs to do more. The family is growing apart, yet again, so they have to start over. Eric laments about everyone’s preoccupation lately and wonders if he is losing Ridge.

April and Amber stayed up all night talking about their lives. Apparently they have a lot in common including their favorite breakfast: chocolate donuts and diet soda. Amber goes to get that ready. Brooke comes downstairs and thanks April for her sacrifice, but she thinks it is Amber she is talking too, until she sees Amber come back from the kitchen. Brooke then becomes very confused and thinks she needs to head back to bed.

During the theme, Brooke found out the whole story about Amber’s twin April. Brooke properly thanks April for stepping up when she did. April doesn’t see the whole thing as a big deal because she wouldn’t mind if some dude complimented her on the street. Amber gives her sister another hug.

April with the towel off her hair and dark brown hair all out, comes downstairs and discusses staying in LA to pursue her singing career. Amber can’t believe this because she used to be an aspiring singer too. Amber wants her to stay with them if she decides to live in LA. Brooke spits her coffee out, but smiles to cover herself.

April thanks Amber for the offer, but wants to find an apartment. She noticed Brooke’s reaction and points out that living in a museum, aka. Brooke’s house, isn’t her style. Amber and April go apartment hunting though not for long ‘cause Amber has to go to work. After they leave, Rick thinks things will never be dull around here again.

Stephanie explains that she didn’t know Ridge would be there. Ridge offers to leave, but Mass stops him because they need to talk. Ridge is still very angry with Stephanie. Stephanie accuses Mass of fantasizing about things that haven’t happened and things that wouldn’t happen. Mass refuses to hide their family anymore. Stephanie can’t believe he would consider telling Eric the truth now. Ridge says he has too much respect for Eric to not tell him the truth. Stephanie begs him to reconsider, but Ridge is adamant and leaves. Stephanie calls Mass an SOB and points out he has become an old pompous man. She hopes all this gives him some satisfaction when he rots in hell.

Eric decides to go talk to Stephanie about something, but Bridget needs his help changing a freakin’ light bulb! God what an idiot. Eric and I both realize that Bridget needs to work on this if she is going to cut people open one day. Eric goes into a backroom when Ridge shows up. He doesn’t know Eric is there. He says he is going to tell Eric the truth. Eric overhears and asks what he is talking about.

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