B&B Monday Update 3/10/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/10/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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It’s finally Spring!!

CJ noticed Bridget’s goodbye with Ridge and calls her on it. She denies anything is going on, but when forced in a corner claims it isn’t what CJ thinks. Eventually she admits the truth to CJ that she has feelings for Ridge and that they really aren’t related. Under the strictest confidence, CJ learns about how Ridge is Mass’ son and realizes everything makes perfect sense, except Bridget’s behavior. She explains that she has been fighting her feelings for Ridge and that he knows about them. Ridge was the one who stopped her from going to Copenhagen. Bridget breaks down and confesses she isn’t sure how much longer she can watch Brooke move in on Ridge again. She didn’t want to interfere, but isn’t sure she can keep quiet anymore. CJ comforts a distraught Bridget.

Brooke dines alone at Café Russe but spots Ridge having a meeting with a man named Jared. They’re talking about getting a large fabric shipment for the Portofino orders that just keep coming in. Jared has to leave and Ridge notices Brooke and joins her at her table. He has some extra time before Catherine is expecting him. Brooke thinks this is a step in the right direction—toward the alter. Ridge doesn’t seem to appreciate Brooke’s humor, which she claims is all her previous comment was all about. When Brooke offers him some wine, Ridge declines. Brooke admits she is concerned about the whole Amber fiasco. Brooke is letting Amber handle it and explains that she didn’t even want her to be there (Brooke). Ridge can’t believe Amber would leave the company. Brooke explains the position she is in and laments it is a sad situation. A mistake made a long time ago is biting her on the butt now. Ridge wonders if they are still talking about Amber here. Brooke understands if Ridge can’t forgive her, but is happy that Ridge is considering it. When Ridge becomes Mr. Shifty-eyes, Brooke wonders if he is even considering it. Brooke assures Ridge that she can wait for him. Ridge admits he has a lot on his mind, but again doesn’t want to talk about it. Brooke goes on this long speech about her actions and how she is a changed woman. She feels she is a good person in the end and she deserves to be happy with or without Ridge. She seems to believe fate has nothing to do with these things anymore. She also thinks Ridge will be proud of her one day. Ridge doesn’t say much, but is happy he has someone he can count on, but I’m not sure if he’s talking about Brooke.

Megan joins the Forrester group in the press conference room. They all suggest that Amber handle it another way. Amber wants to distance herself even more from the company and wants to do the conference elsewhere. The whole family reminds her that they support her and want the press to know it. The reporters come in and as soon as Amber stands up, the cameras begin shuttering over and over. Amber winces in emotional pain. Amber reintroduces herself and wants to make her announcement, but is interrupted by questions from reporters. They are regarding the video and if Forrester will sue. Amber declines to answers those questions for now and reiterates she wants to get her announcement out first and then take questions. Amber thanks her family for all their support. Amber finally admits that she is leaving Forrester Creations. The crowd is aghast and begins to take many photos. Amber quiets everyone down. Questions start flying then. Did the Forresters ask Amber to leave? Amber assures them it was her decision alone. She also explains the Ambrosia line will cease to exist. Rick then makes a statement that he and the rest of the family are in full support of Amber. He helps Amber offstage when one reporter asks if she did the video for profit. Amber becomes angry and moves back to the podium and shouts that the video is a tragedy. A young girl (her) was exploited and taken advantage of and the video should have never been released. Suddenly, a voice in the background claims that the girl in the video wasn’t Amber. We see an Amber look alike in the audience. It’s more of the trashy version of Amber with far too much makeup and a nose ring. Amber is confused and then stunned/scared by what she sees. The reporters all gasp at the woman and so does the Forrester family. The girl, labeled as “Amber’s Twin” by the closed captioning says that she was the one who did the video, not Amber. The show dramatically ends as I roll my eyes. Eh, there’s a chance this storyline could be interesting.


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